Letters to the Editor, Jan. 17

Cheers for CompassRock

Cheers for CompassRock!
Or their diligence I shall speak!
They’ve repaired a village in a week.
The fliers and organized way they informed us gave a sense of peace and relief.
Our problems were numerous but not beyond belief.
And we really couldn’t make a fuss.
Lights in five, elevator and automatic gas in seven
Almost like being in a second heaven.
Heat and hot water in 10. Television in 21.
Boy, life was once again fun.
But landlines were always a stress.
They proved to be a mess.
The generators even stopped humming in the night.
Unfortunately still visible in the dawn daylight.
Another rarity to be found
Are tents in the playground.
Soon snow will come over the ground
And hide the destruction that did surround,
And spring will come back with its greens and flowers,
With its winds, breezes and frequent showers.
And all the bad things will be things of the past,
Because we know our misery doesn’t last.

N.J. Glaser, PCV

Memories of Stuy Town playgrounds

Dear T&V,

Bless you and Brenden Crowe’s jewel of an article on “Growing up in Playground 5” in the Dec. 27, 2012 issue of your paper. Boy, did it take me back!

Though I “grew up” in Playground 11, in my 20’s I moved to 245 Avenue C with a view facing Playground 5. You’ll get arguments from people who grew up in other playgrounds as to which was the best, but Playground 5 did have a cozy, special feel to it.

It was great to be reminded of playing punch ball and skully; the sad little Playground 3, the bowling alley and the two delis on 14th between B and C, the 15 cent slice at “Prince of Pizza,” the Academy of Music movie theater, snowball fights and how those days will never be repeated and how special they were.

So it is with all the generations whenever they grew up in ST — including today’s kids — they’ll all say their time was the best, and they’re all correct.

Point being that growing up at any time in ST/PCV is the best time because ST/PCV is the best place for a kid to grow up in all of Manhattan. I say this with all the pride and prejudice of having grown up there and feel sorry for all those who didn’t get the chance to do so.

Thanks again to Brenden Crowe and T&V.

With deepest appreciation,

Richard Luksin,
Minneapolis, MN

Time to stop Santacon

Re: “Why our intern hates Santacon,” T&V article, Dec. 20, 2012

If Rudy Giuliani was still mayor I believe he would have rounded up and arrested all these drunken Santas. This is a quality of life issue and has the potential to become a dangerous situation.

Under Mayor Bloomberg and his administration, this community and the surrounding area have been inundated with young people who seem to have carte blanche to do what they please.

Before St. Patrick’s Day comes around, the local politicians and police should crack down on this before it turns into a serious situation.

Name withheld, ST

Newtown and the NRA

Every newspaper and other media outlets have a slant. OK on the editorial, op-ed and commentary sections – but, on the news pages, not so good.

Yet, we can go through the papers, broadcast and cable outlets and label them as to POV and potential bias.

The New York Times is considered by many to be liberal. The Daily News is moderate. Outlets owned by Rupert Murdoch (The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, the Fox News Channel and many other sources of information throughout the world) are conservative.

So when Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association held his press conference (actually a speech), we would expect that The Times and MSNBC would be quite critical.

But it was Murdoch’s Conservative Post which lashed out the most concerning LaPierre’s half hour talk. In an editorial beginning on the cover, they said and I quote:“GUN NUT: NRA Loon in Bizarre Rant Over Newtown.” I think that says it all. Concise and easy to understand.

David Chowes, PCV

4 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Jan. 17

    • To “anonymous,” It wouldn’t surprise me that, “250,000 people joined the NRA so far this month.” But, another relevant question is: how many members resigned or will leave when their membership expires? Also, did you know that this organization gets the majority of its funding from the weapons manufacturers?

      David Chowes, PCV

  1. To: “ANONYMOUS” Redux — Though I never owned a gun, members of my family did.I was also an NRA member about 30 years ago. Then, they were basically served its membership with information concerning responsible and safe gun use via literature and classes. But, now the organization gets most of its funding from gun and arms manufacturers so the NRA lobbies the DC legislators and spreads propaganda to its members. A whole different ball game.

    Q: Why do you say that you are a “proud NRA member!”?

    Always curious.

    David Chowes, PCV

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