Storm advisory for residents from CompassRock

A bus gets stuck in the snow during the blizzard of December, 2010.Photo by Sabina Mollot

A bus gets stuck in the snow during the blizzard of December, 2010.
Photo by Sabina Mollot

The following notice was emailed by CompassRock to residents of Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village this morning regarding the impending storm.

In anticipation of the potential storm which is expected to impact the New York City area, we have made extensive preparations. We have procured the necessary supplies, equipment, internal labor and third party contractors to minimize the impact of the storm to the best of our ability, and to deal with any subsequent effects from the storm, including preparations for expedient snow removal.

 We are asking all residents to take precautions and make necessary preparations. Due to the extreme weather over the last several months and the forecasted blizzard conditions, there is a higher risk of fallen branches and trees. Residents are advised to remain indoors for their own safety. All PCVST playgrounds will be closed until after the storm.


Please stay indoors and stock up on supplies in your apartment:

–          Water (bottled, jugs)

–          Non-perishable food

–          Battery-operated radio

–          Working flashlights and extra supply of batteries

–           Warm blankets

–          Please DO NOT RELY ON CANDLES. They may cause fire.


Additional precautions:

–          Check on emergency supply kit

–          Charge cell phone(s)

–          Check on friends and neighbors especially those who are elderly or have disabilities or special needs and require assistance with their preparation.

Snow blankets everything during the blizzard of 2010.Photo by Sabina Mollot

Snow blankets everything during the blizzard of 2010.
Photo by Sabina Mollot


For additional information call 311 or visit and stay tuned to local radio and TV broadcasts for the latest information.

Call Public Safety at (212) 420-5000 if you require assistance or to report an emergency on property.

Call Resident Services at (212) 420-5000 to report a maintenance emergency and to receive property storm updates. Updates will also be posted on our website and

As you may know, Management has implemented an emergency phone notification system. To add or update your phone or email, please go to