Op-Ed: The East River Blueway: A model for all five boroughs

By Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer and State Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh

Plans for the East River Blueway include a footbridge that would also serve as a seawall. (Rendering by  WXY Architecture + Urban Design)

Plans for the East River Blueway include a footbridge that would also serve as a seawall. (Rendering by WXY Architecture + Urban Design)

As New York City recovers from Hurricane Sandy, communities in all five boroughs are understandably focused on repairing waterfront neighborhoods that were hit by historic flooding. But we must also ensure that these recovery efforts protect our city against the next big storm and other threats to our coastal communities as the climate changes and sea levels rise.

That’s the philosophy and overriding goal of the recently unveiled East River Blueway Plan, which our offices began developing in 2010. We hoped to redesign an often forgotten stretch of our East Side waterfront, from the Brooklyn Bridge to East 38th Street. Our objective was to open up the long-neglected area, creating beachfront access, recreational activities, tree-lined walkways, and other amenities that would bring people closer to the water. But we also knew that we had to protect this low-lying area from storms and flooding.

When Hurricane Sandy hit, it confirmed our worst fears about the need to plan differently for the future. And it strengthened our resolve, because New York City cannot be a place where people’s lives and livelihoods are threatened by a storm, no matter how powerful. Now that the winds have died and the waters have receded, we must get down to the job of making our coastal communities more resilient, through better infrastructure and ecological features that provide natural protection from flooding.

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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 21

Shout out for another small business

Re: Letter, “A standout pharmacy,” T&V, Feb. 7

I, too, would like to join in identifying a neighborhood store that has been in business for several years at 206 First Avenue.

New York City Pharmacy is a family-run neighborhood pharmacy, and I am lucky to have found Ali Yasin, the chief pharmacist, and his sons who work alongside him.

They are all friendly, pleasant and very helpful, and they treat everyone the same, whether you’re a new customer or a customer of many years. Ali, a patient man, is never too busy to answer my questions or concerns I might have and always responds with a caring demeanor and a smile. And there is Andrew, who has store duties in addition to making deliveries, and a helpful young lady who works as a cashier. The store carries many useful items and some items that are regularly on sale or at a discount. It’s always a pleasure to stop by the pharmacy, even just to say hello to Ali and the others.

Evelyn Morris, ST
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