Letters to the Editor, Feb. 28

Moms aren’t the only fans of ice rink

Re: “Stuy Town moms hope to see return of ice rink,” T&V, Feb. 21
It’s not only “moms” that would like to see the ice skating rink back next year. I am a single tenant, childless and no longer able to ice-skate myself due to MVA injuries sustained last decade. (I loaned my skates to neighbors that can.)
I received many hours of joy just watching the skaters, that represented four generations, and remembering my younger days on the ice (once a lake froze, in my day, it stayed frozen for months). It was wonderful to watch skaters, be they not-quite-three or pushing 93, improve week after week. I spotted some Olympic hopefuls (figure and speed categories) out there!
Margaret Anne “Peg” Donohue

No misadventures in maintenance here

Re: “They plumb forgot my sink repairs,” Letter, T&V, Feb. 21
Greetings! I am a tenant at Stuy Town for over a decade and not once did I have trouble with the maintenance department. Let alone a horror story as described by Name Withheld of PCV about plumbers that came and went with unfinished business.
I feel sorry for the tenant’s trouble, but I also would like to take the opportunity and thank the team at the maintenance department for always trying to help and accommodate us quick as possible. It worked for us.
R. Condon, ST

What fracking means for New York State

To the Editor,
Sadly, in regards to fracking, it seems like Governor Cuomo is becoming as dishonest as the gas industry. In pushing to open New York to fracking, a process we know will endanger our health and pollute our environment, the Governor appears to be sacrificing our health and safety for gas company profits.
Ample evidence shows that fracking has contaminated drinking water and polluted the environment. In Pennsylvania, we’ve seen families who – before fracking came to town – had enjoyed clean water for decades. Now that drilling has invaded their communities, their water is no longer safe to drink, cook with or shower in. The gas industry is trying to cover up these problems, and they continue to deny the damage fracking has done. It’s clear that they have been, and will continue to be, dishonest.
Now, Governor Cuomo appears to be doing the same. The Governor proposed rules for fracking before the state has even finished studying its impacts to public health and our environment. How could we possibly know what rules are needed before we know the damage fracking will do?
Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Governor Cuomo cares. It looks like he’s in such a hurry to rubber stamp fracking that he’s cheating his own process.
Fracking in New York could mean more than just the contamination of our drinking water. It would also mean the destruction of thousands of acres of family farms and forests. Some of our most beautiful rural and natural landscapes will be leveled as gas companies reap the benefits. Governor Cuomo – do the right thing. Ban fracking in New York.
Alexandra Tsubota
Intern with Environment New York

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