Letters to the Editor, Apr. 11

Another gas leak that didn’t smell

Re: “Resident concerned over gas leak in apt,” T&V, Mar. 28

I had a gas leak in my apartment several years ago. And you could not smell it in the kitchen.

I noticed the smell of gas in the hallway on my floor, and more of it just inside the apartment door. So I checked in the kitchen; the jets were all off, and there was no smell of gas. So I wrongly concluded it had come from some other apartment.

A couple of days later a group of neighbors rang my bell and said I must have a gas leak. They had smelt it in the hallway and it seemed strongest near the door of my apartment. We called Stuy Town security and the man who came verified my claim that there was no smell of gas in the kitchen. The neighbors were not satisfied. Two more security officers came and they agreed there was an odor of gas in the hallway and near my apartment door, but not in the kitchen. Finally they brought in a device that dings in the presence of gas and the device went berserk.

The leak was in the connection between the gas pipe and the tube that leads to the range.

Why could it not be detected by a person’s unaided nose in the kitchen? I think the answer is that, because there is no window in the hallway, the building has an exhaust system that draws air out of the hallway and replaces it with air drawn out of the apartments by suctioning it from under the apartment doors.

Air, including gas, in the kitchen is therefore pulled to the apartment door. Since all the gas cannot get out through the small space under the door, it builds up at that place, and you can smell it there.

Don Murray, ST

Greenmarket should be for residents only

To the Editor:

Re: “Don’t kick nonresidents out of greenmarket.” T&V letter, Apr. 4

I doubt that the writer of this letter, Name Withheld, ST, lives in Stuyvesant Town. Why would residents want outsiders to enter our community (I wish it were gated) and use our amenities? Do residents want to wait to play basketball or ping pong or volleyball until the outsiders have finished their fun? Do residents want to sunbathe on the concrete while outsiders sunbathe on the grass? Do residents want to wait to do their laundry until the outsiders have done theirs? Do residents want to dodge the dog poop of outsiders in addition to the dog poop of inconsiderate residents? I don’t think so.

Only the US government looks out for outsiders instead of looking out for its own citizens. It spends our tax dollars building schools in third world countries while our children are packed into overcrowded classrooms and taught by underpaid teachers. It feeds the hungry and cares for the sick in other countries while our citizens are searching garbage bins for food or lining up at soup kitchens, bathing and brushing their teeth in gas station restrooms, and crowding hospital emergency rooms because they cannot afford food, a home or health care. But that’s another matter.

Name Withheld, ST has one interesting idea though, to “ensure that at least 10 percent of the customers of the farmers market reside outside of ST/PCV itself.” I like this because in order to accomplish this we would need to hire addition security to check the ID of every visitor (and their dogs) to our community. This would create jobs, something our politicians can’t seem to do, except overseas. To pay for these jobs we would have to charge entrance fees to nonresidents to play basketball, sunbathe, or to sit on our benches and read a newspaper. All residents would also need IDs to verify they live here.

Congratulations, Name Withheld, ST! You’ve created a gated community!

We have a great community, thanks to the unpaid volunteers of the Tenants Association who give their time and energy for our benefit. But it would be much greater if it were gated. It takes a villager to make a village, not an outsider who will behave here as if it were just another public area, a place perhaps to poop. And then leave.

John Cappelletti, ST

TA not opposed to the greenmarket

To the Editor:

The ST/PCV Tenants Association was stunned to learn via a letter to the editor from Name Withheld (T&V, April 4, 2013) that it “is again fighting the farmers market, this time demanding the equivalent of a ‘gated community’.” Where did the courageous Name Withheld get “again” from?

We have never taken a position against the greenmarket. Rather, when commercial  activity became intrusive two years ago with the daily appearance of vending  trucks on the Oval, the Tenants Association asked Council Member Dan Garodnick to inquire of the New York Department of City Planning as to the appropriateness of such activity in an area not zoned for it. The anonymous letter writer obviously misread the response of Amanda Burden, the department’s chair. In her  letter to Garodnick, Ms. Burden indicated that the trucks were clearly in violation but that the law allows limited commercial activities that are designed to serve as an “accessory use” for residents and their guests only.

Of City Planning’s interpretation of zoning rules on a property like the Oval, she wrote: “Green Markets that operate as an open commercial use would… be prohibited.” In other words, the greenmarket is not to serve as a neighborhood resource.

The TA simply supports the consistent application of the law and the notion that  Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper open spaces and playgrounds are for the use of  rent-paying residents and their guests.


Susan Steinberg, Chair, ST/PCV Tenants Association

18 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Apr. 11

  1. Re: Gas Leak. The ventilation system (at least in my hallway) hasn’t been cleaned in the 33 years I’ve lived here, so I doubt it does much good! We have had problems with gas building up in the hallways, one time by an elderly neighbor (now deceased) who used to blow out the pilot lights on her old stove and another with a neighbor who had a faulty old Tappan stove that leaked gas. The vent high up on the wall in the hallway is totally clogged and filthy. I don’t think the new gas stoves are as dangerous as the old Tappan clunkers, but I am always afraid that one of the days (or nights) we are going to light up the sky!

    • Met Life would replace the gas ranges and refrigerators at the end of their useful life. Our unrenovated apartment has not had a stove or refrigerator update in almost 30 years, ever since the real estate lobby figured out that appliances could be charged as “MCI’s” and a monthly charge for their replacement costs could be added into the rent in perpetuity. Now the landlord will only replace an appliance if it becomes totally non functional, which in the case of a gas range, probably means when it either will not turn on, or it explodes.

      • TS replaced my stove (an old Tappan) when the oven door fell off! The replacement they gave me, while not brand new, is pretty decent and a lot safer than the old clunker it replaced.

    • I still have my original Tappan stove. When my door fell off they wanted to give me a new one (mostly so they could add $12.00 a month to my rent and then compound it every lease) but I insisted they just fix it which they did by giving me a new “used” door. I love my old Tappan. My sister has the newer model and comes to my apartment to cook her big items like Turkeys, roasts etc, because her newer model doesn’t cook as well, her words. I will never give up my “tank” of a stove simply because it is so much better than the newer models. Not to mention I was able to cook during Sandy because there is no electric starter.

      • I used to love my old Tapan clunker, but when the oven door fell off they couldn’t fix it so I had to with a new stove and I didn’t have to pay anything extra for it because the old stove was just not usable any more. My fridge is about a century old and is still ticking along nicely. I dread the day it dies! They just don’t make appliances as sturdily as they used to. They usually “die” the day after the warranty expires!

  2. Susan Steinberg’s “Tenants Association” wouldn’t know an intrusion into the quality of life of the tenants it supposedly represents if it sat on her head. She has led a toothless tiger by the tail and has accomplished NOTHING since Steven Sanders stepped down from his Assembly post. The TA fights for nobody because they refuse to fight. And don’t bother to respond with some nonsense about your supposed partnership with Brookfield, which, if it ever even happens, will screw the rest of the original tenants in PCV/ST just as badly as the Speyers.

    Your letter to the T&V editor is disingenuous, outrageous, and simply sickening.

    Enjoy your Oval Bread and Circuses.

  3. Thanks for reporting on this issue. It is very useful information.

    Besides checking each gas attachment and replacement in each apartment, all kitchens should have hoods over gas ranges with fans and duct exhaust to the outside. This is a requirement of the new International Residential Code that NYS partially complies with.

    However, since this management entity won’t even replace linoleum flooring counter tops with modern sanitary material as countertops, we should all be on the look out.

  4. Nicely put 1:39 PM. I wholeheartedly agree. I dropped my membership 5 years ago when the TA tried to buy the first time around. Could you imagine how broke and poorly managed this place would be had they succeeded then?

  5. “Of City Planning’s interpretation of zoning rules on a property like the Oval, she wrote: “Green Markets that operate as an open commercial use would… be prohibited.” In other words, the greenmarket is not to serve as a neighborhood resource.”

    Really? Well, maybe it’s time for the TA to step up to the plate and address the fact that the Greenmarket IS, in fact, being used as a neighborhood resource. It’s time to revisit this issue and have Council Member Dan Garodnick go back to the Department of City Planning and tell them what is going on here. Garodnick definitely dropped the ball on this one, but it’s not too late to pick it up and insist that Management move the Greenmarket to a legal location off of the property. C’mon, Dan. Show the tenants here that you will actually do what you VERY PUBLICALLY said you would do and work with Management to move the Greenmarket to a legal location off of the property. And if Management doesn’t want to cooperate, too bad for them. The law’s the law and they are NOT above the law, even if they behave like they are.

    • The Greenmarket is such a wonderful amenity…it really is part of what makes living in Stuytown so nice. I Iove it and can’t wait for opening day this Sunday.

    • It is too late. The horses are out of the barn and you wont get them back in. See the illegal Cafe which has opened since then and wait for many more commercial ventures inside ST. Dan Garodnick and the TA have ruined ST for all eternity. They should be sued for raping this once great neighborhood. The TA has already rendered itself irrelevant but Garodnick will be re-elected by stupid New Yorker’s who constantly vote in corrupt trash. Look at the bright side, there will be plenty of job openings when Oval Walmart opens. Thanks for nothing Dan Garodnick and the TA!!!!

  6. I think you live in an alternate universe? It’s a wonderful neighborhood, the grounds are beautiful, and I have generally great neighbors. The laundry room does suck, I’ll agree, but that’s about the only thing I have to complain about. I don’t even know what you are talking about. I’m serious. This place is still a treasure.

    • Your reply is typical of the person who lives an isolated existence in ST/PCV. Perhaps you don’t have to deal with the constant annoyances that have been brought forth for many of the tenants ? Have a constantly changing cast of noisy neighbors keeping you awake most nights ? Don’t hear the WOO crowd coming home screaming from the bars between 1 & 4 AM ? Live far away from the Oval so the summer concerts and greenmarket noise don’t bother you ? Oblivious to the irresponsible dog owners who let their animals relieve themselves in the middle of public space ? Or perhaps you’re not one of the Peter Cooper residents who’ve been living without fully functioning elevators since Sandy ? No matter, just as long as YOU aren’t bothered, it’s still a really great place to live, isn’t it ?

      • What is a WOO crowd? Do you mean young people? Why are you using such insulting terms? Can’t you just speak civilly–it makes you look immature. By the way, do you know it is illegal to discriminate against applicants on the basis of familial status and that a landlord can face treble damages if they do? But no, most tenants don’t bother me, but the old man with the disgusting loud smoking cough in the bathroom above me does every night and every morning–he’s disgusting, but that is what living in an apartment is about. I don’t lament the downfall of Stuytown. I live near the Oval and a weekend day concert is obviously no bother to me. It’s the daytime and I like the music. And I love the dogs, they are part of our city. Dogs go to the bathroom all over this city and loud drunks have been in the East Village for decades. This is I don’t even know what you’re angry about and I would say you’re the one who is isolated if you are so hostile towards your neighbors. You should get out and meet them and you might not hate them so much.

      • What an idiotic comment. A WOO crowd is just that. People who go screaming WOO in the streets in the middle of the night, when their neighbors are trying to sleep. Typical narcissistic UN-neighborly behavior.

      • Are you in junior high? What’s with the insulting your neighbors? That is what makes Stuytown less desirable, people who hate their neighbors. Though thankfully, I only encounter you here. My neighbors are friendly, fun, sociable, quiet and happy people.

      • I find it fascinating that you refuse to address any of the valid points made in my comments, but are only interested in being insulted where no insults were offered. I called you an idiot, because after your reply it became obvious to me that you lack the basic ability to comprehend what you read.. I leave you now to enjoy your wonderful neighbors, braying like donkeys as they chart their inebriated course by your windows in the middle of the night.

  7. On Monday, April 15th, one of those green golf carts that speed around STPCV almost ran me and my son over while we were waiting to cross the street. I yelled at the guy “watch where you’re going!” and he actually got out of the cart and started coming towards me. If I wasn’t with my son I so would have stood my ground but I didn’t want him to be put in possible danger – they guy did stop after all so I have no way of knowing if he would have escalated things. Anyhow I called security and was assured that someone will look into it and get back to me, nobody called. I called back on Tuesday, April 16th and the security officer tells me they can’t see the guy’s face inside the cart on video so they can’t do anything. I find it odd that three cameras from three different angles didn’t get the guy’s face at all, he was standing in the middle of the footpath in front of one of those cameras. I think the guy may be one of the higher ups because he was wearing a nice suit and most of the guys who drive around in these carts are maintenance men with the standard blue uniform on. It’s not a typical sight to see a man in a suit driving one of these. Either that or they never actually looked at the video because they didn’t seem to realize that the guy got out of the cart. I’m afraid they will “accidentally” erase or record over the tape and I’ll never find out who the heck almost killed me and my son. I am hoping to hear back from someone but I have a feeling they are going to just ignore it and hope I let it go. This is not the first time that one of those crazy drivers almost ran me over but this time I will not let it go.

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