Letters to the Editor, Apr. 18

Sick over paid leave responses

Last week’s article, “Local business owners blast paid sick leave” (T&V, Apr. 4) is the latest in a series of contentious actions involving local government.

It might be interesting to your readers to have more reporting on how the elected officials have voted on the legislation. In fact, a recap of all such votes would be a service to our residents.

John Duffy, ST

The war against U.S. seniors

Guess who the media, Conservatives, Neo Cons and Tea Party radicals are now demonizing, together with their converted Conservative Democrats, who are running scared stiff? Also Obama is now betraying the citizens who voted or, and gave him much money to win the 2012 election, would you believe, by wanting to cut the entitlements to bargain with the radicals. He is running scared.

So who are the new demonized target? The senior citizens!

Demonizing slogans and Goebbel propaganda is as follows. “They are stealing from the young.” “They are greedy geezers.” “They are bankrupting the U.S. of A. with their Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, senior centers, Meals on Wheels, food stamps pensions, motorized wheelchairs, phony medical problems and not needed costly prescriptions.” “They have tremendous assets. Such as stocks and bonds and would you believe, they have, their tax returns manipulated by tricky tax prepares to pay little or no tax.”

Now the born again love of the radical Conservatives, Neo Cons and Tea Party wants to gut and destroy all entitlements, to save the country from the demonic senior citizens. Based upon the above, the United States of America has become “The United States of Demonizing.”

It is ironic that this writer wrote a T&V-published letter to the editor, which was titled, “A long history of demonizing.”

By the way, all of us will become senior citizens.


Louis J. Buffalano, ST

Where are the screens?

Letter to the Editor:

Something I noticed about living in Peter Cooper is that the windows have no screens. I was wondering if this bothers anyone else. Can something be done about that?

Arielle Kaplan, PCV

Enjoying learning about our local businesses

I enjoy reading your paper from start to end and especially like the articles about businesses in our neighborhood. I try to support those small business around us which had suffered some loss of revenues because of the closing of some places here like the VA Hospital and others.

I was able to get good services and good food from them and one in particular is at the $1 pizza from Vinnie Vincenz on 1st Avenue and 13th Street.  This was the best $1 pizza I had and I would not have known this place if Maria Rocha-Buschel had not written her column about these businesses.

Keep on telling us about the small businesses around our neighborhood.

Ida M. Tiongco, MD
Waterside Plaza

Missing the latest disappearing business

Re: “New businesses in the neighborhood,” T&V., Apr. 4

I just had to write to say how sad I was to learn that Capucine’s was forced to close. One more community landmark lost to the greed of the landlord.

I sincerely wish the best to the wonderful staff. We will miss you very much!

Name withheld, PCV

3 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Apr. 18

  1. Screens have never been provided in Peter Cooper or Stuyvesant. If you want them, you buy them and pay to have them installed.

  2. Mr. Buffalano, you make some excellent points in your letter about seniors being demonized. In Manhattan, seniors are also demonized for living in rent stabilized or rent controlled apartments. I’ve read and heard remarks on that issue that are as ugly and contemptuous and hateful as any racist or sexist sentiments I have ever come across.

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