Letters to the Editor, Apr. 25

Never mind the dogs, control the owners

The following letter was sent by a resident of Stuyvesant Town to David Woodward, president of Compassrock Real Estate, LLC. (The letter has been edited for length and the author’s name has been withheld upon request.)

My father was one of the GIs who came to live here right after WWII. I was born here and have lived here on two more occasions, most recently for the last 29 years. Both of my daughters were born here and I raised my second daughter here and she will be 24 in August.

My daily exercise routine, every morning for the last 29 years has included a power/speed walk around the Oval.  However at one point I had to move my workout to the East River due to being suddenly and viciously attacked by an over the weight limit, dangerous dog. The dog is large and is mostly white with black patches on its head and back. This dog had previously lunged at me about five times and the owner refuses to properly control the dog as people pass by. I changed my route after asking the owner to properly control the dog to no avail.

I am lucky that I have my eyesight as the dog came from behind the low wall by the Oval Study and reared up on its hind legs, like a bear, and went for my eyes. I was fortunate to have good reflexes and blocked the paws with my wrist weights but the dog proceeded to carve into my chest and down my right thigh, causing me to bleed. As an “unruly puller,” I have seen this dog lunge at children and small dogs and the owner is not strong enough to keep control as the dog walks her.

Since then I have had the misfortune of the dog and owner come past my apartment building when I was starting out on my workout a week ago. The dog tried to attack my left arm and again I pulled it away just in time. I could not believe this same dog is still walking the premises despite the fact that I have notified security every single time the dog goes after me. The owner resides at 430 East 20th Street.   4.7 million Americans are bitten or cut or attacked by dogs every year. 15 to 20 people die each year, 30,000 have surgery. When a dog has dangerous propensities, the owner is liable but the landlord can be held negligent. One security officer suggested that the dog has a blood lust for me.

My added concern is that after the dog cut my chest and thigh, months later I was rushed to NYU’s ER as I developed a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in my thigh and leg and was treated with a blood thinner so that I didn’t throw a clot to my lungs or brain. I have to take this medication every day.  This is the same condition Hillary Clinton just had in recent months. The concern is not that I am afraid of the dog; it’s that this dog or any other aggressive over weight (was 80 lbs., now is a 50 lb. restriction) dog will scratch/cut/lacerate any part of my body and I could bleed to death or if it knocks me down and I hit my head, a blot clot could form in my brain.  I am also concerned that when my blood relatives, like my two daughters and grandson might also be attacked by this dog if blood lust in animals actually exists in dogs.

My suggestion is that all dog owners should be required to demonstrate that their dog is not over the weight limit and use short three foot training leashes. Ban the use of extension leashes, which will be against the rules when a dog enters the Oval or any path leading to the Oval; when walking two or more dogs, they all need to be to one side of the dog walker, not off in opposite directions, taking up the entire width of the path. Any dog that lunges should be banned from any path leading to the Oval.

Another suggestion:  Ban dogs from entering the Oval at all. Why have you put up the green fences in the community? Was that decision dog related?

Name withheld, ST

Thank you, Ms. Clean

To the Editor:

I have lived at 430 east 20th since 1996 and have never seen the halls so spotless, the elevator indicators so legible, ceiling lights so brilliant, carpets so  clean as now with our new maintenance worker. She is a short, stocky woman with apparently all the mechanical skills needed for the job. She fearlessly climbs ladders, unscrews lamp coverings, changes bulbs. She scrubs floors and the recycling center has never looked so good. She is also friendly and helpful.

I certainly feel she should get some recognition for her devotion to her job. And I repeat; it’s never looked so good even with most of the previous friendly, helpful male janitors.

I wish I knew her name. She has some kind of European accent, which I can’t place but I think, as Arthur Miller wrote in Salesman, “Attention must be paid”!

H. Zwerling, ST

Welcome back, farmers

To the Editor,

Sunday was a perfect day for a farmers market!

Once again, our community has weekly access to organic fruits and vegetables, Finnish rye bread, cage-free eggs, artisanal cheddar cheese, and homemade jams and jellies.

Congratulations to all the farmers and to the patrons!

Name Withheld, ST

Bike stations are ‘overkill’

Re: “Local Week in Review,” T&V, Apr. 11, which included a notice that new docking stations would be set up around ST/PCV as part of the city’s Bikeshare program

I am very concerned that four bicycle stations are going to be set up around ST/PCV. Four is overkill in such a small area. We already know how arrogant cyclists are and they are going to assume they can fly through ST/PCV to get to either 14th Street or 23rd Street – it will be their imaginary right! (We know this from the arrogance of dog owners!)

I hope management won’t insult us by saying this will not happen. The only way to prevent this is to gate all the entrance ways – which I am sure will not be done.

Valerie White, ST

7 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Apr. 25

  1. Actually, the bike share stations are also for the local residents who don’t live in ST/PCV, and why should we be denied access to the program because you don’t want it on your private property (when it isn’t there)? Maybe it’s indeed time to install gates on the ST/PCV properties, and I will then happily keep to my side of the street when using public transportation.

  2. Thanks to Dan Garodnick and his desire for his former law firm to make a killing on a Brookfield deal not only are we subject to illegal commercial enterprises but we are also the only area in Manhattan (perhaps NYC) where one CAN ride a bike on the sidewalk. Thanks for nothing Dan!

  3. I never go to the Oval anymore because of all the zooming bicycles and the dogs. I think the gentleman who has been attacked by the dog several times should file a complaint with the Police.

  4. What a silly letter by “the angry jogger” complaining about a dog. He should get a life. The reason that guy doesn’t go to the police is because there have already been a couple of complaints filed against him. There’s a reason why the guy wants to remain anonymous.

    • I agree it is a silly letter. He should have sued the dog owner and the landlord. Good, easy money can be made off landlords who allow dogs.

  5. As a responsible dog owner who lives in PCVST, I wholeheartedly agree that there should be a 3 ft leash extension regulation. I would love one in the entire city, actually. I keep my dog at my side at all times but am especially vigilant if we are walking in a high traffic area. Not because he is in any way aggressive, but because he is 11 years old, deaf and suffers from CCD (canine cognitive dysfunction) and tends to wander aimlessly around the sidewalk unaware of the fact there are people/dogs behind him and that could easily trip someone who is in a hurry and/or not paying attention. We are constantly bothered by other dogs who are on those extendo-leashes which are illegal in the city anyway…and for good reason! My dog will be walking along and these other dogs will rush up behind him on a 10 ft+ lead and again, he is deaf, so he is startled and jumps around every time. I try to warn the owners ahead of time but sometimes they sneak up on ME and am unable to do so.

    Another thing is I hear residents who aren’t happy about the complex allowing dogs grumbling about the dogs going to the bathroom on the property EVEN IN “DOG-FRIENDLY” ZONES as per the map we are all handed. A lot of times I hear that there should be a dog run. Again, I agree! I would happily pay, say an extra $50 a month to have a dog in the apartment and have that pay for the right to access said run. In fact, if there is a petition going around, I’ll help get signatures! We are not all irresponsible owners and should not be lumped into one group as if we are. That’s like me lumping all seniors into the group of “grouchy people who live to complain about anything and everything.” Please form your opinion on a case-by-case basis as I do with other snarky tenants and keep in mind that there ARE areas in the complex where dogs are allowed so if you see one going on a tiny strip of dirt that contains a garbage can, chances are it’s not off-limits. Please keep your snide remarks and confrontational attitude to yourselves.

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