Letters to the Editor, May 2

Rowdy tenants need to be reined in

Stuyvesant Town has become a pub crawl every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights into the wee hours of the morning. Living at 19 Stuyvesant Oval has its perks as from 1:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. from two to six young people, “twenty-somethings,” make their way home, screaming, shouting, cursing, talking and singing loud, like it’s Santacon or Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Studies show that young people, age 18 to 29, go through a stage of life called “emerging adulthood,” as they make choices that will define their adult lives.  Is the current management enabling these rowdy adults to have arrested development at our expense?

This disturbance of the peace wakes me and my family up each night and I’m sure it has a deleterious impact on all the hard working tenants, parents who have put their kids to sleep, senior citizens who suffer from a multitude of illnesses, who once awakened find it difficult to regain sleep.

There are numerous studies that depict how sleep deprivation leads to stress and illness.

Can security deploy its troops to meet these twenty-somethings at all the entrances by First Avenue and 20th street or 14th Street and escort them until they reach their apartments, instructing them to treat paths to the Oval like a hospital quiet zone. If they are rowdy, names should be taken and they should be evicted for disturbing the peace.

A show of force is required to demonstrate that you are going to control this form of abuse to “older-than-twenty-somethings.”  If you are going to lease apartments to students you must also take some compensatory measures to monitor their behavior.  I know a number of college graduates who were raised in this community and are aware of its unique value.

On the Stuy Town Peter Cooper website, management advertises how STPC is pet friendly.  How about being decent citizen/tenant/ human friendly? Did you miss the young man one night who screamed three times at the top of his lungs (because it was too quiet?) or another guy who belted out the song “Downtown” by Petula Clark as if he were auditioning for the Voice or American Idol?  Clearly not appropriate at 3:30 a.m.

Security officers need to be on the scooter or in cars with the windows down or walking the beat at these hours, not asleep in the security booth.  I hope that our security officers are not “asleep at the wheel” when it comes to meeting the needs of the majority of residents in our community.

Which brings up another issue:  Are the paths around the Oval and in the community a sidewalk for pedestrians or a street for automobiles?

I have logged hundreds of times that I have been almost run down by security cars drag racing, careening bulldozers, maintenance carts, bicycles, motorbikes, scooters and skateboards, all while being just one of the hundreds of men, women and children pedestrians in our community daring to walk on what we might take for sidewalks each and every day.

Name withheld, ST

Forget politics, get MTA to act on blue lights

To the Editor:

It’s nice that our very reasonable elected officials have started the months-long process of asking their colleagues if they might legislate a way to turn the Select Bus lights back on. And it’s nice that our community board of local citizens has, after months, managed to pass a non-binding resolution asking the state legislature to take up that business.

Now compare all that pious democratic effort to how the lights got turned off in the first place: Two Staten Island politicians wrote one letter to then-MTA Chair Joe Lhota, and that was it. The flashing blue lights that so many people relied on were instantly dark.

The bloc of people who want the lights back on should play that way.  They should forgo patience and faith in Albany’s will to do anything.  They should instead call and email the MTA every day, and tweet to @MTAinsider every day, until the MTA reacts.  Interested readers can visit https://www.facebook.com/TurnTheSelectBusLightsBackOn to learn more that they can do. No Facebook account is required to view the site.

So maybe flashing blue is technically illegal. So what? Change the color. Stick a gel in front of the bulb.

But the MTA must restore this essential amenity to thousands of SBS customers just as quickly as it leaped at the absurd bidding of two suburban-district politicians.

David Dartley, ST

Verizon forcing switch to FiOS service

To the Editor:

My wireline phone has not worked since April 9. Using my wireless phone, I called repair. After performing the suggested check at my network interface and finding that the problem was in Verizon’s line, not my equipment, the company agreed to send a repair crew.

When the technicians arrived the next day, they told me that they could not fix my phone, but they could “upgrade” me to FiOS. This appears to be a classic “bait and switch.” We live in a flood zone as demonstrated last October by Hurricane Sandy. Our building had no power for 10 days, but our phone worked. FiOS offers only an eight-hour battery backup.

I declined the “upgrade” and insisted that they repair my phone line. They called the office to establish another repair ticket and told me they would check in the basement and the central office to see if they could fix the problem. The repairmen told me they would let me know the status of the problem later in the day. I never heard from them again. When I called the repair number that evening, I was told that a cable was malfunctioning and that my phone would be fixed by April 29.

I contacted the NYS Public Service Commission and Verizon sent another repair crew on April 16. They told me they could not fix the problem because of asbestos abatement in the basement of the building they needed to access, and left. After confirming with building management that this information was false, I again contacted Verizon, which sent yet another crew on April 18. They said they fixed the problem and that I would hear the phone ring within the hour. Later, one of the repair people called me on my cell to say that he was not getting cooperation from the “network people” who were “dragging their feet.” Since then, I have received two more calls on my cell from Verizon customer service people saying that they could not repair my wireline phone unless I switched to FiOS. Yesterday, I receive a FedEx letter saying that if I did not agree to FiOS by May 13, my account would be terminated.

This is unacceptable bullying from a company that has been disingenuous throughout the entire process. I am not opposed to new technology, but I refuse to accept a system that provides less stability (eight-hour battery backup) than the one it replaces. If Verizon powered FiOS as it does the current copper wire system, I would accept the switch instantly. Verizon’s efforts endanger people, particularly the elderly who may not have cell service. Regulators should prohibit Verizon from making these changes until it can guarantee service with the same reliability as copper wire technology.

Joe Lisanti, PCV

13 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, May 2

  1. Perhaps security could stop circulating the oval incessantly with two guards in a oversized vehicle.

    They should take there queue from nyu security staff. They walk the beat and use very small vehicles when needed – in much larger diverse environment.

    Security staff never seems to be in the right place , maybe they rely too much on The hundreds of cameras spying on our every private move.

  2. I agree that the rowdy tenants need to be reined-in. Unfortunately, after they’ve done their woo-hooing and braying along the way home, they continue it when they get home. I have downstairs neighbors who come home at 3 or 4 am and make sure everyone above and below them and to the side of them are kept awake until they go to sleep themselves at 7 am. That is when I have to get up and go do an 8-shift and hope I don’t fall asleep from sheer exhaustion.
    Another thing, some of these females scream bloody murder, like they are being raped, murdered, etc., and then the screaming is followed by a shrill burst of laughter. There was a time when such screams would bring tenants to their windows and phones because they would think some girl really was being assaulted. Now, we just assume it is one of those stupid students joking around. If, God forbid, a gal was really in trouble around here, she may end up suffering the sad fate of Kitty Genovese because we would just write her screams off as a dumb drunk letting of steam. For those of you too young and/or provincial to know who Kitty Genovese was, please Google.

  3. I used to have neighbors who would keep me up all night long with their partying. Speaking with them didn’t work, so I tried a little experiment. Around an hour after they have gone to sleep I ring their downstairs bell until someone wakes up and answers. Then I ask them some inane question and leave. Then an hour later I do the same thing. I kept this up until one of them asked me why I kept waking them up. I responded that since they kept all the other tenants awake at all hours of the night we would make sure they didn’t sleep during the day. It worked. Almost never hear them anymore and I don’t have to keep waking them up.

  4. This weekend has been particularly bad when it comes to herds of drunken yahoos noisily wending their way home in the early hours of the morning. A huge bunch of them were particularly disruptive on the 14th Street Loop early this morning and were as foul-mouthed and offensive as a bunch of drunks can be. Security did show up, but they gave Security such a hard time that I was on the verge of calling the 13th Pct, but I figured Security would call for back up if they needed it.

    Let’s keep two things in mind when it comes to this recurring problem: Security does the best job it can do under the circumstances. Their numbers, just like the maintenance staff, have been cut to the bare bone by our greedy overlord, CW, which has cut back on all services to the tenants (whom they treat with total disdain and outright contempt) while awarding themselves huge fees for doing whatever it is they do besides collecting the rent. These gangs of drunks who pervade the property live here in large numbers are there are more of them than there are of Security officers. I think a presence of the NYPD would be helpful during the early hours on weekends.

    Another thing is that these yahoos are not like the kids of yesteryear who used to come on the property from the “wrong side of the tracks” that was the area south of 14th Street. They would come and annoy tenants with their “ghetto blasters” and loud shouting, but (for the most part) as soon as Security showed up, they would disperse. The drunken frat boys we are plagued with now are quite a different breed. They are arrogant, feel entitled, feel superior to Security officers, feel superior to everybody else living here, especially older tenants and are downright confrontational and defiant when called out for their behavior. If NYU is going to warehouse these lowlifes here, they could at least lend out some of their security force to help our Security guys. I have the greatest respect for our Security force, but they are greatly outnumbered by the crap we have living here now.

  5. Anonymous 11.58 AM-Was with you all the way until you said “ghetto blasters”. In the future, boomboxes will do, thank you.

    • Pardon my lack of PC. However, “ghetto-blaster” is a widely-accepted term in the Urban Dictionary, and there is even a magazine and a drink thusly named. In the future, MYOB, thank you.

  6. Hey, Anonymous 7:26 PM. It ain’t what you say it’s the way that you say it and the spirit in which it is meant. I don’t think “Prefer to be Anonymous” was being racist or whatever you think he was being. Going back to the topic at hand, though, I agree that there should be a police presence during the weekends when the drunks are screaming and bellowing their way home. They may not have any respect for Security, but they will respect the cops. No student wants a run-in with the cops because it is frowned on by their college and could go on their record and (worst of all!!!!) dear Mommy and Daddy will get to hear about it and they don’t want to be reminded of how they failed in the child-rearing department! They may cut back on the constant replenishing of iStuff! Fate worse than death!

  7. I like the younger people here more than the old timers, who see to complain about anything and everything. Most aren’t loud, they are friendly, often have young kids who are adorable, much more diverse, bring life back to this place. I like it. 3/4 of that noise is from the perimeter–the east village, where kids have been getting drunk for decades.

    • Hey Kid, maybe the older people here have very good reason to complain! After all, they have been treated very abusively by TS and CW and are made to feel like second-class citizens in a place they have lived in for most, if not all, of their lives. The older people helped make this the nice, stable community that it is. I know some of the complain a lot, but then again, a lot of them don’t. Most just suffer in silence. TS and CW have treated the younger residents very badly, too. Lot of “bait and switch” with the pricing and rent increases in the dead of night! Don’t be prejudiced about the oldsters because that makes you no better than the oldsters who are prejudiced against the youngsters. We can all co-exist peacefully with a bit of mutual respect.

  8. Anony 7.26 here. To Anony 8.51, I knew your comment was not racist, I totally agreed with your post, I just thought by using one expression versus another, your point would be better taken. However, in hindsight, my post came off rather sanctimonious so I apologize for that. To Anony 6.21, I only wish that CWC would market to families but that’s not what happening here. As per a recent tread on the STR blog re the new CWC marketing strategy: “The reasons are obvious: 1) a transient population gives the landlord the legal okay to make rent increases per turnover, and 2) a growing transient population is unconcerned about quality of life issues, the TA, rent stabilization, etc.,–in effect replacing a more permanent class of renters who are troublesome to the landlord.” Regarding your quote “the east village, where kids have been getting drunk for decades.” I have heard this line before and it’s bogus. NYU now has a student population of 55,000 plus and is rapidly growing, that was not the situation even a decade ago. Google “The School That Eat New York”. I face the Oval and due to the screaming drunken Bro/OMG herds that migrate to the EV and when they get back, either party at their “dorm” apartments and/or hang out at the entrances, smoking, drinking and screaming. My family and I have a white noise machine and our AC turned up all the way Thursday through Saturday nights when we try to get some sleep. This entitled behavior is not limited to the perimeter but occurs in the interior every weekend and some week nights as well. “who see to complain about anything and everything”. Yes, In PCV, new intercoms that do not work, nonexistent laundry facilities, at least two buildings with only one working elevator and now, as per the TA FB page, break-ins with property stolen that are now being reported during the same time period that new non-working intercoms were being installed. Gee, such a bunch of whiners.

  9. I acknowledge the anger and frustration of the seniors (and everyone, really) who now have to contend with loud, rude and disrespectful kids in what was once a very wonderful, quiet place for them to live. I am very lucky to live in a PCV building that does not have any (or very few) “dorm dwellers.” What I DO have to contend with in my building and area, however, are very angry, vocal seniors who feel it’s their God-given right to verbally harass me as I’m walking my dog down the sidewalk or if he happens to pee on a light post along the walkway. Oh the horror! I’ve seen it happen to other people they consider “youngsters.” Never to someone who appears to be 40+. I am a 34-year old woman and a very responsible dog owner. I follow all rules and laws when it comes to my pet’s behavior, where they go to the bathroom and cleaning up after them. And I realize there are plenty of people who are not responsible owners. But just like these kids do not have the right to disrupt the peace and tranquility of everyone else’s living area, these seniors do not have the right to yell and swear at me because I dare own a dog and they are just miserable people. I am very respectful of seniors because I have an 86-year old grandmother whom I love dearly but it’s gotten to the point where there will be a very ugly verbal confrontation with the next old timer who feels entitled to make their snide, rude comments. It shouldn’t be this way but walking him causes me such anxiety that I don’t even enjoy being outside anymore and I LOVE rainy days when the seniors don’t leave their apartments! Is that any way to live? It goes both ways…everyone respect your neighbor and keep your comments (and screams and vomit) to yourself!

    • FYI, I am not a senior. Also, I love dogs. I have never, ever yelled at a dog owner, nor would I. The only people who piss me off are the drunks, who may or may not be students (but probably are) who scream and yell their way home in the early hours and then continue the disturbance after they get home. I don’t like nasty seniors any more than I like nasty people of any age, but my complaint was about the drunken a-holes who wake everybody up as they scream their way home.

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