The Tenants Association planning protests outside Stuyvesant Town Leasing Office

The Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association is calling for volunteers in an effort to protest CWCapital’s high, mid-lease rent hikes, starting tomorrow outside the leasing office.

Read the TA’s notice online or below:

Hit CW Capital in the Only Place it Knows, its Pocket.

If you are angry and fed-up about any of these things:

  • Your staggering mid-term rent increase?
  • That you are still slugging your laundry blocks away?
  • Your’e still without reliable elevator service?
  • Your personal belongings rotting in a shipping container for six months?
  • Tepid enforcement of the rules?
  • Noisy, disrespectful neighbors?
  • Worrying your next service visit might become a police complaint?
  • All of the above?

Well we hear you!  

Now it is time to communicate to CW Capital in green language.

Make your thoughts and feelings known to prospective renters and neighbors infront of the Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village Leasing Office.

All neighbors, new or tenured, young or old, need to stand together and support this action.

A rapid loss of hard-earned neighbors will result in less stablization and quailty-of-life for all.

We’ll start this Saturday and Sunday and if enough neighbors respond to our call for weekday shifts, well then we’ll carry on.

Each 1-2 hour shift will promote our message of how it really is to live here.

We’ll do that by displying hand written posters, distributing flyers to — and talking with — prospective renters in front of the rental office.

  •  We’ll tell them about CW Capital’s family busting rent increases.
  • We’ll also make sure prospective renters know about our noisy and inconsiderate neighbors and management’s minimal rule enforcement.
  • Make sure they know of the legal requirement that leasing agents must disclose which builidngs have been infested with bedbugs in the past year.
  • Show them how to check the TA’s Bedbug Registry
  • We’ll tell them which 17 buildings have no laundry facililies and have rotting basements and of no schedule of resolution to buidling wide problems.
  • About the recent burglaries and the need to remember to lock up and be present for service appointments.
  • Make sure they understand there is really (wink wink) an 80% carpet rule.
  • And best of all, we’ll give them homework!  We’ll ask them to read the blogs likeStuytown ReportEscapeStuyTownTown and Village Newspaper and the TA Facebook and Official page.

Working together we can sustain this for a long time.

  • Retirees and night workers can help on weekdays while folks are working.
  •  We have loving grandparents here to help watch young ones while moms and dads take a shift.

Can’t make a full shift?   Stop by and support your neighbors.  Bring water or just a smile.

Find out what else you can do.

  • Send CW Capital a Video Message
  • Join an adhoc tenant advisory legal committee to explore legal options.
  • Help with Social Media.
  • Post flyers in your building.
  • Make a donation

Register below to learn more, join a shift, or do something else