Letters to the Editor, May 23

Rent hikes will destroy community

To the editor,

Raising rents by thousands of dollars a year (some increases were as high as 35 percent) is beyond cruel. Hundreds of tenants will be unable to pay and unable to stay. Where’s our mayor?

This kind of price gouging is what happened in New York City in the early 70s. In one fell swoop, CW has turned the clock back to a dark era, when tenants faced greedy landlords and a housing crisis so bad, it ended only with the passage of the NYS Emergency Tenant Protection Act in 1974.  Where’s our mayor?

CW Capital is destroying a community that has stood as an icon of middle class stability since its inception in 1947. Hundreds of tenants will be scrambling this summer to find suitable housing in a city with a very low vacancy rate, dislocating their children from their schools and friends. Where’s our mayor?

This heartless act on the part of CW is without precedence – but that is a distinction no company with any sense of decency would wish. Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village is a community, not a commodity. Its residents deserve to be treated with respect, not as garbage to be thrown out.

Is there a mayor out there? Where was he when our other elected representatives stood with us? Is he only the mayor of developers and the one percent, not everyday citizens? The silence is deafening.

Susan Steinberg, ST

The author is the chair of the ST-PCV Tenants Association.

Suggestion for a dog-free Oval

Dear Editor:

As warm weather approaches and the flower beds are in bloom in Stuyvesant Town, I would like to propose that dogs be kept out of the Oval, at least for the summer months. Each morning I spend about 45 minutes in the Oval for a morning run and am witness to incredibly selfish behavior on the part of dog owners.

This week, I encountered a woman with a large gray/black/white dog off-leash in front of Playground 6. I politely asked her to leash her dog, which she refused to do. As I was speaking with her, her dog had a massive attack of diarrhea, which she was unable to adequately clean up, on the sidewalk where children play.

In addition to this woman’s disgraceful behavior, I never see dog owners stop their dogs from using the flowerbeds as toilets which of course has a deleterious effect on plants.

It is absolutely unnecessary for dogs to be in the Oval, since each ST building has alternative outdoor access. The defecation by dogs in the Oval is not only a quality of life issue, which management should address, but also a health issue.

Name withheld, ST

One thought on “Letters to the Editor, May 23

  1. Susan Steinberg, the Mayor has never cared about the regular, working people of New York except when he was campaigning for election and wanted our votes (I am happy to say he never got mine, so my conscience is clear). The only non 1% people the Mayor cares about are the tourists who flood in to see a New York that is getting more and more like Des Moines every day, thanks to him. He never objected to any of the atrocious greed and avarice that Tishman Speyer got away with at the expense of tenants; we are not even collateral damage to him. We are trash to be tossed to the curb. It’s too bad the tenants have had to suffer because of greedy speculators who made a bad bet and lost. But they are Bloomberg’s kind of people and he just loves them, so don’t except any kind of sympathy or caring from him. Btw, I don’t believe that Quinn is any better than he. Think St. Vincent’s and the overturning of term limits so that the Emperor could get an illegal third term.

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