Tenants Association wary of apartment inspections

By Sabina Mollot

Since last week, the ST-PCV Tenants Association said it has been getting complaints from tenants regarding a new round of apartment inspections being conducted by CWCapital. Residents have been told in some cases their units are being inspected for pressurized walls.

According to TA President John Marsh, in at least two cases there have been complaints from tenants that inspections were conducted while they weren’t home at times that were not the agreed upon scheduled date and time.

“They came in between (the original date and the rescheduled date),” said Marsh. “They

Tenants Association President John Marsh and residents Sandra Lynn and John Giannone outside the leasing office last Saturday Photo by Sabina Mollot

Tenants Association President John Marsh and residents Sandra Lynn and John Giannone outside the leasing office last Saturday
Photo by Sabina Mollot

just popped in.” This has been of concern to the TA, considering the four burglaries in the complex that didn’t involve forced entry and were at buildings undergoing intercom repairs.

“We’ve been advising tenants to make sure someone can be with them,” said Kirstin Adaahl, a Tenants Association board member.

In response to the concerns, Brian Moriarty, a spokesperson for CWCapital, said all apartments in the complex would be inspected in the upcoming months.

“The inspections are to ensure compliance with the building code, lease terms and community rules,” he said. “Inspectors will be looking for issues such as unsafe conditions, unregistered dogs and compliance with the 80 percent carpet rule. Any unit that is out of compliance will be given a notice to correct whatever issues are found.”

There was no comment on the allegations of unauthorized entry.

Recently, the TA put a notice about the apartment inspections and what residents’ obligations and rights are on its website (stpcvta.org). The notice reads, in part:

The TA has consulted with its counsel and, while every situation is unique and may require individual legal counsel, in summary… (this) is what we were advised:

Necessary repairs, improvements required by law, and inspections are lawful and you must comply.

Landlords must give you proper notice and you have the right to be present in non-emergency cases.

A failure to provide access as demanded does not result in immediate eviction; you have many opportunities to cure.

Unlawful alterations to the apartment, fire safety issues, and hoarding could put you at risk for eviction, but you have multiple opportunities to cure these conditions.


7 thoughts on “Tenants Association wary of apartment inspections

  1. I was told by a CW representative that they’re looking for anything extreme, such as illegal walls, hoarding, propane tanks, and dishwashers. The person inspecting said that every day they come up with more things to look for. Two security guards waited at the front door while he inspected. He also looked in my walk-in closet and my linen closet. In my building, only unrenovated apartments got notices, but not all of them.

  2. Brian Moriarty is being disingenuous when he says the inspections are looking for violations of the 80-20 carpet rule. If CW really was interested in dealing with that situation, it would respond to the numerous noise complaints it gets. Instead they needed to see how many sheets and towels I have in my linen closet.

  3. What CWCapital is doing is engaging in highly invasive fishing expeditions. It would LOVE to toss out as many current tenants as possible and replace them with higher paying tenants. And it especially would like to get rid of long-time, rent-stabilized tenants who usually pay much less for their apartments than FMR (Former Market Rate) tenants do.

    Given the 4 confirmed robberies here that have now been shown to be the DIRECT RESULT of Compass Rock’s unbelievable stupidity and negligence and all the negative quality of life problems being reported here everyday, you would have to be CRAZY to let Management in your apartment without your being there. DO NOT DO IT.

  4. In regard to inspections for the 80% carpet requirement, I just posted this at the TA FB page so I will post it here as well.

    “At the very least, this is definitely a mistake of fact as far as communicating the MO to the inspection teams. I just had my inspection. A civilian inspector came with a PS safety sergeant . Before I let them in, I asked to see the inspector’s ID badge which he was wearing with the blank side up. I then asked him what was the purpose of this inspection and the civilian told me that they were there to check for illegal walls. No mention of the other lease requirements. After the inspection which took around 45 seconds, I asked both of them whether they could go up to floor above me to inspect the apartment directly above me and the one above me and adjacent to me who are obviously not in the 80% carpet compliance rule. The inspector and PS officer told that the carpet inspection issue was not the purpose of their inspections. The PS office told me to contact Donalda Habersham to have the apartments in question get carpet inspections. Whereby my next response was to laugh so hard I almost coughed up a lung. Ok, I will attempt to play the game. BTW, both members of the inspection team were very professional and nice, it was a rather painless experience.”

    As per this comment by “Tired of Being Punked | May 23, 2013, 10:31 am”–“In my building, only unrenovated apartments got notices, but not all of them.” This is truly disturbing. BTW, this can be very easily confirmed.

    • Edmund – did you get anywhere with the carpet inspection? I just moved in and have also been playing the game of calling security and sending emails but it seems that no action has been taken and it’s a month later. The security officer has acknowledged that my upstairs neighbors do not have rugs and the consistent running up and down makes it impossible for me to enjopy my space.

  5. I got the inspection too. in and out no issues. I am in an unrenovated apartment however, I was told i was being inspected at this time because i just signed a new 2 year lease.

  6. I got the inspection too, though it was not on the day agreed upon. They offered to come back if it was not convenient, but I thought I may as well let them in and be done with it. Two men, but only one came in (I think the other was checking another apartment). Very brisk inspection which he said was for illegal walls. My carpets are at Macy’s cleaners right now (spring cleaning time!) and I asked him if he was checking for rugs and he said he was not.

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