Letters to the Editor, May 30

Tenants should pick next mayor carefully

Re: Letter, “Rent hikes will destroy community,” T&V, May 23

To the Editor:

When the chair of the ST-PCV Tenants Association cries, “Where’s our mayor?” several times, we’re in trouble. Susan Steinberg concludes her letter with, “The silence is deafening.” But to me the answer to her question, “Where’s our mayor?” is loud and clear.

First of all, we tenants have not had a mayor we could call “ours” in over 20 years. During the Republican administrations of “their” mayors, Giuliani and Bloomberg, we have suffered rent hikes every year. Why? Because the Republican Mayor’s handpicked Rent Guidelines Board, which is stacked 5-4 against tenants, automatically votes in favor of the landlords every year.

If you want to find “their” mayor, go to a Republican fundraiser where you’ll see him surrounded by smiling landlords and developers. Years ago you could see him shaking hands with Republican Senate Majority Leader Bruno, no friend to tenants, who would travel to NYC from Albany using official state helicopters and official state-chauffeured cars to conduct “state business” with the Republican mayor, but only in person and only at the fundraiser.

I agree with Ms. Steinberg that rent hikes will destroy our community; they’ve been doing that for years. But the question should not be “Where’s our mayor?” but rather where’s an electable Democrat who supports affordable housing?

Surveying the current crop of candidates, that’s not going to be an easy question to answer, but only if we find one and elect him can we stop rent hikes every year and/or at the whim of the landlord.

John Cappelletti, ST

Residents shouldn’t hesitate to call 911

To the editor,

In the wake of the recent wave of burglaries and bike thefts, I urge all of my fellow residents to call 911 immediately whenever a crime occurs.

Too many residents feel they should call ST/PCV Public Safety or the Tenants Association.  A crime is a crime, and must be reported to the 13th Precinct. If you are burglarized or robbed, you should ask the Precinct to come to your apartment immediately.

If ST/PCV building maintenance people are responsible, the New York Police Department can and will conduct an investigation of staff to determine who had access to the apartment.  The NYPD can then review video footage taken in lobbies and elevators. ST/PCV security is not equipped to investigate its own employees.

Of course, residents should never hold the door open for someone they don’t know. It is not impolite to say, “I’m sorry, but everyone has to have a cardkey to enter the building.” If a delivery person attempts to push in at the front door, you should call the 13th Precinct immediately and report a break-in.

Name Withheld, ST

Where was consultation on bike share stations?

According to news reports “The city’s Department of Transportation has said that the city has consulted with residents and boards about the placement of bike stations.” First Avenue from 15th Street to 34th Street could be called Hospital Row.  Every weekday hundreds of out-of-town cars are scrambling around those streets looking to find parking for doctor appointments or patient visits to the several hospitals in this part of town.

Putting aside parking issues for local residents, many of these hospital visits are made by people who cannot easily take public transportation, including disabled veterans to the VA Medical Center on 23rd Street right across the street from this latest Citi Bicycle Share Program station.

I’d like to know who at Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village, and who at all of these hospitals, were consulted by the city’s Department of Transportation about putting one of their bike stations on 23rd Street and 1st Avenue.

I’d also like to know why the islands around Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village weren’t used for these bicycle stations, which wouldn’t reduce already inadequate available parking spots.

Frank Zotto, PCV

Looking forward to Success charter opening

Re: Planned Success charter school co-location blasted at hearing,” T&V, May 23

Dear Editor,

The opposition to the Success school moving to our neighborhood is outrageous. Excuses such as “they might have more privileges than us” or “they will be taking up space that we could use for other things” are ridiculous and selfish. There are a great many parents who are thrilled that a Success school is moving into the neighborhood and that we now have the opportunity for an outstanding education for our children.

I think the real reason for opposition to the Success school is fear by teachers that they’ll be outperformed and made to look bad and that the city might favor the Success school over them.

The way to prevent that is for teachers and the Board of Education to start listening to what Eva Moskowitz, the founder of the Success schools has to say about what is wrong with our public schools and follow her advice. Her amazing success has proven that she knows what she’s talking about.


Gamaliel Isaac, ST

5 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, May 30

  1. RE: bike share program. Call me cynical, but I can’t help wondering if the bike share program has the potential for drumming up business for the local hospitals! I’m in my 70’s, and not about to become a bike rider. I am concerned, not only about the risks of accidents and injuries to bike riders, but also to pedestrians. I’ve narrowly escaped injury from bike riders traveling the wrong way in the bike lanes as well as on sidewalks. Scary!
    BTW, you call it Hospital Row: back in the day, we called it Bedpan Alley!

  2. Christine Quinn would be more of the same, selling out to real estate developers to benefit herself, and I heard that Weiner (zipped or unzipped) is against rent stabilization. That narrows it down a bit, though the rest of them are not that uplifting!

  3. ’d like to know who at Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village, and who at all of these hospitals, were consulted by the city’s Department of Transportation about putting one of their bike stations on 23rd Street and 1st Avenue.

    Dan Garodnick!

  4. FYI, Bill DeBlasio is a Democrat who is ALL for affordable housing and will fight for the middle class. He’s not as glitzy (or corrupt/beholden) as most of them. Please, consider checking him out.

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