Reminder: Tenants Association hosting mayoral forum tonight

May30 signThe major candidates for mayor have accepted the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association’s invitation to be part of a forum on the evening of June 26th at Simon Baruch IS 104, East 20th between First and Second Avenues. The audience will have an opportunity to learn first hand the candidates’ positions on a variety of issues, not the least of which is the matter of affordable housing.
All of the major mayoral candidates were invited and those who confirmed were Sal Albanese, Adolfo Carrion, John Catsimitidis, Bill de Blasio, Joe Lhota, John Liu, Christine Quinn, Bill Thopmson and Anthony Weiner.
The four candidates for public advocate were also invited to the event. The public advocate candidates are: Cathy Guerrero, Letitia James, Reshma Saujani and Daniel Squadron.
The meeting will be held from 7-9 pm. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. Doors open at 6 p.m

Letters to the Editor, June 27

Lockout fee is excessive

Dear friends,

I am a senior citizen, aged 89, who has lived in Peter Cooper for 65 years. Contrary to the various letters that you have printed here regarding the problems with living in these buildings, I have never had a complaint before. I have loved living here. Following is the story of my huge dissatisfaction with PCV/ST.

I have waited to write this so that I could cool off with my intense anger and write a really practical and thoughtful letter re: the situation. Here goes:

About a month or so ago at noon, I came home to enter my apartment and found that I did not have my key and door card. (These are in one small case.) So, I went to the guard house and explained my problem and he was most sympathetic and kind and called for another guard to come with my key.

I must tell you here and now that in all the 65 years I have never needed to have assistance to enter my apartment because I never lost or misplaced my keys before. In any case — a guard came and cheerfully let me in.

I later found my key, but had other spares in the house so I needed no replacement. I even tipped the guard for his fast and polite response.

In any case, I got a bill… and here is the rub. The thing I am most disturbed about. The bill was for $85 plus tax of $6.62.

Especially because I have never had a demerit before — even criminals and DUI people get a chance — at least a reasonable one. I can see that they might charge something for the problem they thought was so dire… maybe $25, but $85 plus tax is utterly beyond words. I paid my rent bill and sent along another check for the unbelievable charge. I marked it “in protest.” Not that it will do any good, but I want everyone to know just how thoughtless and mean-spirited CW is to a longtime elder tenant. If they can do that to me, then who knows what comes next?

Okay, now I have said it and if anyone thinks this is a reasonable charge, I would like to know. So far those who do know are absolutely surprised and discomforted by it. I thought that the community should know what the policy is these days. I did speak with a very nice young man from “management” and he did try a number of times to alleviate this manner — to no avail.

So, that is that and now I must join those who feel they have been mistreated here at PCV/ST. I regret having to do it, but sometimes it takes only one thing to destroy a lifetime of beliefs.
Best to the community.

H. Spring, PCV

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