Letters to the Editor, July 11

Laundry room leaky and terrifying

After reading “When does free cost too much?” (Letter, T&V) last week, I thought, those are my feelings, too.

Soon after a flyer was sent around, proclaiming that the basement is now open (how can that be, it has not been completely renovated) and there were old washer/dryers to be used without cost, I ventured downstairs to have a look. Shock set in immediately as the elevator doors opened to the basement. It looked like a dungeon, a place for punishment, not a venue for people to enter.

I spent two minutes looking around and quickly headed back to the elevator. Two days later, I went to one of the buildings where we had access to for many months, to do a laundry. My card would not allow me to get into the laundry room. When I exited the building, two security officers were outside, and I asked them why my card no longer worked. They called their office and informed me that now that I had free machines and dryers in my building, and I no longer could use the other laundry rooms.

Not having much choice, I decided to do a test run in my building with a small bag of rags. Again, I went downstairs, and when the elevator opened, there was a large puddle of water in front of me, and another one to the left near the stairwell. I skirted around the puddle and nervously entered the so-called laundry room. There was a terrible odor. The first machine did not work at all. The second one worked, but when I placed a very small load into the dryer, thirty minutes later, it was still wet.

I felt very uncomfortable being in the basement because of the eerie quality with unfinished walls, dirtier than normal conditions, and a total lack of security.

However, even if there were a team of security people lined up to protect me, I will not go there again until it is completely renovated. No one should have to be subjected to such terrible conditions.

Name withheld, PCV

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