Bikes soon will only be allowed to be stored in designated areas, after bike room cleanups

By Sabina Mollot

Residents who own bikes may want to take note: Bikes that have been left parked outdoors in Stuyvesant Town have had their chains and locks cut by public safety officers. Additionally, numerous other bikes have been getting moved in preparation for bike room cleanups and “reorganization.”

Brian Moriarty, a rep for CWCapital, said this is “all part of a reorganization of the designated bike storage.”
Part of this reorganization means that once management is done working on bike/carriage rooms, residents will only be allowed to park their bikes in designated spaces to be established after they register their bikes with the public safety department.

Earlier this month, a couple of residents reported witnessing bikes being removed from outdoor spots on the ST-PCV Facebook page. Then on Monday, numerous other bikes were moved by a PCVST management vehicle into the basement between 435 and 445 East 14th Street, a resident passing by noticed.

Moriarty added that a notice has been issued to residents at 622/624 East 14th Street stating that cleaning and reorganizing of the bike room there will begin on August 2 and will likely conclude on August 15. In the meantime, bikes and other property in the space must be removed before the work starts or the items will be removed by security on August 2. The work includes plastering and painting, stripping and waxing the floors and repairing or replacing iron railings that store bikes or the installation of additional bike hooks as needed.

The notice also goes on to say that along with only being allowed to park registered bikes in designated spots, residents will also “not be permitted to chain bikes together; chain them to plumbing fixtures, electrical boxes, deluxe storage units, etc. Signage will indicate the designated areas to store bikes… Additionally, any unregistered bikes found stored in the bike areas will be removed.”

Though the notice did not mention whether or not bike storage would continue to be free, Moriarty indicated it would be.

“They would be able to store them under the same conditions that they were previously stored,” he said.

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