Letters to the Editor, Sept. 12

Gale Brewer for borough president

Gale Brewer is a unique politician. As a volunteer, I have seen firsthand how she connects with people by her caring and sincere disposition. Gale is the real deal and will make seniors, disabled, working families proud to call her president.

She has initiated and helped pass the paid sick leave law in the Council. I see Gale on TV and how hard she works for all New Yorkers.

Gale has campaigned often in Stuy Town, standing on street corners at the food market and grocery store. She has pledged to fight hard for Stuy Town and rent regulation to keep this community affordable.

Her most recent endorsements are NY Times, Mike McKee of TenantsPAC, Assemblymen Brian Kavanagh and Dick Gottfried, Gloria Steinem, Liz Holtz, many unions, Sierra Club and many, many others.

Stuy Town is lucky to have such a seasoned candidate — 40 years in government, 12 years in the City Council and a president to be for all Manhattanites.

Cissie Hawkes, ST

The man at my window

The following is an open letter to ST/PCV management from a resident.

Today, at approximately 11 a.m., my friend and I walked into the kitchen and were “greeted” by a man on a ladder outside the kitchen window, wearing a blue PCVST cap, peering through my kitchen window looking directly at us while pressuring cleaning the canopy. We were shocked and startled by this intrusion on my privacy, without any prior notice that this cleaning (and peering through our window) was to take place, which would have resulted in our dressing appropriately. Furthermore, this worker’s pressure cleaning the canopy resulted in my recently cleaned windows, costing $75 each, being spotted and streaked.

This continuous pattern of a lack of managerial oversight, judgment or regard for the well-being and privacy rights of tenants is grossly overwhelming. In this particular instance it was your responsibility to have informed tenants in a timely manner, who were to be effected by this pressure cleaning, the date and time this cleaning was to occur. The cleaning was not an emergency or a matter of merely extending a courtesy to tenants but a blatant disregard for tenants’ rights to privacy.

Due to the streaking and spotting of my kitchen window I expect that you either arrange for the cleaning of my kitchen window or reimburse me $75 that I paid to have it cleaned.

Joel Buccheim, ST

Thanks for reading

I would like to thank T&V reader Richard Luksin for the kind words he wrote about my column in his letter to the editor last week. I have had the honor and pleasure of writing “Getting Organized” for this newspaper for nearly seven years and it’s always gratifying to hear that readers are enjoying it. I hope that people will continue to find my columns, in the words of Mr. Luksin, “interesting and informative and yes, sometimes, useful”!


A.J. Miller, ST

2 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Sept. 12

  1. Mr. Buccheim, you should know by now that Compass Rock is a very unprofessional, inexperienced “management” company with a very dubious history when it comes to its financial shennanigans. Extortion and harassment are its trademarks and mode of operating. They have zero respect for tenants’ rights and privacy and will waltz into your apartment unannounced and their employees will steal anything that isn’t locked down. Tishman Speyer was just about as avaricious and unscrupulous as I thought a landlord could be, but Compass Rock makes them look like angels by comparison. The sooner we are rid of this scum, the better. I have to say, though, that you were indeed ripped off if you paid $75 per window cleaning. I know a very reliable and expert window cleaner who will do the whole apartment for about $75.

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