Letters to the Editor, Sept. 26

If it wasn’t broke…

The following is an open letter addressed to ST/PCV management regarding the renovation of the bike rooms.

I’m sorry but the bike storage changes in 250/240/405 are really unacceptable if you consider them finished, and now my three year old daughter has gotten hurt because we have two adult bikes standing in our living room, as we have had for more than a month longer than your posted notice suggested we should expect to.

You’ve replaced rails that allowed dozens and dozens of bicycles to be locked easily at the frame with one floor rack that has room for about seven bikes to be locked near the floor. These floor racks make it more difficult to lock any part of the bike, even just the wheel, to anything, and as you probably know, bikes locked at points other than on the frame are far easier to steal. This non-replacement of the decent, old, and capacious railings has carried on for more than two months since CW representative Brian Moriarty said that tenants “would be able to store them under the same conditions that they were previously stored.”

If you believe that the old rails allowed for problems to arise in how passable the open spaces of the bike rooms are, I would point out several things:

1. I didn’t ask, but I never saw any building staff having any problems passing through the open areas of the bike room even while carting large items.

2. It’s very obvious that replacement rails could be installed in such a way that even full of bikes they take up about half the space the old rails did.

3. Any difficulty at all in passing through the open areas of the bike room was created by two things:  First, the landlord’s own elimination of about 80 percent of floor capacity and about 50 percent of bike storage capacity several years ago when the private storage units were introduced, and second, the landlord’s indifference to how many bikes were stored. And of course now, that last problem is even less of an excuse, since you now require all bikes to be registered. I’ll note that trekking bikes to the Oval (during only certain limited hours) to be registered so that they’re allowed to be stored in the bike rooms is no small ordeal for anyone, much less for my family of four who owns four bicycles.

Please immediately re-install in our bike room rails that allow dozens more bikes to be easily locked by the frame.

Thank you,
David Dartley, ST

Local cyclists don’t care about laws

To the Editor,

It seems to me that bicycles in our area take it for granted that they do not have to obey any traffic laws. Whether on bike lanes or the street, a red line or a stop sign mean absolutely nothing to them. Nor do they hesitate to go the wrong way at full speed.  When asked about it, many get arrogant and fresh stating that they do not have to obey traffic laws at all and that pedestrians should pay more attention.

Why such a sense of entitlement and arrogance? Because they get away with it. The police are simply not enforcing traffic laws. Are they waiting for potentially serious accidents to happen?

E. Schwenger, ST

Daniel Squadron for public advocate

I am writing to my friends and neighbors to urge you to vote on Tuesday for my good friend, State Senator Daniel Squadron, who is running for the office of public advocate. This runoff election hasn’t gotten much attention, so it’s critical that everyone vote for Daniel. He is more than just one of the smartest, most competent and honest people in government, but he also has a vision to turn the office into a place that will actively help and advocate for us.

Having known Daniel for more than a decade, I have seen him in action. As State senator serving a large swath of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, he stood up for things that New Yorkers like us believe in, like improving access to housing, protecting victims of domestic violence and securing hundreds of millions of dollars to improve NYCHA.

But while Daniel has done so much for his constituents, he has also been working on issues that directly matter to us in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. He was instrumental in our fight over the J-51 mess that threatened our homes and would have sent our regulated rents sky high.

He worked closely with me as Community Board 6 chair on funding and creating more open space on the East River, and forced the MTA to increase service on the G, F and – most importantly for us – the L trains. He has worked with parents whose special needs children are being forced to ride buses for hours every day, creating emotional and health problems.

Daniel is a “stand up” guy, a thinker and a doer. He has been to our community even though it was not part of his district to hear what we have to say, and has reached out without being asked to see what he can do for us. And as public advocate he will continue to stand with us to protect our homes, improve our community and advocate for our needs.

That’s why I – along with so many of our elected officials – ask that you vote Daniel Squadron for public advocate on October 1.

Mark Thompson, ST

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  1. Why are people allowed to shill for their favorite political candidates here? Don’t we have enough campaign material shoved into our mailboxes and into our faces? It’s enough with their annoying phone calls and mail box stuffing. Leave it out of the Letters page please.

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