Phones, razor scooters snatched in Stuy Town

Razor scooter

Razor scooter

By Sabina Mollot

Stuyvesant Town has been hit by a thief (or thieves) swiping smartphones and possibly also razor scooters.

According to a father of a kid whose phone was stolen at Playground 9, the first known incident was on Saturday afternoon and he believes the culprits are nonresident youths possibly working as a team.

“They target youngsters who leave phones unattended and then steal razor scooters to make their getaway,” said the dad, who asked to remain anonymous.

The dad, whose son was victimized on Sunday afternoon, said when he approached public safety to file a report, a group of kids were also making a report about two other scooters being stolen that day.

The man’s son had put his phone down at the base of a flagpole and when he returned a few minutes later it was gone.

In another incident he heard about, an 11-year-old had his iPhone snatched from a basket in Playground 9 after he and a few friends were challenged to a basketball game by another group. After the game, the other team immediately took off.

In the Sunday incident, at around 4 p.m., one kid reported seeing the kid who took the phone from the flagpole on his blue razor scooter. The scooter’s owner confronted the kid using it, saying his name was on the underside of it. After seeing that, the alleged thief, who is described as black, around 14 years old and carrying a bulging black and red backpack, gave it back. About 20 minutes later, he was seen leaving the property on a different scooter.

The dad added he heard that one of the phones, which was being traced by its owner, ended up on Second Avenue and 29th Street.

A detective from the 13th Precinct told T&V on Monday the police had no reports of any phone or scooter thefts in Stuy Town. A spokesperson for CWCapital declined to comment.

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