Letters to the Editor, Nov. 27

Asser Levy Pl. closure causing traffic issues

The following is an open letter to Department of Transportation Margaret Forgione from Waterside Plaza Tenants Association President Janet Handal:

Hello Margaret,

We are delighted to see that ground has been broken on Asser Levy Park. However, the closing of Asser Levy has created a problem for eastbound traffic on 23rd Street, which needs to go uptown on First Avenue. A few years ago, a no left turn sign was posted at this intersection for eastbound traffic. To go uptown, people proceeded to Asser Levy, turned left and then left again on 25th Street and then right on First Avenue to proceed uptown. When I discussed this potential problem with Dan Garodnick when the park was being contemplated, I was assured that the traffic signage would be revisited. As 23rd is a major cross-town corridor, uptown access is needed at First Avenue. I checked yesterday and the no left sign is still up.

I also wanted to bring to your attention that the streetlights on the 42nd Street FDR off ramp are not working. There are also a number of streetlights on the FDR in the NYU Bellevue area, which are not working.

I look forward to your attention to this matter.

Waiting weeks for fire hydrant to be fixed

The following letter was dated Nov. 21, four weeks after the author penned a letter to the FDNY, alerting the department about a fire hydrant lying on its side, off its base, along the 14th Street Loop, close to 14th Street and Avenue A.

After reading my 10/24/13 report to Gerard Neville (director, Bureau of Communications, FDNY), it is totally unbelievable that as of this date no fire hydrant has been installed at this location!

Since a fire hydrant’s main function is to give the fire truck’s pumper its water supply to fight existing fires, at this location, which is heavily populated in Stuyvesant Town, no existing fires can be put out!

This is a most dangerous situation in which from 10/24/13 to 11/21/13, almost four weeks have gone past. Four weeks with no fire hydrant protection. The first standpipe system, an automatic sprinkler system cannot be pumped into by the city water supply to the FDNY truck pumper.

Hundreds of Stuyvesant Town citizens are at risk at this heavily populated location. Four weeks — no way!


Louis Buffalano, ST

Singing Lyric’s praises

Dear Town & Village,

I want to thank you for printing my letter to the editor bemoaning the loss of the Lyric Diner. I would like to think that letter, and others like it, contributed to restoring Lyric to its old location, with the same ambiance and menu as before. I eat there several times a week, and am grateful for any part your paper played in the restoration.

Bettijane Eisenpreis, Gramercy Park

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  1. Not sure when the letter was written about Asser Levy, but there is now a left turn arrow and lane to turn from 23rd onto 1st Ave. Has been there at least a week.

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