Letters to the Editor, Dec. 12

You’re not paranoid if someone is after you

This letter was originally published on the Town & Village Blog as a response to “The Soapbox” column by Richard Luksin, “My visit to Stuyvesant Town,” T&V, Dec. 5.

I have been critical of the many changes that have occurred since MetLife went from a mutual insurance company to a for-profit corporation. Then, CEO Robert Benmosche quickly converted ST/PCV into “high end” apartment complexes. The “greatest generation” is quickly being overrun by the “greedy generation” to match the now materialistic nation that has been wrought.

MetLife sold ST and PCV to Tishman Speyer for $5.4B. They defaulted and sold off to CWCapital. Many widows of the “greatest generation” in their 80s had been manipulated out of their 60-year-old apartments by devious and false allegations. Too scared (and old) to challenge — they moved out. So the very members of families who fought in World War II were usurped by the new generation who only fought for more money.

The Rent Stabilization Law (with significant input from monies given to the “pols”) allowed any vacated apartment to go into “free market” status. So, a $2,000 apartment (with minor additions and renovations) could now be rented for over $5,000.

Pity the poor landlord(s)! Each month and now online, management includes a “bonus” of $500 to anyone who recommends someone and they sign a lease. (The new tenant also gets $500.) What a scam. Luxury sans a doorman or large staff that few need. Get with it, guys! This means that there is a dearth of people seeking these neo-luxury suites.

Then there is the conundrum of global climate change… Sandy! Since we are near the East River, waters overflowed to First Avenue. As bizarre weather patterns evolve with speed, if ST/PCV may well end up (as Tony Soprano might have said) “sleeping with the fishes,” these two giant real estate properties will be worth zip! (Not to mention all of Manhattan — remember it’s an island!) And, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.

All of the changes here are designed for the always changing CEOs and shareholders to make more money. All are already wealthy, but want more and more A study was done which compared “happiness and fulfillment” between those New Yorkers who were making $150K and those “super wealthy.” And the results: once you made $150K there was no increment in having a good life.

The greedmongers of Wall Street, the banks, real estate, and… are just playing a game with our lives. It’s a sort of obsessional compulsive disorder (OCD) — except it is destroying our economy, country and people — into an Ayn Rand-ish hell!

I have lived here for 38 years and remember fondly and sadly (the late) General Manager Bill Potter who, when I had had a life threatening illness, said, “Don’t worry about the rent, until you get better.” Those were the good old days which are now gone. Now, methinks that the neo-management would want me to die so they could get more money for my apartment — seriously!

Thank you, Mr. Richard Luksin, for not forgetting!

David Chowes, PCV

Plenty of smiles to be had here

Dear Editor:

In response to the “The Soapbox” article, “My Visit to Stuyvesant Town,” (T&V, Dec. 5), while we do have our share of issues here in Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village in 2013, I do not think a lack of smiling is one them.

My toddler son and I spend countless hours each week at Playground 8 (the “choo choo” as he calls it), Playground 12 (the “clock”), and various other play areas on the premises. We love cooling off under the sprinklers in Playground 4 during the summer, running around the Oval in the spring and fall, and are looking forward to sledding on the 20th Street Loop during the winter. And we are not alone! There are dozens of smiling faces nearly every weeknight after school hours and every weekend.

A three-hour visit in the middle of a poor-weather day is really not enough of a visit to call today’s Stuyvesant Town “painful.”

I do agree with Mr. Luskin that, “I’d rather live in Stuyvesant Town than any place else.” If my son and the hundreds of other youths roaming the grounds are any indication, there will be much fun to be had for the next generation of Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village children.

Steven Newmark, ST

Positive things about ST not mentioned

Dear Editor,

I was very disappointed that a letter written by a non-resident was published in the Town & Village that described the residents as depressed. I think I understand where the writer is coming from. He no longer lives here and needs to justify himself in his move to Minneapolis.

I have been a resident here for the past 17 years and firmly believe that the residents here have more resolve than ever. We have had to overcome 911, Hurricane Sandy, MCIs and other challenging issues and yet we are upbeat.

We have more young families here than ever. We share a skating rink with our families. We have movies in the summer on the summer lawn and during the summer months we have farmers turn out the fruits of their labor

And yes, we are an oasis, but we have an understanding that sometimes the wrong people find us so we have an innovative and state of the art crime fighting monitors and security force. They don’t wait for the crime to occur, but act to prevent it from occurring, hence we have virtually no crime.

Life is good here. Sometimes, like everywhere else it’s challenging.

But to have a person state that it has changed and the residents are despondent, is to only justify the writer from leaving. So begone!

Vincent Rosiello, ST

2 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Dec. 12


    This very week, TIME magazine selected as their “Person of the Year.” Pope Francis. . . .

    It’s clear to me that the new Pope who actually follows the teachings of Christ would throw the real estate vultures, Wall Streeters, bankers and other greedy money changers — who consider themselves to be Christians (really, nominal, only), the heck out of the temple with all due speed!.

    Remember that there are far more of us than them. Write T&V, and, call and shout concerning the outrages which are going on at ST/PCV and the rest of the economy and nation!

  2. The “greedy money changers” of today are Christians and Jews, but none of them follows the basic tenets of their religions. They are just a bunch of heathens!

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