Letters to the Editor, Jan. 9

Political cartoon by Jim Meadows (jimtoon.com)

Political cartoon by Jim Meadows (jimtoon.com)

What are the policies for student apartments?

To the Editor,

I recently witnessed an early morning scuffle between a neighboring tenant and the Security personnel of PCVST over incessant noise issues driving her to lose sleep and becoming extremely  frustrated over the lack of response from management. The problem here was the upstairs “neighbor.”

But the root cause of the problem is the local universities, NYU and the New School to name a few, who have entered into an “arrangement” with PCVST management to house students in a traditional urban residential setting.

The dormitory atmosphere that has been created is not compatible with the notion of decent affordable housing for families and working New Yorkers.  It has eroded the original intent of the developments’ creation.

Those of us who remember dorm life recall it was a great time of discovery and freedom – responsibility only came after graduation when reality set in.

As tenants, we have a right to know what this arrangement with the schools consists of. First, is it legal under NYS laws, which protect these housing units? Are there rules for students in other dorms under their direction and what are they? Has PCVST management given leniency on noise and rowdiness issues due to a seeming endless lucrative arrangement with these schools? Are there separate rules for the students and non-student tenants? As tenants, what recourse do we have against the nuisance?

Perhaps the Tenants Association and our state legislators can get some answers for us so we can better understand what is being created here.

Charles Sturcken, ST

Outreach from a fellow Stuy Town expatriot

Dear T&V,

So I’m at home watching TV and I get a phone call from a man named James Connolly. He introduced himself and told me I don’t know him, but he lived in Stuyvesant Town until 1960 and still subscribes to T&V!

He said he loves reading my letters in T&V, especially the ones I write about ST. He still misses ST as much as I do, which shows how special ST is to some of us and was the greatest place to grow up.

He said he got my phone number from an interview with me you so graciously published in an issue much earlier last year (Mar. 28, 2013). He said that he’s meant to call me for quite some time. After reading my letter you published in “The Soapbox” of the Dec. 5, 2013 issue, “My visit to Stuyvesant Town,” he said, “Damn it, I’ve got to call him.” We hit it off immediately and reminisced about ST. It turned out that he lived in the building directly opposite mine. Small world.

So I want to thank T&V from the bottom of my heart for publishing my letters and for getting me a new friend. How wonderful.

Yes, Stuy Town has left an indelible impression on those of us who love it.


Richard Luksin,
Minneapolis, MN

Paying our dues

To the Editor,

Re: Letter, “What happened to conversion conversation?”, T&V, Jan. 2

Regarding “Name withheld, ST’s” last sentence “And why are we never told about board meetings and resolves?,” it also holds that in all the years the Tenants Association has been around, there has never been an accounting of the monies the members have paid.

Prior to moving into Peter Cooper, I was president of my tenants association. All meeting were open to the entire building with minutes being read by the secretary, and financial statements were presented by the treasurer.

It’s time for the TA to let us know where our monies have gone before asking for more.

Marcia Robinson, PCV

A global cooling effect?

I have written about the serious danger of the “global warming change.” And, now most of the continental U. S. is experiencing the lowest temperatures in decades. So, should I apologize and say that I was wrong?

It turns out that a more appropriate label for what’s been going on – now advancing for many years is “global climate change.”

This means that the overall warming of the planet will lead to aberrant and bizarre weather patterns.
Extreme precipitation, draught, more explosive storms, hotter and colder temperatures – and yes, meteorologists have posited that this visit of about – 30 degree weather is actually due to the global climate change!

And, don’t believe the “pols” who are paid by Big Energy who will say: “See, there’s no global warming.”

David Chowes, PCV

3 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Jan. 9

  1. Charles,

    I posted these comments recently at the TA FB page, hope they answer your question. And yes, as confirmed by Dan Garodnick as per my question at the TA FB page some time ago, NYU leased apartments are legal here under the current NYS RS law.

    “This has been said before but it bears repeating. The Leasing Office will take any student from any college as long as their parents guarantee the lease. So it’s not just NYU. Also, as reported in Charles Bagli’s “Other People’s Money”, page 218, TS directly leased 25 apartments for graduate students and facility and 80 apartments for undergraduate students to NYU. Whether these contracts are still valid with current management not sure, but I’ll bet that they still are active.”

    “the reason I posted my comment is that there are a lot of long term tenants here who mistakenly believe that all of the students here are in official NYU apartments. The vast majority of students here have their leases guaranteed and funded by their parents, they are not in the NYU leased apartments. Just look into the now shaded windows of the Leasing Office on any given day or check out the tour groups who view the model apartments located outside the Leasing Office at playground 7. Ever wonder why the grounds are meticulously maintained at that playground?”

  2. Why did you not call the police after 11 pm?
    Stuy Town Security has no authority over naything.
    The other alternative is too log so many complaints that the tenants lease os reviked.
    Take greater action.

  3. Re: “Global Cooing Effect” letter and other comments I have made in print and on this blog about “global climate change.”

    It appears in today’s New York Times. I would suggest that you read the cover and lead story in THE SCIENCE TIMES supplement, “The Flood Next Time” [by Justin Gillis, Thursday, January 14th I suggest that you read it especially if you are doubtful or cynical..

    Comments: dachowes@aol.com

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