Leasing office building renovation

Stuyvesant Town leasing office (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

Stuyvesant Town leasing office (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot

Along with the ongoing work to build a new management office and an office for the public safety department in Stuyvesant Town, another project is taking place at the building that’s home to the leasing office.

A resident at the building, 250 First Avenue, told Town & Village recently that he learned about a plan to extend the leasing office further into the building from onsite workers. However, the resident, who didn’t want his name printed, said he was less than thrilled about the work, because of all the noise from jackhammering and generators earlier in the month, which he called “deafening.” There were also vibrations in his apartment, he said, adding, “It’s seven hours a day they were jackhammering.”

He also noted that fliers placed in the building early in January alerting residents to the fact that the work would be taking longer than expected (past January 3) “due to unforeseen circumstances” didn’t mention what the project was.

It’s nothing to do with benefitting the general tenants. It’s being done to make more students move in,” he said.

When asked for details about the project, a rep for CWCapital wouldn’t divulge any, only saying that it would be completed by January 24. Fliers that were put up again more recently also noted the new completion date, while classifying the work as a renovation.

Meanwhile, since work began, the building was visited by an inspector from the Department of Environmental Protection. A spokesperson for the department confirmed to T&V that there was an inspection for asbestos. However, none was found.

The resident, however, said he observed that when an inspector came, workers were

Wokers put up a curtain to prevent dust from blowing around at the work site. (Photo by a resident)

Wokers put up a curtain to prevent dust from blowing around at the work site. (Photo by a resident)

made to put up a curtain after excessive amount of dirt from their workspace had managed to fly around the Terrace level and accumulate on floors, even getting into mailboxes. (He also snapped a couple of photos to prove the point.) Still, the rep for the DEP, Mercedes Padilla, told T&V there was no record of an official complaint about dirt. She also said all CWCapital’s necessary work permits were in place.

The construction in that building is a stone’s throw away from Playground 8, which is being upgraded as part of the work on the new management office. The area, including a walkway, around 274 First Avenue on the First Avenue Loop, is currently walled off. Last summer, CW said in an announcement that the new management office would be completed in April. However, there were no updates given on the date a meeting held last October about the project for tenants living in nearby buildings.

A spokesperson for the Department of Buildings did not respond to requests about the leasing office project.


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  1. My family lives directly above the construction zone for the new Public Safety/Security offices. We have been totally disrupted since November 21st (including early hours, late hours, some Saturdays, and the MLK Holiday). Our initial flyer(still posted on the Terrace level) indicated “Throughout this work you may experience periodic noise and vibration between the hours of 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM”, and that “No work will be performed on the weekends or holidays”. We have tried reaching out to management regarding this 2 month plus “upheaval”, but with no response or any accommodation for this situation as of today. We understand the need for this construction, but you would think that there would be something CW Capital could due to help alleviate our suffering. Our daughter is chronically Ill and has to be home-schooled. She and her teacher have to fight through every day in order to try and accomplish their studies. We can barely even speak to anyone on the phone, much less concentrate on any work during these hours. Please let us know what you think.

  2. Aren’t we lucky that our gallant Councilman, Wonderful Dan, is carefully monitoring all this construction and the affect it’s having on tenants’ lives! Aren’t we lucky that Wonderful Dan has been appointed to be on the committee overseeing zoning and franchises! NOT!!!! I hope he never runs for another office. I wouldn’t vote for him if he were running for dog catcher after seeing how totally useless and uncaring he is about what is happening here right under his nose.

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