Letters to the editor, Feb. 6

CW: look into heating issues

The following is a letter that City Councilmember Dan Garodnick’s office sent on January 23 to CW Capital Vice President Andrew MacArthur concerning the recent heat complaints in Stuy Town and Peter Cooper. His office has not received a response to the letter.

Dear Mr. MacArthur:

I write to you to alert you to the significant number of complaints my office has received this winter regarding heat in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. The new automated system for a time reduced the number of complaints that my office received, but this year appears to be leaving more residents in that cold than usual.

As you know, New York City requires residential building owners to hear tenants’ apartments at a minimum of 68 degrees Fahrenheit between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. when outdoor temperatures fall below 55 degrees. Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., building owners are required to maintain an indoor temperature of 55 degrees when outdoor temperatures fall below 40 degrees. While I understand that your engineers likely program the temperatures to be higher than the bare minimum, the complaints this year have gone up considerably and it deserves your attention.

Please investigate any changes that have been made this year compared to years previous in order to identify what may be causing this problem. I would appreciate learning the results of your inquiry.

Above all, I ask that you please urgently take all necessary steps to ensure that apartments are getting the proper level of hear. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


City Councilmember Daniel R. Garodnick

Do your part: report your STPCV heat problems

Congratulations to T&V for exposing what has been an awful heat situation in Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town.

I would like to encourage everyone to call the city at 311, elected representatives and management daily if you are unhappy with the level of heat you are receiving and CompassRock’s performance as manager.

If you call the city at 311, you can remain anonymous or give your name and it just takes a few minutes. The comfort level in your apartment will sink to as low a level as you allow it. Please help your fellow tenants.

Name withheld
Peter Cooper Village

A majority Jewish state necessary for Israel

Re: Letter to the editor to T&V by John Giannone “Thoughtless foreign policy will lead to war.” (Jan. 30)

Your response is far too simple to a complex problem.

Firstly, let me praise Mr. Giannone for his articulate comments and the fact that the writer signed his name rather than using the all to frequent “Name Withheld.”

Any survey and course in sociology will cover the “in-group/out-group” problem. It states that in most nations and cultures, there exist groups that either consider themselves superior or threatened by other(s) and groups which become despised, preyed on via discrimination, violence or even murder.

I am considered by others and myself as being Jewish. I am a secular Jew and I was never Bar Mitzvahed. The only time I attend temple is when someone is married or goes through the rite of passage at age 13.

But anti-Semites don’t care about my definitions. According to them, I am just a Jew!

Anti-Semitism, in all its manifestations, is about two millennia old. First, it began due to the allegation that they were guilty of Deicide — forgetting that Jesus was a Jew. Then all of Europe concurred except for some intellectuals and a few others.

Zionism (a homeland for Jews) became the answer to 2,000 years of barbarity that had been visited upon them. So in post-war 1948, the U. N. recognized the State of Israel.

Yes, as all nations, Israel has committed certain actions that are wrong, e.g., the eviction of some Arabs from their homeland and certain more recent events that have not only been harmful to Palestinians but self-defeating as well. But, here in the U.S. (the land of American Exceptionalism)…

I could mention any number of despicable actions by our country: our usurping of Mexican land via the Mexican-American War, our useless entry into WWI, the assassination of President Lumumba in the Congo, the murder of the democratically-elected president of Iran to be replaced by the Shah for oil, the murder of President Allende in Chile to be replaces by the Fascist General Pinochet; I could continue.

Then there is your query about Israel having nuclear weapons. Israel is quite similar to the way Europe and our nation are. They are as a Western-style democracy. Unfortunately, the Muslim Middle East nations are (in part) governed by dictators as in the 14th century and this is a huge difference vis-à-vis who should be prohibited from having these weapons.

Israel needs to be a majority Jewish state for the reasons I cited in the beginning of this essay.

Now, my final point: why are nations so immoral? They all consist of people from the U.S. to Israel to the continent of Africa. It’s really “the people problem”. Or, call it the nature of the human condition.

And, as far as any ideas for war, diplomacy first! And send the chicken hawks first.

Any comments would be welcome at dachowes@aol.com.

David Chowes, PCV

One thought on “Letters to the editor, Feb. 6


    In the 60’s when I was an undergraduate, I was against Zionism. I naively reasoned that all people should live together. However in 1968 I visited my aunt and uncle in Israel. Then, my uncle who was originally from Poland (my then late father’s sister who had married my father’s sister) informed me that he was the only person in his entire family who had survived the Holocaust because he moved to Israel prior to the Nazi takeover of Germany and most of Europe. I met a wide range of persons during that year, and,so many had numbers on their arms.

    When I returned to the U. S. I read everything I could get my hands on concerning this tragic event and understood the imperative need for a Jewish State. And, it is clear to me from sociology and psychology research that the longer an animus exists against any group by another, the greater the probability that it will continue.

    Of course, there have been many such holocausts — including Turkey killing millions of Armenians during the early 20th Century.) Now the term “ethnic-cleansing” is frequently used as a euphemism.

    Why does such brutality exist in the world? There is a darkness which still consumes the Earth and its peoples. Christianity refers to it as “original sin.” Secularists see “original sin” as a metaphor. When will this ever end? — When will this never end?

    When will the light liberates humanity from the darkness? I can’t answer this question — but I am not optimistic.

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