Letters to the editor, Feb. 20

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Plight of the working middle class is ignored

To the editor:

With reference to the letter to the editors, by “Name Withheld” regarding the DHCR response on MCI orders and the letter from the elected officials (T&V, Feb. 13): I entirely agree with the comments of the writer.

It should be obvious to everyone that, except for very rare exceptions, these politicians are just another set of scammers who come with all sorts of high flying promises and offers to work towards improving the quality of life of the voters; but after they are elected, these promises and offers are conveniently shelved and forgotten, as they get on the bandwagon and work towards ensuring their survival and patronage by the political establishment.

For example, during the last election, the promises made by Messrs. Garodnick and Kavanagh: to work towards eliminating the MCI law that forces tenants to pay for major capital improvements, which raise the value of buildings for landlords, and thus increase their wealth.

New York is the only city that allows landlords to pass the cost of repairs and renovations onto the tenants. Capital improvements, as I mentioned above, increase the landlords’ wealth; they do not increase, or provide very little increase, in the rental value received by the tenants. Tenants do not share in the profit increases, or wealth gains, enjoyed by the landlords from capital improvements.

Thus, our elected officials should be doing their best and trying hard to work towards eliminating this law that benefits landlords but penalizes tenants, who are already under major economic stress in trying to exist with limited means in this city.

My fervent suggestion to all tenants reading this letter is to write and communicate with our new mayor, Mr. De Blasio, and the new City Council — both of whom appear to be more in tune with the plight of the working middle class than their predecessors.

It is imperative that we make our voices heard and that we provide the mayor with evidence so that he knows the majority of New York citizens are desperate for relief and support in trying to live decently in this city we all love.

Al Salame, ST

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