Letters to the editor, Feb. 27

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Shivering tenants getting cold shoulder

In last week’s “Letters to the editor,” there was a letter describing and highlighting the lack of heat in so many of the Peter Cooper/Stuyvesant apartments.

I write this in my cold den with the heater blasting away. We all agree that we have had unusually cold weather. In that spirit, why is it that CW continues to keep heat out of our apartments during the day? With this inclement weather, many elderly and even young families with babies are homebound. This is something that should be considered.

My friends and I have called 311 and the two Project Managers, whose numbers have been given to the service department and us. There is never a reply from the CW executives, even though our telephone numbers are included in the message on their tapes. 311 has responded, but it does not seem to matter. When calling the service department, we are told, “I will make out a work order.” It seems their pad of work orders must have had to be reprinted since so many of them have been made out, but it never seems to make a difference.

I have been living in Peter Cooper for over 65 years. Sure, I have had situations regarding heat during those times, but this year takes the cake. Something must be done and should be done to require heat in our apartments.

Name withheld, PCV

Sneak inspectaions in Stuy Town?

This letter was originally posted as a comment on the STPCV Tenants Association page.

I just wanted to alert everyone to the newest indignity: sneak inspections!

We had scheduled a service call for today. The plumber showed up at the appointed time and snaked out our bathtub drain, as requested. But on his way out of the apartment, instead of leaving, he opened each bedroom door as he passed by (both doors were closed) and looked inside. My daughter happened to be in her room, and she was frightened when the workman pushed open her door without knocking. He asked her if she had an air conditioner in there.

By this time, my husband noticed that the workman had a clipboard and was taking note of things in the apartment. He asked my husband if we had a dishwasher, what kind of countertop we had, etc. When my husband objected to the questions, the worker apologized but said that management was forcing him to do it. He showed my husband sheets of paper from other apartments he had “inspected” so far that day.

I feel this is extremely creepy and an invasion of privacy. We alerted the Tenants Association and Dan Garodnick’s office. Has this happened to anyone else?

Name Withheld, ST

Leprechaun laundry just in time for St Paddy’s

FoldingTableThe refurbished, reconfigured laundry room finally opened on Feb. 18 in 420 East 23rd St. The good news: a new ventilation window lets in air from the hallway. Also, the washers are raised so the carts nearly fit under the doors.

The bad news: There are still only five washers; other buildings have six. Couldn’t someone have figured out how to fit in another one? Washer #1 was not functioning. Another washer stopped midcycle, holding the laundry hostage. One washer leaked.

The dryers: CWCapital continues to force us to pay for drying time we may not want (is there an MCI for that? Just joking). Why does Andrew MacArthur think we need to spend $1.50 every time? Why can’t we pay in increments? The new lint filters may be easier to clean (if people bother to do so), but those for the lower dryers are only inches off the floor. One dryer was already being repaired.

Why only four carts? Clearly, CW has no idea how much laundry has to be removed from machines because people don’t bother to retrieve it in a timely manner.

What’s with the large, unlit nook? Why can’t that space be utilized?

A waste bin for disposing of trash, softener sheets or dryer lint didn’t appear until the next day. It’s smaller and narrower.

The new porter’s toilet is very nice.

There’s a new machine for putting money on the laundry cards. I hope it dispenses receipts because the last one didn’t.

But saving the worst for last: the folding table, or should I say, postage-stamp peninsula (one short side abuts the wall). It measures 2’ x 3’. It might work for leprechauns, if leprechauns could reach it. It’s too small to fold on, and you have to hope that you don’t knock your clean laundry onto the floor. You won’t be able to put your folded laundry into a separate cart because there aren’t enough carts (and some people take them up to their apartments). At one time we had two folding tables.

Name withheld, PCV

13 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Feb. 27

  1. That large, unlit nook in your laundry room is no doubt where they will install a snack vending machine. It would not occur to the Stasi running this place to put in a large-capacity washer in that space. Their “brains” don’t work that way.

      • Somebody is getting a nice kickback for keeping that horrible vendor and the totally inferior equipment they provide. They should be out of business considering how lousy they are.

  2. The lack of heat during this very cold winter has been, and continues to be, absolutely appalling. It seems that CW is barely one notch up from a slumlord. Without space heaters, my apartment would be cold enough to hang meat.

    I may sound very cynical, but I can’t help but wonder if this is part of the strategy to constantly churn apartments as well as get rid of the older, long-term tenants who pay a lower rent. Elderly people are more susceptible to low temperatures (as are very young children and sick people) and this landlord doesn’t seem to care about the misery caused by withholding heat. They also seem to have no qualms about the fire hazards posed by people (especially the elderly) having to use space heaters. If any tenants die from illness caused by the lack of heat or if there is a deadly fire, it will be totally on the heads of the evil people who are running this place, and I don’t use the word “evil” lightly. They really are evil.

  3. Re: Comments about ‘shivering tenants’ and laundry room complaints

    Of course, both PCV/ST now have a dichotomous group of tenants: the rent stabilized and the people who have rented the new faux luxury apartments. The latter pay about three times the amount of rent as the former. Ergo, they are far wealthier. And there is a correlation between wealth and intelligence.

    Therefore, management can assume that the growing number of richer renters — being on average with greater IQ’s will be able to navigate to compensate for any lessening heat and challenges in the laundry rooms.

    More revenues for CWCapital (or the present owners of ST/PCV du jour) and that’s good. As far as the poor cousins still amongst us who still remain here… Well, what the heck! Their rents are below market value — so they have no reason to complain.

    And, as the owners of these two developments obtain greater profits, it will trickle down to the poorer and government-dependent here and in the entire nation.

    And, that’s good as well.

  4. Re: Question posed by “anon” at 9:15PM:

    To clarify your comment, my post was satiric. I would suggest that you view the Colbert Report, weeknights at 11:30 on Comedy Central. What he is doing is saying the absurd as a parody of views he finds idiotic. So, when Jonathan Swift wrote “My Modest Proposal” and commented on the lack of potatoes, his essay was an really a criticism cloaked in satire. OK?

  5. It’s 9:30 pm and 19 degrees outside and already these jerks have turned the heat off. I think there should be a criminal investigation as to how they run this project and abuse the tenants.

    It’s going to be a 311 night tonight.

    • Well, “Anon,” at 5AM it was 10 degrees. And, I was trying to sleep with the aid of pajamas, my pants, a sweater, my bathrobe, a comforter and two blankets.

      This conversion to luxury apartment seems to have run off the tracks!

      • It’s in those early hours that the cold particularly bites. All this “luxury” is killing me, but I think that is exactly what CW wants.

        The continued withholding of heat is a major “flip of the bird” to tenants and to Councilman Garodnick, who wrote a letter (published in this newspaper), to His Satanic Darkness Andrew MacArthur addressing the lack of heat issue.

        I hope we can be rid of this evil presence soon.

  6. One thing you can say about CW is that when they set out to screw things up, they don’t rush into it. They take their time and do it properly.

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