Letters to the Editor, Mar. 13

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

All this and a price increase

Furthering the “Name Withheld, PCV” letter (“Airing out the dirty laundry room”, T&V, Mar. 6), let me just add to it.

First, it would have been nice if management had left each apartment a notice that our laundry room was available instead of scotch taping a notification in the elevators and on the main floor at the elevators.

Second, it would have also been nice if they had let us know that the prices had gone up ridiculously. I’m sure they got enough money from FEMA and their insurance companies to cover the machines so an increase, I believe, was not necessary. How about the timing of machines, or are you supposed to guess how long it takes to do a wash? It was bad enough when they got the temporary machines and left it to whoever did the wash, to guess how to use them.

Third, the layout is a ludicrous! The folding tables won’t cover anything as a large bath towel or twin sheet, never mind other items one washes such as queen size sheets. The folding table should have been put on the wall just to the left when you get into the washing machine area.

The site is large enough to accommodate a big, long table.

Fourth, what gives with the sink? It’s about the height of a child. What is this for? I won’t go into what it reminds me of.

Lastly, as to the chairs, why would anyone want to sit so far away from the machines that they would have to get up to see if the washer and/or dryer is done — or is that the reason for the TV? And what’s with the two locked doors?

I guess asking the people who use the machines, what makes sense, is beyond management’s reasoning.

Marcia Robinson, PCV

Ave. A station entrance a smart investment

To the T&V Editor:

I read T&V’s article about Senator Hoylman’s “reaching out” to Gary Barnett, president of Extell, about an Avenue A station but, more important, was my notice of its byline writer: Welcome back, Sabina Mollot and best congratulations on the arrival of your new daughter!

Yet, not surprisingly, I write because I don’t grasp Senator Hoylman’s strategy to get the station built. My professional experience suggests that the way to win a guy like Mr. Barnett over is to explain to him why it is to his advantage to build a subway station as part of his construction.

For example, the senator’s office can start by estimating the increase in daily foot traffic from the Avenue A station down 14th Street to Avenue C as a barometer for potential commercial tenants.
Congratulations again, Sabina. May Lilith use that station some day soon.

Billy Sternberg, ST

The benefits of smoking

Dear T&V,

I read Steven Sanders’ two toxic editorial rants about the evils of smoking cigarettes. But he didn’t mention any of the health benefits of smoking.

Here’s two. First, although the medical community doesn’t like to acknowledge it, in tests over the last 70 years, it has been proven many times that smoking prevents, or at least delays the onset of Alzheimer’s and, in those who already have it, it slows down its progress. How about that, sports fans?
Second, it relieves stress and stress is THE killer. No- thing weakens and compromises the immune system more than stress. Smoking cuts down on stress.

Maybe there’s more to smoking than what’s mentioned in Steven Sanders’ philosophy.

Richard Luksin,
Minneapolis, MN

3 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Mar. 13

  1. Mr. Luskin,

    If you smoke a whole bunch, you won’t have any stress at all….. you’ll be dead. Good luck with your crackpot theories, they’re as intelligent as the T&V editor who chose your letter to be published.

    • I can’t understand why such a crackpot letter is published here. I heard a long time ago that cigarette smoking prevents Parkinson’s Disease, but that was later disproved. As for smoking delaying the onset of Alzheimers, well, if it’s true, I don’t think Mr. Luskin has smoked enough.

  2. Re: laundry rooms. The layouts are all different. Mine has the telephone closet inside it!?!?!?! Adding a toilet that opens into the laundry room? Eew. Folding table in a corner with no light? Great planning. Instructions in Spanish? Really? Time to ditch that stereotype.

    Re: Gary Barnett. This is the same guy that recently had an op-ed published in the NY Times defending his big blue atrocity on West 57th Street. (When you’re spending so much money, why not hire an architect with talent?) I wonder what monstrosity he has in store for 14th Street, but since he’s been building for oligarchs, would he even be able to identify a subway station?

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