Letters to the editor, Mar. 20

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Could a building explosion happen here?

Dear T&V Editor,

Like everyone else in the city, my heart goes out to the victims and the families of the tragic gas related explosion that brought down two buildings in East Harlem. News reports indicate that there had been a number of gas leak reports prior to the date of the event. The reports of gas leaks were investigated and were deemed not to be of immediate concern.

This reminded me of my own personal situation. I have a stove that’s more than 50 years and periodically leaks gas.

Last year while I was away, there was gas odor in the corridor and it was traced to my apartment. Security entered my apartment and left a note on my table. The stove has been checked several times and declared to be not dangerous.

I wrote to the management office trying to arrange for a replacement stove and they did not respond, I am afraid whenever I have to strike a match to light the stove (the pilot lights don’t work most of the time). My biggest fear is to have an explosion similar to what happened in East Harlem can happen here.

William Alvarado, ST

Are we ready for the next Sandy?

Here at 8 Peter Cooper Road, Peter Cooper Village, renovation of our Sandy-devastated building is said to be nearing completion. A notice posted today in the elevator advised tenants that lower lobby access will be blocked through this Saturday to complete painting, floor sealing and tiling.

Question: Will our renovated building be truly watertight with all windows, doorways and foundation openings properly sealed to protect against the threat of potential damage from the next storm surge and flood? Ensuring that the buildings are, indeed, watertight would seem to be a practical and sensible final step to take for CW Capital/CompassRock to take. If there is another Sandy-like storm, and our community is flooded to the level of the lower-lobby ceiling, or even higher, if our buildings are not watertight, it will be deja-vu all over again.


Patrick Clark, PCV

Chilly response to heat complaints

So many residents have complained via T&V and its blog about the lack of heat during this past winter – including me.

Many people are presently living in the “luxury” apartment and paying about $5,000 each month for rent. And yet many who live in the slums of New York City have had sufficient warmth during the coldest weather that this city has experienced in many years.

Why? The only hypothesis I can discern is: the less oil used, well, the more profits for whomever is running these developments. (It seems to change each year.)

As the Swedish R&R group ABBA sang: “Money, money, money…!” I ask how much is enough? But, this is just an analogue for all that has happened since MetLife became a for profit corporation and then sold ST/PCV to Tishman… Then as they defaulted and sold it to… I can’t remember all of them.

The situation here is but a microcosm of what has happened to the entire economy and culture in this nation. As we have turned our religious heritage and morality into Unfetterdcapitalism and Greedism.

We are going into another Gilded Age, which of course has a limit, when folks will simply begin to say, “I’m not going to take it anymore!” For the answer is blowing in the wind.

David Chowes, PCV

Bargain shopping for meds

I’d regularly paid $4 for 30, 2mg tablets of the generic blood thinner Coumadin at a Walmart, but I couldn’t get to one in time to refill. I had my doctor sent my Rx to the local Walgreens. But when I was told that it cost $19.39 I asked — given Walgreen’s size — how it could cost virtually 500 times as at Walmart.

I walked to Kmart. They said that they “could give it to me for $5.”  And, had such a severe situation ever happened to make them look bad, they would likely offer a refund.  But Walgreen’s wouldn’t budge: “That’s our price.” So I’ll have my doctors transfer my prescriptions to Kmart.

But I went from Kmart to NYC pharmacy, asking how much it would cost for my “Coumadin.”  He shrugged his shoulders, saying, “$10. It’s common.” I mentioned Kmart. “I can’t compete with big boxes,” he said knowingly. “But,” he volunteered, “them guys at Walgreens, Duane Reade and CVS charge top list price.”

So when people, including my doctors, talk about the elderly choosing between medication and food, someone has to insure that they are paying the lowest possible prices for medications that aren’t fully covered. After all, my saving $15.39 at Walmart or Kmart for annual prescription refills is tantamount to my having cash for eight months of MCI payments.

Billy Sternberg, ST

3 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Mar. 20

  1. To Mr. Alvarado – If ST has refused to replace your stove (although they are under no obligation to provide a new one), continue to call EVERYTIME you have to light a match instead of the electronic ignition starting the stove. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) the will realize that you have a defective stove that they are obligated to replace. Stay safe

  2. @William Alvarado – That explosion has already happened, in 21 Stuy Oval about 10 years ago or so, a depressed tenant tried to commit suicide (unsuccessfully) and caused significant damage to their section of the building. Fortunately, it was proven by that blast that ST/PCV construction is amazingly sturdy.

  3. A pilot light that keeps going out is incredibly dangerous. One of my neighbors had that happen and because she has no sense of smell, she was overcome. Fortunately, she survived. The newer stoves (and it doesn’t have to be a brand new stove) have an electrical ignition and don’t use pilot lights the same way the old ones do. A breeze from the window can blow out a pilot light on one of those old clunkers. If management won’t give you a replacement stove, contact the FDNY and see if they will inspect your stove for safety. Why is it that this management won’t do the right thing, even if it involves tenant safety, until someone puts the proverbial gun to their head? They are so without heart or soul. Just money grubbers.

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