Letters to the Editor, Cartoon, March 27

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Thanks to those who helped save The Players

The Gramercy Park community is excited that The Players has finally decided to do the right thing to “Help Save The Players” by electing a highly qualified and dynamic new president, Arthur Makar, and putting a Strategic Turnaround Plan in place.

This is an important first step in the process of addressing the club’s debt, reforming its governance, and rebuilding its membership. For the first time in a very long time, we can be hopeful about the future of The Players.

In light of this, we’d like to acknowledge the efforts of those who “Helped Save The Players” by documenting and reporting the gross mismanagement and dire circumstances at the club, as it accrued $4 million in debt and was in “imminent danger of closing.”

Since a major focus of the GPBA’s mission is historic preservation, we could think of no more important challenge to undertake than to help save The Players. The club not only stands as a monument to theatre life in New York City, but is a cultural treasure of the American people. Its 1844 Greek Revival townhouse at 16 Gramercy Park South is a National Historic Landmark, and sits on one of the original lots laid out in the 1831 Samuel B. Ruggles Gramercy Park Trust. A statue of The Players’ founder Edwin Booth, sits in the center of Gramercy Park.

Because of our community’s passionate interest and concern for The Players’ survival here, we refused to be bystanders as the club’s facade and financial circumstances continued to deteriorate. We felt it was our obligation to work closely with the media to bring to light the alarming findings of The Players Financial Audit Committee’s (FAC) 18-page report, documenting its shocking mismanagement.

Our deepest gratitude goes to the FAC, spearheaded by Lee Pfeiffer and Lynne Lerner, for their relentless pursuit of the truth, despite many obstacles put in their path. The FAC’s dogged determination and countless hours of work led to their extensive report detailing the desperate circumstances at the club. It was their report, which was the catalyst for the turnaround of the club.

We also want to thank Town & Village Editor Sabina Mollot for her outstanding reporting of the mismanagement and dysfunction at The Players. Mollot, who is widely known for her excellent in-depth investigative journalism, was someone we counted on at every turn to bring to the public’s attention the sad state of affairs at The Players.

Without the determined efforts of the FAC, the media and The Gramercy Park Block Association in exposing the truth, we believe The Players had little chance of survival on Gramercy Park.

Arlene S. Harrison
President, The Gramercy Park Block Association
Trustee of
Gramercy Park

A hoarding problem perhaps?

From reading the recent T&V letters and comments sent to the T&V Blog… well, it seems to me that few trust our new landlord. They seem to want money galore… and, then more!

But perhaps they are suffering from a mental disorder.

TLC has programs about hoarding. The new DSM-5 published recently by the American Psychiatric Association now lists hoarding as a mental disorder. TLC’s demo is stupid. But you guys are well-educated and intelligent. Some hoard and collect worthless garbage – you hoard capital and money. Why? Is there really a difference? You don’t need any more!

Let’s assume that the person who runs CWCapital is in the “one percent,” a fair assumption methinks. Today the average age of mortality is 78 for males and 81 for females. Guys: how much money do you have and what is your life expectancy?

As you keep our residents cold to save money… and, worse use many devious methods which erode trust… Just one question: What do you need more wealth for?

David Chowes, PCV

Three was a crowd in speaker race

Dear Editor,

What happened to City Council Member Dan Garodnick in January was shameful. The old adage that one should mind his own business applies here in spades.

Who knows whether Garodnick would have become City Council speaker in a fair election, but a fair election did not take place because of the mayor’s intervention.

We pride ourselves in knowing that our governments have three separate branches. Apparently our mayor [the executive branch] must have failed that course in high school since he injected himself into the competition for City Council speaker [the legislative branch].

Name withheld, ST

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