Letters to the editor, May 22

Time to stop making excuses on housing laws

The issues surrounding affordable middle incoming housing in New York City are complex and depressing at best. In past years leaders like Senator Roy Goodman, Councilman Andrew Eristoff and Assemblyman Steven Sanders worked tirelessly to keep PCV/ST a float for thousands of families. These Republicans and Democrats together saw the value in preserving this unique community.

Now after the sale by Met Life and the events surrounding it, it has become a circus of lawyers, politicians and greedy real estate moguls who cannot agree and have no vested interest or vision in preserving the community and its original purpose.

Politicians and the like continue to make excuses such as no movement in Albany on campaign finance reform, ineffectual rent laws and chronic Republican-bashing.

If State Senator Hoylman had stayed after his talk at the tenants meeting on Saturday, May 10, he might have heard questions from the floor by people who are directly affected by this housing crisis and shared his ideas about what he might actually do to support the efforts to preserve the PCV/ST community, instead of passing the buck and again blaming it all on the Republicans’ eternal blockage in the state housing committee.

Are we really so strapped politically? If this issue of affordable middle class housing is really a priority, you can’t just give it lip service. The most movement in this whole situation, quite frankly, has been the persistent hard work of the ST-PCV Tenants Association.

Frank J. Scala, ST
Albano Republican Club

This dog’s reputation is the pits

It always saddens me when I hear someone speak with fear or disdain about pit bulls.

I’d like to share my own experience of falling in love with these wonderful dogs.

I volunteer at a local shelter and did so for four years before I started working with the dogs because I was afraid of pit bulls. Then one day when I’d arrived at the shelter very early and was waiting to start my volunteer duties, a pit bull came running out from the kennel area right toward me since I was the only one around. After a brief moment of dismay I saw how sweet and friendly she was, with a huge smile, so pleased with herself that she’d gotten loose.  I was totally charmed, my heart melted and I realized I needed to rethink my position.

Unfortunately, as is true for most people, my fear was based on what I’d heard and read in the media and not on any personal experience.

Now pit bulls are my favorite dogs, smart and sweet, a joy to be with.

If you’re interested in learning about pit bulls, of separating the facts from the fiction, a good place to start is to search “pit bulls” at aspca.org. I hope it will change at least a few minds.

Susan Huegel, PCV

Going out on a limb

Re: Letter, T&V, May 1, “Please, kind landscaper, spare these tree branches,”

Mr. Giannone, they are land scalpers, not scapers.

Frances Clarke, ST

Time for action on climate change

Global climate change: This has been spoken about for many years as occurring in the future. Two reports were issued earlier this month in which a consensus of climatologist now believe that the future is now – as the speed of climate change has accelerated from past predictions. When should we attempt to stop this human life and planet destruction? About two decades ago.

Food for thought: as “pols” backed by fossil fuel producers (e.g., the billionaire Koch brothers) continue to deny the nexus of climate change to increased carbon in the atmosphere causing the warming of our planet.

It may not impact you… but how about your kids and grand kids? Yes, it may be far too late… but even physicians treat the moribund with a modicum hope.

David Chowes, PCV

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