UPS says delivery policy never changed

Packages recently piled up in the lobby of Council  Member Dan Garodnick’s building in Peter Cooper Village. (Photo by Dan Garodnick)

Packages recently piled up in the lobby of Council Member Dan Garodnick’s building in Peter Cooper Village. (Photo by Dan Garodnick)

By Sabina Mollot
Back in April, CompassRock alerted residents to a change in policy in which UPS would no longer be leaving packages for residents outside their doors without their signatures. Instead, residents were advised they could get a membership to Oval Concierge, which would accept packages on their behalf. One month of complimentary service was offered in the emailed alert to residents “while you sort out your plans to get deliveries safely home.”
However, this week, UPS said that it never changed its policy and that packages could still be left outside doors. Council Member Dan Garodnick was made aware of this in a letter from UPS’s Vice President of State Government Affairs Mark Giuffre, after contacting the company. Garodnick also said he’s since alerted Oval Concierge to the error.
When asked about the alert, a spokesperson for UPS, Dan McMackin, told T&V, “We’re confused. We have no idea what they’re talking about.”
He added that there are buildings where owners handle packages for tenants and in those buildings, tenants are notified by UPS that the owner has them. However, said McMackin, there’s no such agreement at ST/PCV.
In response to a call from T&V, a spokesperson for CWCapital, Brian Moriarty, said the reason the alert went out is because UPS drivers were the ones to make a call as to whether or not to leave packages in buildings. Apparently they can decline to do so in the event of package thefts being reported at a particular building.
“We were just told by the customer service rep it is the driver’s discretion whether or not to leave a package when three or more packages have gone missing from a particular location,” Moriarty. “I don’t know that the flag on certain PCVST building would necessarily be communicated to the national (UPS) office.”
Meanwhile, Garodnick said he’s also followed up on another issue relating to packages left in buildings. In recent months, residents have been complaining that a third party delivery company for Amazon has been leaving packages unattended in building lobbies.
Recently, when spotting a deliveryman doing just this in his own building, Garodnick said he asked why the packages were being left there. The response: “He said, ‘Well most people aren’t home,’” said Garodnick. “So I’ve raised the issue with Amazon and they’re looking into the issue. I am trying to get us back into a place where people can expect to see packages in front of their doors without having to rely on Oval Concierge service.”
The third party delivery company, which apparently works for various dot coms, is called Special Logistics. They did not return a call by T&V’s press time.
McMackin said UPS would be looking into the matter of any packages left in lobbies. “Packages should not be showing up in lobbies,” he said.

5 thoughts on “UPS says delivery policy never changed

  1. I think our city councilman just got a taste of what the rest of the community has experienced for sometime. Maybe now packages will be delivered to our doors, the way they use to.

    As far as amazon arrangement, my suggestion is to avoid doing business with any company who charges for delivery through a third party.

    • Dear Mr. Oddo,
      Your bias is showing. I doubt Dan just got a taste (you really think this situation hasn’t been in his building too all along?). It’s just that T&V is now reporting on this situation, and he submitted a picture.

      I’ve questioned the Amazon delivery guy in my building, and he said he was supposed to leave packages in the lobby.

  2. UPS and FedEx are fine, the problem is that and other online retailers are sending more packages through LaserShip and other cheaper shipping companies. They are hiring cheaper labor who do not want to deliver to the doors, either because they are told not to do so or have an incentive to deliver as many packages as quickly as possible.

    These companies don’t even own their own trucks, they rent a big truck from Budget, load it up with packages, then hire a dozen guys off the street to deliver them by any means looks like Amazon is trying to cut costs since so many people have Amazon Prime and get free shipping, but this is backfiring big time and we are already limiting our online purchases due to so many problems.

    These cheaper delivery companies are dumping loads of packages in lobbies, sometimes late at night. In some buildings they are insisting the customer come down to the lobby to pick up a package. We are now shopping for more items in real stores instead of online because we have had too many problems with package delivery.

    The Postal Service is also taking more volume from Amazon and their tracking system is nonexistent. We have had several packages arrive a week later than promised. When we call the Post Office they always say they left a slip and attempted a delivery but never did. They just put fake delivery in the system so they can blame the customer and so that Amazon thinks the packages are being delivered when they are not. And the USPS can’t even find the packages they say they tried to deliver.

    So many people are ordering online that the delivery system is a mess. So it’s back to the store if you need to have something right away. Who knew that the ease and convenience of ordering online would one day lead to its demise?

    • Boycott Amazon and pay the extra few bucks to get the stuff delivered by UPS or FedEx.

  3. I have experienced issues with UPS recently not delivering a package without a signature, even when I signed the slip stating that it was ok to leave it at the door or with my neighbor. I have done this for 20 years and have not lost a package yet. I called UPS 4 times trying to resolve the issue and get them to deliver my package. They informed me that my building was deemed “easy access” and it was at the discretion of the driver whether to leave it. The driver refused to leave it and my package was ultimately returned to the merchant by UPS at their expense!

    Irionically, less than a week later, I started seeing packages left in my lobby unattended. I imagine other people have experienced the UPS ridiculousness too, hence CW’s generous offer to charge for package delivery.

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