Truck flips on its side in Stuyvesant Town (UPDATED)

A truck fell on its side on a Stuyvesant Town construction site.

A truck fell on its side on a Stuyvesant Town construction site.

At around 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, a truck at the construction site for the new management office flipped on one side. A resident who passed by said he heard the ground underneath wasn’t strong enough and that’s what caused it to tip. The resident (pictured), who didn’t want his name used, also said no one was hurt.
However, Brian Moriarty, a spokesperson for CWCapital, later said it was actually an imbalanced load that caused the truck to tip over.
“Earlier today, a ‘boom truck’ moving equipment into the construction area tipped over due to a misbalanced load,” he said. “There were no injuries, notable damage to the property or structural damage. All construction activities are continuing as scheduled. Before this truck’s boom was extended, construction personnel had cordoned off the surrounding area as a safety precaution.”
Another resident who passed through on Tuesday evening told T&V that there wasn’t pavement damage at the spot where the truck tipped over.

June5 Truck flipped residentNote: This post was updated to reflect information from CWCapital and a second passerby.


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