‘Roberts’ payments should be sent out next week

Alex Schmidt

Alex Schmidt

In mid-May, Town & Village reported how “Roberts v. Tishman Speyer ” tenants would soon see their payments, specifically by the end of May, according to tenants’ attorney Alex Schmidt.

However, on May 30, Schmidt told T&V he had not yet gone to court to attempt to get the damages distributed, but attorneys would be going to court on Monday, June 2.

On Wednesday, June 4, he said a court order had been signed at around 3 p.m. that day to authorize the payments and checks should be going out next Thursday.



One thought on “‘Roberts’ payments should be sent out next week

  1. Mid-June I finally receive my “check” (the check I’ve been hearing about for over a year and the website said will be $8,000) and there is NO check. A long letters says I’m owed $75 but as I owe over $1000 in back MCI charges, the letter says (which I had never been invoiced for when I lived in the building–I moved–not to mention that there were no major capital improvements on the apartment I rented) so there would be no check for me! Can someone explain what happened. I have just been majorly ******!.

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