Letters to the Editor, June 5

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Blame Albany for tenant bills going nowhere

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Albano Republican Club President Frank Scala’s Letter to the Editor (5/22/14) inferring that elected Republican officials haven’t caused the continuing stagnation of pro-tenant legislation in Albany.

Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village’s state representatives, Senator Brad Hoylman and Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh, are vigorous proponents of MCI reform, repealing vacancy decontrol, restoring home rule to New York City, comprehensive campaign finance reform and the rest of the Real Rent Reform Campaign agenda.

In fact, on May 13, the Assembly once again passed a series of bills that will strengthen rent regulations and increase New Yorkers’ access to affordable housing. Senator Hoylman and the vast majority of his Democratic colleagues co-sponsor these bills but unless they are allowed to come to the floor for a vote by Republicans in the Senate Majority Coalition, they will again die as one-house bills.

As Senator Hoylman said at the May 10th ST-PCV Tenants Association meeting, for our own future, we need to participate in electing pro-tenant candidates from across New York State. He didn’t specify that those candidates be Democrats, but the parties’ records speak for themselves.

Senator Hoylman and Assemblyman Kavanagh continue to work on behalf of the interests of ST/PCV as well as tenants across New York City and New York State, regardless of their political beliefs or party registration.


Mark Thompson, ST
President, Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club

Angry about MCIs? Speak up at RGB hearing

To Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village tenants that are upset over their five MCIs by CWCapital,

Please testify your distain at the Rent Guidelines Board hearing on Monday, June 16 at Immigrant Savings Bank, 49 Chambers Street from 2 o’clock to 4 o’clock. The phone number to register is (212) 385-2934.

Join your fellow tenants who want a rent freeze because of the recent five MCIs (the most of any building in the city) and last year’s near 8 percent increase by the RGB.

Tenants deserve a break this year for all the years of landlord-friendly increases.

C. Smith, ST

Calling on pols to show up to TA rally

Next Friday, all of the elected officials who repeatedly ask for the support of the ST-PCV electorate, and have received it, have an opportunity to stand with tenants to draw a line in the sand for affordable housing in this city. Residents will gather in solidarity in what might be the final hours to save our community.

I will ask for a roll call on the steps of City Hall:

Charles Schumer
Kirsten Gillibrand
Carolyn Maloney
Andrew Cuomo
Eric Schneiderman
Thomas DiNapoli
Scott Stringer
Brad Hoylman
Brian Kavanaugh
Gale Brewer
Dan Garodnick

Tenants expect to see each of these public officials, in person – no reps as stand-ins. No “urgent business” meetings, and no “important upcoming votes” to keep them away. Our residents have been there when you called and now you all need to stand up – loud and clear.

Charles G. Sturcken, ST

Remembering another Gashouse Gang

Re: “Gashouse Gang honors ST with name,” T&V, May 29

I enjoyed the story of the little league team that chose the nickname “the Gashouse Gang.” Not only does it harken back to the grounds in and around ST-PCV prior to its inception, but the 1934 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals were known by that name.

They were a scrappy bunch according to baseball historians.

They were led on the field by Hall Of Fame pitcher Dizzy Dean and his pitching brother known as Daffy and Pepper Martin theory fiery infielder.

So now the boys have learned another history lesson, this one about baseball.

Maybe the Little League Gashouse Gang will also play a scrappy hard nosed style of game. And also end up champions.

Go GHG !

Richard Kronish, ST

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