Editorial: The silence is deafening

UPDATE: Following Town & Village’s Wednesday afternoon press time, the de Blasio administration has discussed options being explored in the effort to keep Stuyvesant Town affordable with the press.

Following weeks of silence regarding a reported $4.7 billion bid being prepared by Fortress, CWCapital made a decision to take ownership of Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village itself. This was a defensive move, and it remains to be seen how long this arrangement will last. (The company did not respond to a request for comment on that one.)

Council Member Dan Garodnick said last week he’s seeing this as an opportunity for tenants to buy some time to consider the next moves, but so far CW hasn’t even given a hint as to whether a tenant-led bid is something that will ever be considered. Also mum is the mayor who, while still a candidate, crowed at Stuy Town that “over my dead body will this place be privatized.”

The de Blasio administration has since ignored multiple requests by T&V on what the mayor’s thoughts are on the now-canceled foreclosure sale as well as the Tenants Association’s plan to rally on Friday, the 13th of June, over concerns about the future. While Garodnick has said he’s gotten the sense the mayor’s office is trying to be helpful to tenants, considering de Blasio’s declarations on the campaign trail, there really shouldn’t be any question as to whether or not he should get involved in the fight for continued affordability in the complex. Lip service isn’t enough and yet right now there isn’t even any of that. The silence is deafening.

The stalemate in Albany must end
The death last week of former New York Senator Roy Goodman is being seen by those who knew him as the symbolic end to a time when Republicans and Democrats at a state level were actually able to work together in a productive and meaningful way.

While there’s no arguing that local state officials such as Senator Brad Hoylman and Assembly Member Brian Kavanagh have the best interests of the community in mind with their sponsorship of legislation aimed at protecting tenants from getting gouged or evicted, those bills won’t do any good if they’re just collecting dust in Albany. Kavanagh and Hoylman have pointed out, quite accurately, that the Republican-controlled State Senate is where their and other tenant-friendly legislation goes to die. Sadly, tenant-friendly Republicans like Goodman seem to be extinct.

However, as Goodman’s legacy’s reminds us, it’s working across party lines and making compromises, not simply blaming the other side, that’s the way to get results. If nothing changes in terms of cooperation and meaningful dialogue and soon, then we call on the governor to step in and force the issue.

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    When I read his obituary in the New York Tines this week, by that time, I had forgotten that Roy Goodman was a Republican. I sort of thought of him as having been a Democrat. Extremely intelligent, he always listened to counter positions and made cogent and honest respones.

    If active in politics today, he would be considered to be a “RINO” and an an egghead (the perjorative label used for intellectuals). Not only has Tea Party approval become the litmus test for a member of the GOP to go through and win a primary or convention — for the Republicans have closed their tent.

    They may now have gained far more influence in the “red states” and have great impact there — but, in the process, they will become a marginal and regional party and no longer be able to seize the presidency. I used to understand the word “conservative” — but, now it has becomes so ambiguous that it seems to be policies inacted for the wealthy by confusing the illiterate members of the electorate via the monies given by the billionaire Koch bro’s and their breathern under names like “Citizens for Freedom and Democracy.”

    Goodman, Javits, Rockefeller, Spector… would not be accepted now.And, the defeat of right-wing Eric Cantor of Mississippi by an unknown who is to Cantor’s right is truly astounding.

    Have you noticed that the members of the GOP from decades afo were far more intelligent and some even had a good deal of integrity as well? They all realized that for capitalism is survive and thrive, government intervention was necessary. Now we have Gov. Sarah Palin and her “fox friends” are now calling the shots. Unbelievable! Only God knows what Sen. Roy Goodman thought of these latest developments as we began to enter another Gilded Age.

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