Letters to the Editor, July 3

July3 Toon Ice cream

Stuyvesant Town is not a public park

To whom it may concern:
I am happy to see the improvements to the grounds of PCVST over the last couple of years including the landscaping, amenities, security and such. I am glad that some of my hard earned money is going to good use. I enjoy the Movies on the Oval, the live concerts and the pure enjoyment of sitting in the Oval and reading a book.
My only concern is why are the amenities that I pay for shared… with many non-tenants.
On any given day there are many non-residents using the Oval as if this was a public park. They treat it like a public park leaving garbage behind and letting kids run around with no regard to people trying to relax. If they want a public park there are many in the city that are supported by their tax dollars. The Oval is supported by the rent paying residents! Not people who come here to walk their dogs and throw parties on the lawn.
The last time I wrote a letter regarding a similar problem, that being the amount of outsiders using our playgrounds, action was taken the day after it was published in the Town & Village newspaper. Staff checks resident cards making sure that the people using our playgrounds, Oval Café, Oval Study and Oval Kids are residents. Why can’t the same be done on the Oval lawn?
I look forward to your response.
Tom Issing, ST

Nice lip service on rent freeze

If our mayor hand-picked five people to appoint to the Rent Guidelines Board and the RGB vote was 5 to 4 in favor of a rent increase, there is no doubt in my mind that the mayor, despite his so-called plea for a rent freeze, gave the okay to the landlords grab for another rent hike.
Are we ever going to get leaders who mean what they say or has “Truth” and “Justice” been scratched from “Truth, Justice and the American Way?” Superman, where are you?
John Cappelletti,
Sty Town
(in honor of dogs who pee on the “No Dogs” signs)


Who’s serving on TA committees?

To the editor,
It seems like almost a daily occurrence that we hear from the Tenants Association on topics such as two-piece bathing suits, dogs, MCIs and rent freezes.
These usually come from press releases, newspaper articles, rallies and meetings, but often only repeating what our electeds have already said. Who are the directors and what do they do? The TA website lists 15 directors including two presidents emeritus.
We learned recently from the candidates’ bio that the TA has many committees. These include the executive, legal and conversion committees in addition to a special committee on elections. One of this year’s candidates was the chair of the special election committee.
With our future once again up in the air, maybe it is time the TA exchange a press release for some real information about exactly what all of these committees do, especially the Conversion Committee. They keep asking for our support. But what are we supporting? We need some details.
Name withheld, ST


Police hunting man behind commercial burglary spree

Surveillance photo of burglary suspect

Surveillance photo of burglary suspect

Police are looking for a burglar who they say has forcefully broken into businesses and swiped laptops and cash. The addresses hit have been in the 13th and 13th and Midtown South Precincts.
The suspect is 30-35 years old, black, 5’8″ tall and180 lbs. He has a gap between his front two teeth, wears black glasses and has been seen wearing a black hat with the word “BROOKLYN” in white.
The string of burglaries started on Monday, April 28, when he entered the Michael Alan Group, an event marketing business at 22 West 38th Street, and took an iPad, Mac book Air and cash.
On Friday, May 9, he broke into 114 West 26th Street, home to magazine and website publisher Hay Market Media, and grabbed a Dell Laptop.
On Saturday, May 24, he entered the office of Crossmedia Inc., 22 West 23rd Street and took several Mac Books and a bottle of bourbon.
On Friday, May 30, he went inside 20 West 23rd Street to the APICA office and left with a laptop.
On Monday, June 2, he went back to the Michael Alan Group office and got away with some cash.
On Thursday, June 12, the man got into Best Apartments, a real estate firm at 119 West 23rd Street, but left without taking anything.
On Friday, June 13, he returned to 22 West 38th Street for the third time, this time to the office of Prompt Business and took laptops and cash.
On Friday, June 13, he went to 363 7th Avenue and stole laptops from Soft Tech Health.
On Friday, June 20, he made off with an undetermined amount of cash from a business at 24 West 23rd Street.
Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477). The public can also text tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577. All calls are strictly confidential.

Teen’s jaw broken on East 23rd, Air conditioners swiped on E. 20th

Compiled by Sabina Mollot


Police are looking for a young man or teenager who they believed attacked an 18-year-old on East 23rd Street and Third Avenue.
The victim said on May 10, around 9:40 p.m., he was talking to the suspect about a dance competition when the other man started to punch him in the face. The attacker broke the victim’s jaw, fractured his eye socket and left abrasions on his head. The unknown man, who’s Asian and described as being in his late teens or early twenties, then fled. The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment.
The suspect was seen on surveillance video.
Anyone with information in regards to this assault is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS.

Juan Marte, 42, and Pedro Badia, 56, were arrested in front of 441 East 20th Street on June 27, for allegedly running off with two air conditioners. The A.C.s had been placed on the sidewalk so they could be taken for repairs. Once the owner saw that they were missing, she ran after the suspects who were stopped two blocks away and arrested.

While doing checks of licenses in front of 530 East 23rd Street near Asser Levy Place, police arrested Hector Guzman, 48. Police had been checking every fifth vehicle passing by and while checking Guzman’s license, saw that it had been revoked.

Police arrested Leonardo Correra, 44, for assault after he allegedly slashed another man with a crushed soda can. Police said on June 25 Correra got into an argument with another man and at one point Correra went across the street, got the soda can, came back and assaulted the victim. The victim was cut on his forearm and was treated at the scene.

Doorman Michael McDonagh, 44,was arrested on June 23 after a tenant in the building he works told police McDonagh stole money from his apartment and that he had the alleged incident on tape. The tenant also said McDonagh had no business being in the apartment. The arresting officer viewed the video prior to the arrest.

Mohammed Saab, an employee at a clothing store at 1149 Broadway near 27th Street was arrested after a customer said Saab grabbed her crotch over her pants. The victim said he did this on June 26 when he was helping her shop for pants.

A 16-year-old was arrested at Union Square East and 16th Street for robbery on June 26 after his victim said he snatched money out of his hand and pushed him onto the ground. As a result of being knocked down, the victim said he hurt his ear. The suspect is a student at P-Tech High School in Brooklyn.

Allen Taylor, 27, was arrested at the First Avenue Beth Israel facility after allegedly destroying a computer.
A nurse at the hospital told police that Taylor, a patient, had asked for a Metrocard when being released so he could get back to Queens. When the nurse told him she didn’t have a Metrocard to give him and asked him to leave, he became enraged and grabbed a computer from a desk and threw it to the floor. The computer, which broke, would cost a few hundred dollars to replace, the nurse said.

Luis Gracia, 68, was arrested after allegedly stabbing another man on June 24. Police said Gracia had been arguing with the man on First Avenue and 28th Street about food and then pulled a knife out of his pocket. The victim then told Gracia to leave, but instead Gracia stabbed him in the face and body before fleeing, police said.
The victim sustained injuries to his left temple, a slice to an earlobe and a stab wound on his left hip. Still, he said he managed to tackle Gracia to the ground, and the knife was found at the scene.

Alejandro Almanzar was arrested on June 25 after allegedly being found at properties without permission and having a credit card that belonged to someone in an apartment at one of the buildings, as well as $470 in cash and an iPad. One of the buildings hit was 151 Lexington Avenue and another was 160 East 27th Street. Police said he used a pry bar to break door locks and broke locks on filing cabinets.

Cops made a few arrests of men allegedly selling Metrocard swipes on the Union Square subway, who also allegedly blocked turnstiles to prevent straphangers from getting through.
Edward Davies, 54, was arrested on June 24.
Charles Feedor, 37, was arrested on June 26.
Kevin Scott, 45, was arrested after allegedly approaching eight passengers for swipes and blocking pedestrian traffic.

David Park, 27, was arrested at Union Square Park on June 28 after he allegedly took cash out of a donation box that belonged to a musician. Police said the victim’s $20 was recovered.

On June 28, a teenager was arrested for assault after punching an ACS employee in the face. The punch caused bruising and swelling to the victim’s face. The ACS facility is located at the same building as Bellevue Hospital on First Avenue and 27th Street.

Connie Velasquez, 23, was arrested at the Stone Creek Bar & Lounge at 140 East East 27th Street, after allegedly hitting another woman with a beer bottle. The victim suffered a cut on her left eye as a result of the June 29 incident and was taken to Bellevue for treatment.

A 16-year-old was arrested for reckless endangerment after allegedly hanging and swinging from poles on a train while playing music, and then asking for donations. Police said the dancer, a student at Morris High School, created a risk of injury towards others and caused “public annoyance” due to the music.

An employee working at 160 Fifth Avenue, which is home to Club Monaco, was arrested after being seen allegedly making an unauthorized transaction to transfer $79.50 of the store’s money to a personal account. Police said the employee, Freddie Guerrero, 27, did not have permission to make the transfer.

An employee of Baked by Melissa on East 23rd Street was arrested for allegedly taking cash from the register. Sharlett Spillers, 24, was arrested on June 26.

Annemarie Izzo, 24, was arrested for allegedly putting 11 boxes of condoms and four packs of chocolate bars into her purse and breezing past a cash register without paying. She was then stopped by security.

Ali Doby, 45, was arrested for violating tax law by allegedly selling a loosey on East 16th Street and Union Square East.

Mark McGill, 37 was arrested at the Union Square Subway for allegedly stroking his penis inside his pants pocket in public view at Union Square and East 14th Street. Upon searching him, police said they found a small bag of pot on him and two pipes. He also had an open warrant.

Jesus Bailon, an employee at Lillie’s Victorian bar and restaurant, 13 East 17th Street, was arrested on June 24. Police said Bailon, 30, was seen taking bottles of booze from the premises without permission or authority to do so and was allegedly seen doing this on video.