Letters to the Editor, July 3

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Stuyvesant Town is not a public park

To whom it may concern:
I am happy to see the improvements to the grounds of PCVST over the last couple of years including the landscaping, amenities, security and such. I am glad that some of my hard earned money is going to good use. I enjoy the Movies on the Oval, the live concerts and the pure enjoyment of sitting in the Oval and reading a book.
My only concern is why are the amenities that I pay for shared… with many non-tenants.
On any given day there are many non-residents using the Oval as if this was a public park. They treat it like a public park leaving garbage behind and letting kids run around with no regard to people trying to relax. If they want a public park there are many in the city that are supported by their tax dollars. The Oval is supported by the rent paying residents! Not people who come here to walk their dogs and throw parties on the lawn.
The last time I wrote a letter regarding a similar problem, that being the amount of outsiders using our playgrounds, action was taken the day after it was published in the Town & Village newspaper. Staff checks resident cards making sure that the people using our playgrounds, Oval Café, Oval Study and Oval Kids are residents. Why can’t the same be done on the Oval lawn?
I look forward to your response.
Tom Issing, ST

Nice lip service on rent freeze

If our mayor hand-picked five people to appoint to the Rent Guidelines Board and the RGB vote was 5 to 4 in favor of a rent increase, there is no doubt in my mind that the mayor, despite his so-called plea for a rent freeze, gave the okay to the landlords grab for another rent hike.
Are we ever going to get leaders who mean what they say or has “Truth” and “Justice” been scratched from “Truth, Justice and the American Way?” Superman, where are you?
John Cappelletti,
Sty Town
(in honor of dogs who pee on the “No Dogs” signs)


Who’s serving on TA committees?

To the editor,
It seems like almost a daily occurrence that we hear from the Tenants Association on topics such as two-piece bathing suits, dogs, MCIs and rent freezes.
These usually come from press releases, newspaper articles, rallies and meetings, but often only repeating what our electeds have already said. Who are the directors and what do they do? The TA website lists 15 directors including two presidents emeritus.
We learned recently from the candidates’ bio that the TA has many committees. These include the executive, legal and conversion committees in addition to a special committee on elections. One of this year’s candidates was the chair of the special election committee.
With our future once again up in the air, maybe it is time the TA exchange a press release for some real information about exactly what all of these committees do, especially the Conversion Committee. They keep asking for our support. But what are we supporting? We need some details.
Name withheld, ST


4 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, July 3

  1. I agree, I have attempted to volunteer on committee’s but never receive a response. Further, none of the committee reports are published. This is a very closed organization.

    What happened to the report on purchasing the complex or the evaluation of the complex, none of this information is available. Yet this organization continues to ask for money.

    At public meetings all questions are screened. Residents can not speak directly. There is no follow up by the questioner. This is a overly controlled operation that really does represent any democratic process nor do they want a democratic dialogue.

    Under NY State open meeting laws, the TA organization’s monthly meetings should be open to the public, even for observation.

    When it was reported how low the rent the TA president pays compared to many residents who have been here for a decade or two, one wonders who they are protecting.

    Here is are some facts: the most effective protection of residents came from residents themselves, Roberts case in point.

    The organization has become a front to events supporting our council representative. Who claims to help but has failed in any major way to date.

  2. Sorry, I have tested the Oval Café four times; I was never carded once for proof of being a resident. There are no signs outside or inside the Cafe, specifying that the facility is for “residents and their guests only”. Since there is no enforcement, the Oval Cafe is a commercial enterprise, in direct violation of the NYC interior zoning law for ST. I hate the concerts. I face the Oval, they disrupt my NYC housing right to have a quiet enjoyment of my apartment. These events, concerts, movies, TV sports, etc., are “bread and circus”, “window dressing”, stuff for marketing to non-tenants that suck up resources while routine maintenance is cut (working intercoms?) and the MacHorror laundry machines (30% broken is a “good day”) remain in place. After vigorous pressure from the TA FB page and the STR blog, last year’s Soul Asylum concert was the first time that PS asked for ID’s (although an ID person could bring four “guests”) to access the actual Oval space for a concert.

  3. Tom,


    You can stand to share a grassy area with benches with a couple of non-residents here and there. No one’s throwing keggers out there. It’s always a calm and pleasant scene on the weekends (unless your management company is throwing some misguided event). Non-residents making use of the facilities has little to no perceptible impact on your life at Stuyvesant Town. Your complaint is mostly on principle. It’s un-neighborly of you. If you don’t like neighbors, don’t live in a city.

    Also, the creation of your entire property demapped a lot of streets while creating harsh traffic areas around the perimeter, including (particularly) along the waterfront side. This vitality-killing, obstruction-creating situation is what allows the interior of your complex to be a haven. You enjoy this benefit thanks to unique permissions you’ve received from the city of New York, an entity which includes the residents who live in the perimeter areas and who eat the fallout of the urban design failures of the perimeter streets. You are welcome.

    Brian who lives across the street and will stay off your lawn if you insist


    “Mr. Cappelletti, Sty Town,” Don’t you realize that the present ownership and management of ST/PCV does not have the same values as when MetLife built and operated both developments for so many decades? And, the same applies to the neuvo capitalist system which presently has over run in our entire country?

    “Name withheld, ST,” A suggestion: your post would suggest so much more credibility if you you signed your name — rather than, withholding it.,

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