Police Watch: Shots fired on 14th Street, Handyman arrested for ‘burglary’, Girl punches cop

Police arrested Patrick Perroud, 25, after he allegedly fired several shots from a gun in attempt to cause serious physical injuries on West 14th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. He was charged with assault, reckless endangerment and weapons possession.

Anthony Digangi, 37, was arrested on June 30 for allegedly intentionally breaking 15 bottles of olive oil at the Garden of Eden food shop on West 23rd Street. Police said it wasn’t clear what prompted this and the value of the destroyed bottles was said to be $359.85. Digangi was charged with criminal mischief.

Jason Washington, 22, was arrested at the Union Square subway after an officer saw him allegedly grinding onto a woman’s buttocks on a southbound express train. He was charged on June 30 at 9:47 a.m. with sexual abuse.

Handyman Luis Colon, 32, was arrested for burglary on July 2 after a tenant in the building he works told police she caught him on camera at her apartment when she wasn’t home. The woman, who lives at 30 West 18th Street, has a camera in her bedroom and said when she checked it after work, saw Colon going through five different wallets and a jewelry box. She said that Colon had no reason or permission to be in her apartment at that time. Police arrested him while he was painting another apartment.

Police arrested Marco Natal, 38 for assault after he allegedly bashed someone over the head with a wooden chair at 4 Union Square South on July 2. The victim got cuts and bruises as a result and according to police, Natal made “spontaneous utterances” admitting to doing it.

Police arrested a 16-year-old at the Good Shepherd Services home at 331 East 17th Street on July 4 for punching another girl and then the cop who came to investigate.
The officer arrived after a girl in the building said she was cleaning her room when the other teen, whose name is being withheld due to her tender age, approached her and punched her in the face. The punch caused swelling to the face of the victim, who also said she’s tired of the assailant hitting on her and they’ve had confrontations in the past. When an officer came to try and diffuse the situation, he said the suspect refused to sit down, and when apprehended, punched him, causing substantial pain.

Anthony Brown, 47, was busted at 319 East 28th Street on July 3 after police said he was trying to sell an Apple laptop and an iPad for $500 each. However, each of the computer boxes were actually filled with cut up paper, police said. He was charged with accosting and fraud.

Parks Department employee Luis Freyes, 30, was arrested on July 5 at 1:22 a.m. at First Avenue and 14th Street after allegedly attacking his wife.
The wife had told police they’d been on a bus and he was sleeping. When she woke him, he became very “irate” and shoved her and knocked her down, causing her to cut her face, police said. He then fled into the subway at the southeast corner of the intersection, but was apprehended when he returned to the location.

Police regularly arrest people who sell Metrocard swipes on the subway and the following individuals were collared for allegedly selling while also blocking turnstiles, obstructing the flow of traffic.
Casique Roman, 35, was arrested at the Union Square subway on June 30.
Daniel Abbastante, 40, was arrested on July 3 at the Union Square subway.
Scott Morales, 25, was arrested at the Union Square subway on July 3.
Edward Laramore, 30, was arrested at the Union Square subway on July 5.
Angelina Phillip, 31, was arrested at the Union Square subway on July 6.

Leonardo Ramirez, 23, was arrested after police saw him allegedly sneak under a turnstile at the Union Square subway. Upon searching him, an officer found a small glassine envelope of alleged cocaine in his shorts pocket.

Michael Bailes, 26, was arrested on June 30 at 4:48 p.m. at First Avenue and 14th Street for allegedly selling a controlled substance. Police said Bailes also resisted arrest by lying on top of his hands to avoid being cuffed.

Angel Reyes, 44, was allegedly seen by a cop holding a 24 oz. malt liquor beverage in Bellevue South Park on June 30 at around 8 p.m. Police said Reyes declined homeless outreach services.
Nearby at Second Avenue and 28th Street, David Ramos, 46, was arrested on July 2 at 9:24 a.m. for allegedly holding a bottle of Corona on a public sidewalk.
Isabelo Rodriguez was allegedly seen with an open bottle of Georgi vodka on a sidewalk at 332 East 29th Street.
Danielo Areis, 47, was allegedly seen with a can of Sapporo beer on a sidewalk in front of 41 Union Square West.

Police made a couple of arrests on July 1 of straphangers who’d fallen asleep on the train. Though the incidents occurred in the wee hours of the morning, police told T&V that occupying more than one seat is a crime any time, even when there’s little competition for seats.
Walter Allen, 51, was arrested at the Union Square subway after he was seeing allegedly lying across the seats on a southbound 4 train.
Juan Acosta, 35, was arrested at the Union Square Subway after allegedly occupying more than one seat on the 6 train.

Dave Morris, 50, was arrested at East 14th Street and Union Square West after an officer spotted him allegedly selling two Newport looseys. Since Morris was not in possession of a tax stamp, he was charged on July 1 with violating tax law.

Jermaine Anderson, 30, was arrested on July 3 at East 26th Street and Park Avenue South after police said he crossed a crime scene. But after being told to move along, Anderson refused, cops said. After searching him, he was found to be in possession of alleged marijuana in his gym bag.
Omar Miller, 41, was arrested on July 1 at Fifth Avenue and 14th Street for allegedly selling pot to an undercover officer.
Nicholas Jean, 26, was arrested at Broadway and 23rd Street on July 2 after allegedly selling pot to an undercover officer. Police said Jean had seven active warrants.

On July 2, Amir Mushal, 42, was seen by a cop allegedly carrying a gravity knife in his front pants pocket in plain view on the subway.
On July 3, Dimitri Rohen, 22, was allegedly seen by a cop with a knife clipped to his front pants pocket at the Union Square subway.

Police arrested Emmanuel Urena, 24, for allegedly urinating on a public sidewalk at 134 East 29th Street on July 4.

Russell Nelson, 25, was stopped at Third Avenue and 24th Street after an officer saw him allegedly driving without using his headlights. Police said he was going east and when stopped, had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes and could only produce a non-driver’s ID. He was arrested on July 4 at 5:16 a.m.

Compiled by Sabina Mollot


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