Outdoor concerts taking place this week

Several free, outdoor concerts are scheduled for this week. Read on for details.

The Rutkowski Trio at a concert last year at Stuyvesant Cove Park

The Rutkowski Family Trio at a concert last year at Stuyvesant Cove Park

The Stuyvesant Cove Park Association 2014 Concert Series continues with Paul Sachs, Amy Allison and Dave Murphy on Monday, July 21 from 6:30-8 p.m. Rain date is July 22. Later in the week on Wednesday, July 23, the Rutkowski Family Trio (pictured), joined by friends and vocalist Lisa Gary, will perform a repertoire of traditional jazz from 7-8 p.m. The rain date is Thursday, July 24. All concerts in the series are free and take place in the park at 23rd Street and the East River.



Better Than Ezra

Music on the Oval has returned to Stuyvesant Town. All ST/PCV residents and their guests are invited to attend two concerts on Wed., July 23 and Thurs., July 24 at 6 p.m. both evenings. On July 23, Better Than Ezra will perform. Big Wake will open the show. On July 24, Ed Kowalczyk will perform. Sylvana Joyce + The Moment will open.


Jon Cleary

Jon Cleary

The Madison Square Park Conservancy presents Mad Sq. Music: Oval Lawn Series, featuring award-winning performers in a range of genres  such as jazz, soul, R&B, funk, folk, world, Americana, and bluegrass.  On July 23 from 7-8:30 p.m. Jon Cleary will perform. Concerts take place on the Oval Lawn of Madison Square Park.


Waterside Plaza will conclude its summer concert series, “Music Under the Stars” with a performance by Nu D’lux on July 23 at 7 p.m. There will be a beer and wine bar, with snacks available at the concession stand or hardier fare at the Robbins Nest cafe. Seating is limited. Lawn chairs and blankets are welcome.

For information on even more concerts and other events taking place in the community, see Town & Village’s Around & About page. For information on free events taking place this week throughout the city, see Cutting Corners.

30 thoughts on “Outdoor concerts taking place this week

  1. We don’t need concerts on the Oval. We need some peace and quiet on the Oval. Some of us actually work for a living and would like to come home to a quiet, peaceful ambience – the very reason why we moved here in the first place. These rotten, 10th rate “musicians” make a noise that reverberates around the Oval and intrudes into every apartment in the buildings surrounding the Oval. What is it with these people from the “Fly-Over States” that they can’t go out and enjoy the plethora of entertainment (much of it free) that is available in New York? Why do they have to have concerts in their backyard? I hope it pours drenching rain on Wednesday and Thurday.

    • Why are such an angry person? Your community is looking to bring entertainment for the people in the area…..I am sure you are the only person that feels this way. You really should live deep in the woods to live our your days as a hermit!

      • Exactly! How can someone get so bent out of shape over a free outdoor concert during this beautiful summer we’re having? You might actually meet and get to know some of those rubes from the flyover States that are having way more fun than you.

  2. ENOUGH ALREADY. On a weekday? Some of us that live here who aren’t 85 don’t appreciate this pointless noise pollution either. Some of us have to work all day and simply want peace and quiet at night. I have iTunes. The point of it is that I can use it to pick my own music and not have it foisted upon me, filling every room in this apartment.

  3. Rube : an uneducated person who is usually from the country
    Full Definition of Rube:
    1 an awkward unsophisticated person : rustic
    2 a naive or inexperienced person
    Synonyms-bumpkin, chawbacon, churl, clodhopper, cornball, countryman, hayseed, hillbilly, provincial, hick, rustic, yokel
    Antonyms-cosmopolitan, cosmopolite, sophisticate

    There are a million music options in New York City at clubs, concert halls, etc. We don’t need this cruise ship/suburban junk in the Oval. BTW, I face the Oval. Do you? Can’t wait for the classic fly-over state/hick line, “If you don’t like noise in NYC, move to……………….

  4. Feel sorry for those so incensed by a couple of hours of music on the Oval. I’ve lived in an Oval bldg since 1987, and I didn’t come from any fly over state (and I don’t feel superior than those that do). You say you’re a” real” New Yorker? No, it’s New Yorkers like you who give NY a bad name. Close your windows to your oh so proudly market rate apts, put on some noise reducing headphones, and listen to your iTunes all by your lonely self. You’re the ones who are like 85 yr old bitter dowagers. All of the 80+ original PCVST tenants that I’ve met during the last 27 years were much more opened minded and friendly and true New Yorkers than you’ll ever be. Sorry for the gigantic inconvenience. Now go stew.

    • Not a dowager, not 85, not a MR tenant. Just don’t want to hear bad music when I get home from work. As Edmund John Dunn said, this is not a Carnival Cruise ship and if people are too stupid, lazy or scared to go off the “campus” to hear some real music, played by professionals, then they are just pathetic and should go back to Iowa.

  5. The CRAP “music” going on in the Oval tonight sounds like the stockyards on slaughter day. Bellowing and braying, but nothing that one could even remotely call “music.” If they are going to have concerts and assault the ears of those of us who live facing the Oval, they should at least have the decency to get performers who are not tone deaf.

  6. I also live in an apt facing the oval. My windows are shut tight, and I can hear the music & loudspeaker right now so loudly it is making it so I can’t listen to my own music, my own tv or have a telephone call without struggling to hear. I agree with the commenter above, there are many, many places to listen to music in this city that don’t infringe on other people’s rights not have to listen. Forcing people to listen to bad music, good music or any music at all, when we don’t want to , while we are in our own homes trying to work, sleep, put the baby to bed or anything else we want to do but now can’t because of this noise is self-centered and rude. Take a survey of people who live in the apts around the oval – more people DON’t want to listen to this then DO, I guarantee it. arrgh. This is horrible!!

    • Instead of holding yourself up inside a beautiful summers evening, why don’t you join your neighbors for some of the countries best musical acts. The fact that you think that these are “local” acts, proves that you no nothing about music. These are national acts that are coming to your community…..open your windows and enjoy!

      • Um, no.. I am not “holding” myself up inside. I worked 11 hours today, am just home from work, and have other things to do this evening in my home. But instead of being able to do what I choose to do with my limited free time, you think it is your right to force me to do what you want to do – ie: listen to your choice of music, very loudly, in my home. I don’t have to open my windows to “enjoy” the music, it is so loud in my apt that if I played my own stereo this loud it would be in violation of stytown lease policy. I love music and frequently go out to listen to great bands and listen to music myself all the time. But I have never forced my neighbors to listen to “my” music in their own homes, when they may need to do things like work, sleep, think, talk, put their children to bed, listen to tv, or maybe even listen to the music they want to. It is disrespectful, insulting, and childish to suggest that what I want to do is not acceptable and instead everyone should do what YOU want to do. Grow up.

        • Your out of your mind….nobody is forcing you to listen to anything. I am sure nobody will complain when you play your Glenn Miller records on your phonograph…..knock yourself out, turn it up to 10 on your mono speakers!

      • 1) Nope, not out of my mind.
        2) Yes, someone was forcing me listen to something- very loud music, in my apt, when I didn’t want to. That is the whole point you seem to not want to acknowledge.
        3) Glen Miller? Leave the guy alone, rip.
        4) Learn to spell, learn correct grammar, get a career, work hard, have a family, and then you, too, can come home from a long day of work to have someone pipe loud annoying music into your apt.
        5) Thunderstorm = proof god didn’t like the music either. ha.

        • It is obvious by the amount of postings you have time to write, you also have the time to go outside, meet your neighbors and enjoy some fantastic music. Perhaps next year they can dig up some of your favorite musicians and we can all dance the Polka! Hey, at least I am open to your music! I really miss Guy Lombardo on New Years Eve too!

      • Andrew MacArthur, why are you trolling on this tread when you could be doing better things? Like instead of spending valuable financial resources on this obnoxious hick/rube junk, how about fixing the 50% out of order laundry machines, fixing the PCV basements (see the official PCVST FB page) that are STILL not available post Sandy, post pictures of the ST groper wanted by the police (still waiting) in the lobbies, complete the construction horror show of the new management office at the First Avenue loop and address (see the PCVST Yelp page) the issue of never responding to security deposit issues to even your most coveted five roommate type tenant demographic. Funny, you deriding America’s greatest generation (I am not a member), what’s your service record again?

        “Turn it up to 11!!!” Nice statement of empathy there.

        • From the sound of your whining…you are obviously not a member of the greatest generation….you are likely much older! You are likely one of those people that complains about this country, yet does not even vote or do anything to create change!
          Sit back tonight, enjoy the music and don’t forget…..turn it up to 11!!!!

  7. Poster “ENJOY THE SUMMER” your disrespect and lack of empathy for your neighbors, your unwillingness to see the incontestable validity of other posters’ points of view that the sound level of these concerts is ear splitting, unacceptable and probably violates NYC noise codes and your SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT are STUNNING and PROFOUNDLY DISTURBING! Please move out of here. Your attitude is EXACTLY what has destroyed — and continues to destroy — this once great community. SHAME ON YOU.

    • Well look at you and your sense of entitlement!!! For those of us that enjoy the summer and all it has to offer, including the turn it up to 11, music a few times during the summer….we should sit in our homes in silence so you can enjoy your thoughts, while being all alone. Being a recluse is no way to enjoy life…..don’t worry, winter will soon be here and you can once again shut yourself out from the rest of the world!

      • My sense of entitlement, as you call it, does NOT involve FORCING my fellow neighbors to listen to unwelcome, unhealthy, NYC code violating music. Yes, FORCING because that is EXACTLY what is happening here, make no mistake about it. I should not have to leave my home or suffer in my home so you can enjoy a TOO LOUD CONCERT taking place in a WHOLLY, INAPPROPRIATE LOCATION.

        And, please, stop with the extreme scenario comments. No one is telling you to sit in your home in reclusive silence, though some quiet reflection on your behavior and attitudes might serve you well. What is being suggested is that you go to an APPROPRIATE VENUE in which to listen to LOUD music. Think the Barclay’s Center, Madison Square Garden or Central Park. Stuyvesant Town is a RESIDENTIAL community where people pay and are entitled by law to the quiet enjoyment of their homes. Stuyvesant Town is NOT an APPROPRIATE concert venue, regardless of what you, Compass Rock Management or CW Capital think. Since you, Compass Rock Management and CW Capital are all apparently utterly lacking in empathy for those of us who resent being ASSAULTED in our homes by LOUD concerts on our doorstep, I fully expect that you will have yet another unneighborly, entitled comment to make. However, this will be my last comment on the subject since I fully expect that nothing I or others here have said will cause you to reflect for one millisecond on the validity of what we are saying or the wrongheadedness of your firmly entrenched position.

        • If you think that somehow the volume is unlawful, I suggest that you call the police and lodge a complaint! Then the police can see just how crazy you are first hand. I suggest that you go back being a recluse….and continue to mumble to yourself, while hoarding your newspapers. Thank god for the internet, so you never have to leave your apartment to be exposed to the rest of society.

  8. Enjoy the Summer: You sound like a complete and absolute jerk and every time you post, you confirm that.

    • Vickie…..I suggest you show up at a community meeting, then you can express yourself and your desire to do away with these concerts you hate so much……but like the rest of your complainers, you likely show up to nothing and would rather just complain. That is what is wrong with our country…people like you just complain rather then becoming involved and evoke change. I am sorry that you think I sound like a jerk…..but that figures, that is what what do nothings generally resort too.

  9. ENJOY THE SUMMER is an obvious CW shill. I just worked 8 hours, came home to this, and realized I now have to leave my apartment until 9 tonight because I have a headache from 10 minutes of this. Thanks a lot, really a nice perk of living here.

    • Market Rate Renter…..I do not even live in your complex, I don’t even live in the North East! So I am nobodies shill. I am a music lover as well as someone that likes to expose people of who they are….dolts. You should reward your hard days work with a nice outdoor concert…… are you afraid you might like it?? Ed Kowalczyk is an amazing artist and the former lead singer of the group Live…..you should consider yourself lucky to go and see him for free!!!

  10. “…..I do not even live in your complex” Then how can you possibly understand the basis of my complaint, which is VOLUME, not the artist? I know management has offices in Colorado though, so you’d be correct and truthful with your assertion that you don’t live in the NE.

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