Hello, Microsoft scammer calling

microsoftIn the June 19th issue of Town & Village, a Stuyvesant Town resident, wanting to warn neighbors, shared her story about being called by a scammer pretending to be from Microsoft who claimed to need to fix her computer. In this column, the author writes about a similar experience he had and how he dealt with the situation.

By Rob Engelhardt

I picked up my phone and heard, “Hello, I’m calling you from the Windows service department. I’m receiving error messages from your computer.” Meanwhile, my computer is at home turned off. I get these calls twice a week sometimes. I’ve been getting them for months. So finally I decided I’m going to have some fun with these people.

The lady who called me with an Indian accent gave me her fake American name as Rachel. So I asked her if her life has really come to the point where she needs to do this. Had it become so bad that she has to work for this scam, because if it is that bad, then she has nothing more to live for.

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