Patients First center has closed

By Sabina Mollot

Patients First had reduced its hours before finally closing.

Patients First on First Avenue had reduced its hours before finally closing.

Patients First medical center, a family health practice that had done business in Peter Cooper Village for 21 years, closed its doors on August 21.

Patients of the clinic, which had previously been run by Dr. Glen Marin, were alerted in a written notice two weeks ago that if they couldn’t continue to see Marin at another practice he runs in Oakland Gardens, Queens, that they could contact an internist named Veronica Zaharia.

An employee reached at Zaharia’s office on Tuesday confirmed that Zaharia is now taking appointments for any interested former Patients First patients. Her practice is located at 237 East 20th Street.

In July, Town & Village reported that Patients First had reduced its hours to just two days a week and had reduced its staff.

At the time, an employee said the office at 350 First Avenue was in danger of losing its lease. CWCapital declined then to comment on lease negotiations and this week declined to comment about what future plans, if any, there were for the space.

However, Marin may have had other problems besides his lease. When asked this week for the reason for the closure, an employee at the Queens office would only say that the Manhattan location “had some issues.”

But there were also license issues.

According to a New York State-run website profiling doctors,, on May 23, 2013, Marin faced a license restriction in which he was only allowed to treat female patients with a chaperone present. According to the site, the restriction became effective 120 days after the date of the order for as long as the physician “has a license to practice in New York State.”

He also faced three years of probation. A public document from the state Board for Professional Medical Conduct states that the chaperone decision was made after he was accused of inappropriate conduct with a patient in 2007. Specifically, during an appointment, Marin allegedly “engaged in inappropriate verbal and/or physical conduct.”

The doctor profile site also notes that Marin has made three malpractice payouts within the last 10 years. One was in 2005, the others were in 2007 and 2010. The latter two were for “average” amounts, the first for an “above average” amount.

He also had mixed reviews online with Yelpers’ sentiments on Marin ranging from “top notch” to “negligent” to “a total creep.”

Calls to the Queens office asking Marin if his license restriction was a factor in the decision to close the Manhattan office was not returned.

6 thoughts on “Patients First center has closed

  1. Hi, i am the ex patient of dr. Marin that caused these restrictions in 2007, and a sanction for 3 yrs. It took the medical misconduct board 7yrs to finally go to court but a week before they called mw to say that marin had admitted guilt to evrythng single thing i accused him of, because they finally got in touch with the nurse practitioner who witnessed almost the whole thing thru a crack in the door. But it pisses,me off that they do not detail what he was found guilty of doing! I would love to give u all the info. I wasnt able to sue marin in that no one believed me evn tho he had NUMEROUS same accusations and worse also. The police in bayside basically laughed it off. He should have been arrested that same day for what he did and said to me. It has traumatized me, it torments me daily. He is a disgusting pig who should b in jail. Heres one of the many things he pled guilty to, after asking me if i had a boyfriend here is what marin admitted he askd me “so i take it a blow jobs out of the question”. He also had his hands and othr partd of his body where they SHOULD,NEVR HAVE BEEN.

  2. Wow….I had been his patient for almost 20 years and experienced many inappropriate remarks from Dr. Marin…it took me years to admit to myself that what he’s doing is wrong. Then, I had called to ask for my records and he gave me a hard time. I never told him why I decided to call it quits. He is definitely a pig and should be stripped of his license. This reply is many years later after the closure, but I was curious as to why? This is when I read your remark…so sorry we had to experience this SOB…take care.

    • Thank u and the worst part of this whole thing is that the whole staff knew he was a pervert to patients as well as to the staff, and the other doctor there at the time was also aware of the many accusations against him yet they all failed to protect me and every othr female of any age or race, that happened into his office. I would love to get a class action lawsuit against this guy, the ny med board, amd the precinct, If anyone knows how to start one please reply. Also the police precinct in bayside queens should b ashamed of themselves and definitely questioned as to why they didnt take any action. (i think the 111th or 101 precinct??) & they ignored me and made me feel embarrased and my bf who was a nypd sergeant at the time couldnt believe he wasnt arrested asap that day. Also the medical misconduct board, after 7 YEARS!!!! Denied me of a trial cuz the bastard plead guilty and then they dont specify what was said and done, only to misconduct and inappropriate actions. What hes done to numerous people is horrendous and how dare the board take 7yrs to resolve this thing while endangering all the othr woman, children, that happened thru his door. Hes a sick person. Theres so much more here that is wrong, everyone handled this as tho it were nothing
      Im sickened by the actions of everyone involved. The precinct and the med board, should both be followed up on and questioned as to their lack of concern and proper police protocol.

      • If you ever get more information, and since your bf is in the force, maybe he can help, please let me know…I would definitely testify against him. I have five different stories that I can remember where he was inappropriate with me. Each time I think of them, in I want to throw up…I wish I had said something to someone that would help to rid of his license and even go to jail for sexual harassment. I wonder what’s going on with him now.

        • This is super late, but I’m happy to see that office closed once and for all!! Glen Marin and his brother Ira are both pigs and scams. They owed me thousands of dollars for transcription work I did for them and used to send me a measly check here and there every three months until I quit doing their work. I’m glad that karma finally caught up to those scumbags!!

        • A class action suit is in the beginning stages against all that were involved that day and after such as the precinct that laughed it off, ignored protocol and basically joked in front of my face, they actually had a very nice police woman taking my complaint that day, she was very thorough and wrote down in the report everything I said, everything. We we’re almost thru when she suddenly got up to do something, I thought maybe be to make copies etc.but then a police-man returned and started a new report, he as well as the other men were complete unsympathetic jerks. I’m sure if it were their daughter making the complaint they’d have arrested him like they shouldve that day. I asked where the woman went and he said he’s finishing the report instead cuz she was busy. The complaint he filed consisted of 2 sentences stating complainint “states” Marin was inappropriate, etc. I couldn’t believe it and I said u have nothing written of what I told u! I asked to please get the woman’s report and he said, her report is no longer available, once she ceased taking the report, it became null and void, thus, garbage.
          The lawsuit will include the precinct and the police i dealt with that day.
          Also included is marins staff for failure to protect the patient. They all stated they knew how he was and that he did these things to them as well as other customers, so they should never have allowed him to be alone in the room with me.
          Also, the NY medical board for taking 7 YEARS to find him guilty, denying me of a face to face court meeting, and not specifying what he was guilty of! They should have had him arrested also. During their “7yrs” of investigating I wonder how many other woman he sexually accosted during those 7yrs. I still suffer to this day the trauma of what happened, the scenerio still plays over and over again in my head and I don’t trust any doctors and people, I don’t like being touched by anyone and the anger I harbor against him since the day affects mentally cuz it NEVER GOES AWAY!

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