Coming soon to Stuy Town: Studio apts., terraces

 A building under construction outside the Avenue C Loop (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

A building under construction outside the Avenue C Loop (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot

CWCapital is adding new apartments to Stuyvesant Town. The units — which will be a mix of studio and two and three-bedrooms — are being constructed on the site of a former management office on Avenue C.

In all, 11 new apartments will be built, a few with terraces overlooking Avenue C, according to sources. Terraces and studios are both something new for Stuy Town. A spokesperson for CWCapital declined to comment on the apartments or the rents for the units.

The office space on Avenue C was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. Before that, the space had been apartments, according to Council Member Dan Garodnick.

Garodnick — who has been a key player in the development’s future — said he is monitoring the apartment development “to make sure the rents for the units are in compliance with the law.”

CWCapital, the financial services giant that holds the keys to Stuy Town, last month agreed to extend a deadline on talks to keep the apartment complex affordable.

While no set plan has come out of that yet, Garodnick told T&V that information is still being exchanged and he’s been in “close contact with the de Blasio administration and CWCapital. The tenants are part of this process.”

4 thoughts on “Coming soon to Stuy Town: Studio apts., terraces

  1. Of course, as per the CWC BM, these apartments will be filled with Bros and OMGs. There will be intense noise and screaming, outdoor smoking below the terraces, keg parties and illegal BBQ’s on the terraces themselves with ZERO management QOL enforcement; you can take that to the bank. Anyone knows that the sewage smell from the East River can be pretty intense at his location depending on tides and weather conditions. But do the Children of the Corn care? No, they are out of here in under a year anyway.

  2. So does this finally mean the forgotten block within all of Stuy Town (Ave. C along the FDR,) will finally get some TLC and a much needed face lift?

    Since Hurricane Sandy hit, this portion of Ave. C has been a complete eyesore. Not asking for complete landscaping like all the other building get; but how about a little plant? or replacement of the old flower boxes? The rest of STPCV has an abundance of beautiful gardening, but there is nothing here, except the sidewalk used by security as a parking lot, and despite all the time passed still windows and brick cut outs that are boarded up with plywood!!

    Will the intended upgrades just end at the corner of Ave. C and 18th and in front of the new day care facility or new apts? What about the neighboring buidlings? Can this area of the complex finally get a little love and a feeling that we belong to the complex?

    It’s been a long time coming. Fingers crossed. Perhaps our advocate #DanGarodnick can lend us a hand here.

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