Peter Cooper lawn could become another playground

Lawn in Peter Cooper Village (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

Lawn in Peter Cooper Village (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

By Sabina Mollot
The east side of Peter Cooper Village where there’s currently a spacious lawn could become another playground.

A resident of 8 Peter Cooper Village told Town & Village that last week he saw a man walking around on the lawn between his building and 541 East 20th Street, measuring things like the circumferences of trees and the length of shadows the trees cast. When the resident, who didn’t want his name published, asked the man what he was doing, the reply was that he was an architect hired by CWCapital and that the owner was thinking of turning the lawn into a playground.

According to the resident, who’s since started circulating a petition against changing the lawn to a playground, the green space is already utilized as active play space by kids to play ball. Additionally, he said, the other playgrounds aren’t over-crowded.

“Even people in our building with children are against it,” he fumed. He added, “If I hadn’t asked the guy what he was doing, all of a sudden there would have been bulldozers tearing it up.”

After the conversation with the architect, the resident spoke with fellow PCV resident Council Member Dan Garodnick, who in turn, spoke with management to say he too was opposed to repurposing the green space.

“This is a bad idea and I hope they shelve it,” Garodnick told T&V. “The playgrounds in our community are great. If anything, they should do a better job making sure that people are respecting the rules. As to the green spaces, community members don’t know if they’re for dogs or for people or neither or for both.”

In related news, a winter roof is currently in the works for Stuyvesant Town’s Playground 11.
A spokesperson for CWCapital declined to comment at this time on the green space and Playground 11.

14 thoughts on “Peter Cooper lawn could become another playground

  1. So the spawn of Satan goes out of its way to further destroy what’s left of the beauty of our community and make residents miserable. That, and squeezing money out of us till we scream for mercy, is what they do best. And it’s what they really enjoy. If everyone were to petition for them to turn that lawn into a playground, the noisier and uglier the better, they would plant more trees and feed the grass.

    As for Garodnick appealing to them: what a joke. They own him. The REBNY owns all of the politicians in New York, including the Mayor and the Governor. Garodnick is a mere tadpole in their lake. Everybody knows that.

  2. Counciman Garodnick should also look at Playground 10. We loose our playground 2 months a year for construction and disassembly of the ice rink, to say nothing of the trucks and noise and lets not forget the impact of the rink on adjacent Neighbors.

    Perhaps, the councilman would support alternate locations for the Ice rink and spread the impact around, How’s Peter Cooper Village sound – PCV has no outdoor community facilities they all come over to Stuyvesant Town, i.e. – basketball, vollyball, roller rink, etc, green market, ice rink, cafe, three children facilities.

    So perhaps the councilman would like to keep it as a quiet place at the expense of StuyvesantTown.

  3. What PCV needs is more quiet places to sit. The benches at one end of this lawn are one of only two places not on top of a playground. And what about the work being done at Asser Levy Place? Won’t that provide nearby play areas? Another land grab from an operation that’s supposed to be taking care of this place to sell it, not wrecking it. Maybe they’d like to put swing sets in our living rooms and charge us for the privilege.

  4. Yet another way that CWCapital is showing the world that it considers that announced-wanna-be-master-of-STPCV, hedge fund parent, Fortress Investment Group, will be the eventual owner here. Which they will be if nothing is done to stop them from taking over. FYI – The head of Fortress is on the Board of NYU/Langone hospital and it’s a sure bet that if Fortress buys STPCV, it and he will PACK this complex FULL of NYU students. If you think we have problems with them now, just wait. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  5. Is it legal for them to use housing stock like that? Aren’t they still getting subsidies for keeping it RS?

  6. They don’t give a FF about toxic soil from the Gas Storage Tanks. They don’t care if they kill or maim or cut short young lives. All they care about is MONEY. That is their god. Human sacrifices are quite acceptable to this particular form of vermin, especially (MOST ESPECIALLY) if it will bring them in MONEY. They would sacrifice their own mothers for the gratification of their god, MONEY. We are not dealing with decent, moral people here. We are dealing with Fortress/CW/CR and the politicians they own. Bought and paid for pols.

  7. For CA, listening to “resident feedback” means to hold focus groups which target newer residents while ignoring the voices of those who have lived here a long time.

    OT: The ghost of V Plum lives. She should return now that her exile has been lifted.

    • I was interviewed for a possible focus group, but I was rejected. No clearer message that I’m not in the demo CW is interested in pleasing. Or to put it another way, I’m in the demo they’d like to flush away.

  8. “According to the resident, who’s since started circulating a petition against changing the lawn to a playground”. Good luck with that petition. CWCapital has ZERO interest in or respect for resident input. They will do exactly what they want to do wthout regard to the impact of their changes on any resident. They are ONLY interested in courting/marketing this property to their ideal demographic: Millennial transients from fly over states packed into dorm style apartments, many of them paid for by parents. Why? Because the more transients the better. Every time a resident vacates an apartment CWCapital can jack up the rent. They don’t want ANYONE staying here long term because it limits how much money they can make. They’re looking for renters who will help them to churn apartments easily, which is the big reason they LOVE students and HATE long term rent-stabilized residents. And it’s why they do everything they can think of to destroy what was once a lovely place to live and to make living here as unpleasant as possible for long timers. The truth is that they HATE everyone who lives here and would be happy to see us all go away.

  9. “The truth is that they HATE everyone who lives here and would be happy to see us all go away.”

    Not as much as we HATE them and would be deliriously happy to see them go away!

  10. The Landlord’s and NYU’s dormification of PCVST is illegal use of RS housing for the same reasons as AirBNB. Both should be investigated, scrutinized, and stopped to the same degree.

    • You got that right, Al! Unfortunately, the REBNY OWNS our politicians and lets them get away with murder. Under the “stewardship” of CW and CR this place has gone to Hell. I have nothing against students, but they belong in a real dorm, not living in apartment buildings designed for middle class families. They pack ’em in with pressure walls and we have to live with their noise and messiness. Our recycling room is a horror and the lobbies are strewn with garbage. It no doubt is illegal for the landlord to take apartments out of rent stabilization and turn them into dorm rooms, but nobody in a position of power is going to do anything because the REBNY stuffs their campaign coffers and the only reason these jerks go into politics is for the graft and bribes they get. From now on when I vote, I am writing in names. I refuse to vote for the new Tammany Hall. And that includes Garodnick, Brewer, et al. What a bunch of dirtbags.

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