Man wanted for leaving fake explosive device on Flatiron phone booth

By Sabina Mollot

On Tuesday, police released video footage of a man who they say placed a “suspicious device” on a phone booth at Fifth Avenue and 25th Street. It was around 3 in the morning on Tuesday when the man placed a black pipe attached to two pieces of wood with a white cord inside the booth. A flashing red LED light was attached to the device. The man then left the blinking, but benign gadget in the phone booth and walked south on Broadway.

“It’s what we would call a hoax device,” a detective said. “It was meant to look like an explosive device.”

Video footage shows the man approaching one phone booth, then the one right next to it and placing the device, which is about a yard long, on a platform. However due to the angle of the camera, it’s difficult to tell what the man, who was wearing a cap and a light jacket, looks like.