Letters to the editor, Oct. 23

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Tenants don’t deserve the silent treatment

Last Friday a man tried to rape a young woman in an elevator in Stuyvesant Town. Thankfully, the alleged perpetrator has now been caught.

While the Tenants Association quickly sent out an email informing tenants as to what had happened and urging them to stay alert and be careful, not one word about the incident was heard from CWCapital or Compass Rock. There were no emails from them. No warning flyers were posted in buildings or put under apartment doors. Nothing.

Unfortunately, their disgraceful behavior all too amply demonstrates and reinforces the feeling of many tenants that CWCapital, Andrew MacArthur and Compass Rock show little or no regard for tenants. Management was willing to risk tenants’ safety – maybe even their lives – by saying nothing to them about this crime. Why? To protect their bottom line.

Rather than acknowledging the attack publicly, Management sought to avoid scaring off current or future renters, especially those whose parents foot the bill for them to live here. Protecting management’s bottom line is also the reason that crimes in STPCV are often reported as having occurred in “Gramercy.” Tenants need to demand that the 13th precinct start reporting the location of these crimes accurately. If it doesn’t, it will be viewed by tenants as nothing less than a tool of CWCapital, Andrew MacArthur and CompassRock.

Name withheld, ST

Dog rules are not being enforced

Regarding your front page picture and article on Sept. 25, (“Happy Dogs says former trainer stole clients, starting competing business,”) there is a very long list of rules and regulations on the PCV/ST website. Despite that, the development has become the doggy toilet of the East Side! Here are just a few of the rules (right from their website), followed by some simple suggestions.

Aggressive breeds are NOT allowed. Aggressive breeds include: Pit Bull, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, German Shepherd … (I have seen all the foregoing breeds in the development.)

There is a weight limit of 50 pounds for each dog, unless there are two dogs. If there are two dogs in the apartment, their combined adult weight may not exceed 50 pounds. This restriction will be strictly enforced. Only two dogs shall be allowed in any one apartment, subject to the weight restriction.

(I have seen Huskies, Shepherds, Dalmatians and many other large dogs, which have to weigh more than 50 pound each, and in many cases, two dogs on joined leashes that probably weigh more like 150 pounds together!)

Walk your dog on sidewalks and walkways. Dogs are not permitted on the grass, in the flower beds or on the playgrounds. (This is a joke altogether! Even the fencing around the grassed areas are left open-ended by management for, obviously, easy access for the dogs and their owners!)

Register your pet with management services (212-420-5000). (What for?)

Follow all property regulations when walking your dog on the property.

Make sure that an ID tag with your name, address and phone number is affixed to your dog’s collar and is worn at all times.

(What is the point of the rules if they are not enforced? A simple method of enforcement is having the security booths manned, and have security check for ID tags. If there are none, issue them a paper warning and record the person’s name and address. Next time there is no tag, fine them. If it’s too expensive to man our security booths which, except for the 22nd Street entrance to Peter Cooper go unmanned, then have a “roving” security guard check for tags. This way, if any of the other rules are not obeyed, you know who to go after. It will also keep out the dog-walkers of the East Side, who make PCV/ST the doggy toilet of the East Side!)

The money for the fines could be used for extra security.

Barbara Zapson, PCV

ISIS and Ebola

Before we entered the Second World War, there was discordance between the isolationist Republicans and the interventionist Democrats. But, once Pearl Harbor was attacked, a mutual cohesion was formed, which led to victory by “the greatest generation.”

The same was true concerning the Cold War as both parties came together.

Now, I see to my dismay, political infighting concerning the serious ISIS and ebola threats. The GOP is using criticism of Obama’s policies for political advantage in the midterm elections.

And, the media is helping ISIS by using their brutal propaganda on both cable and broadcast TV.

We have serious threats and it’s time for all Americans to join together and not exacerbate both tragedies.

David Chowes, PCV

9 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Oct. 23

  1. David Chowes: Who the hell cares about ISIS and Ebola when we have CW Cap and Campus Crock destroying our homes and lives?

    Did anyone notice that CW/CR wouldn’t allow the 13th Pct to warn people about the larcenous contractors CW gave the keys to our homes to? Maybe they (CW/CR) should be charged with aiding and abetting crimes or being accessories?

    • “Victoria,” We live in an ever smaller world. Yes, ISIS and Ebola have the potential to affect the entire world — including residents who live in PCV/ST. Over the past more than decade I have written and signed with my own name more letters concerning topics concerning PCV/ST than all others combined. All reflected my disgust after MetLife attempted to convert the two developments from moderate housing into faux luxury suites

      • I would prefer that ISIS run this place than the money-grubbing scum we have now. Only problem would be that the NYU babes would have to wear burkas over their bikinis when they sunbathe on the Oval and that would upset all the pervy old men who live here.

  2. In addition to Barbara Zapson’s totally accurate comments, let me add dogs unleashed in elevators so they can make a mad dash to their apartment, dogs unleashed in the laundry rooms, and hallways used as puppy playgrounds.

  3. CWCapital does NOT care one wit about what happens to tenants here or that dog rules are not being enforced. They are a bunch of bankers who care only about increasing the bottom line. Actually, that’s not quite true. They also care about handing this property over to their hedgefund, parent company, Fortress. It’s obvious to anyone with a few brain cells that Fortrress bought CWCapital so it could then takeover here. Neat bit of maneuvering by Fortresses, don’t you think?

    • Re: Comment by E.D.BROWN:

      When Met Life went from a mutual life insurance company to a for profit corporation under CEO Robert Benshome, the future was written. And what’s happening here at ST/PCV is a mere microcosm of the greed now taking over this entire nation.

      • Benmoishe has terminal cancer now. I wonder if he ever looks back on the damage he did during his career of greed and avarice. Probably not.

  4. Re: Most recent post by “Victoria”

    Before Benshome, PCV/ST were great places. Actually they were built for returning W. W. I I veterans and their families with a tax abatement from the government. No dogs, and apartments were regulated so that for example, one couldn’t rent an adjacent one and combine them into one huge one. But, when he moved in that is precisely what he did. There is no difference as to what the banks and Wall Street and Benshome did. What I wonder about this crowd is since the average mortality is about 78 in this country — this need for more and more monies for these billionaires… It seems to be a case of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD and we (the middle class) pays for their psychopathology.

  5. Squerels and dogs are not the problem

    The most significant and dangerous situations involve the evolution from the judeu Christian ethical paradigm to outright materialism…as though we live in a state of denial…

    And we actually believe that we are immortal..

    As we reach a certain age and realize that all the things and money we have collected have no relevance

    For it is how we have treated our fellow humans and has our life been fulfilling…

    But now it is far too late.

    David Chowes… PCV

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