Letters to the Editor, Oct. 30

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

Cartoon by Jim Meadows

No grace period for this Stuy Town driver

All due respect to Council Member Daniel Garodnick (story, “Stuy Town drivers to get grace period,” in the Oct. 16 issue of Town & Village) but his request — “to be effective immediately” was apparently not heeded.

On Wednesday night, October 22, I drove into the Avenue C Loop, put on my hazard lights and made two trips from my car to my apartment and then swung around to the parking garage where I noticed I received a parking ticket for $65. I was not double parked, blocking traffic or a crosswalk, or near a hydrant.

I have lived in Stuy Town for 16 years and have done this very thing on the average of once a week. This is the first time I’ve received a ticket (which I will fight), but am I supposed to be grateful I wasn’t towed? What’s the real policy here?

Nancy Brennan, ST

Town & Village passed this letter along to Council Member Dan Garodnick who gave this response:

“If the resident left her car, with blinkers, for less than 15 minutes, it should not have led to a ticket under the policy outlined by Public Safety.

“Management should re-state their procedures publicly so that there is no ambiguity, and no unnecessary tickets.”

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  1. RE: Drop Off Temporary Parking in the Sty-Town Loop

    I’ve been a resident for over 40 years and have personally witnessed (on numerous occasions) DOT Ticket officers positioned to “catch” folks in the act as described in the below complaint. They wait for folks to go inside and scurry to issue the summons before they come back out. I was a victim myself years ago and I was not away from my car for more than 5 minutes.

    I have even witnessed (more than once) a Tow Truck accompanied by a group of DOT personnel at 6:45 A.M. on East 20th Street œlay in wait for 7 O’clock to hit and go into action issuing parking tickets at 7 sharp. In yet another instance the same œteam towed a car and a Police Academy employee promptly pulled into that very same spot yet this was disregarded by the traffic agents. This car was not an official police vehicle; it was that person’s private automobile they were using to commute to work just like anyone one else. Are they not subject to the same laws?

    This branch of the city has become a money hungry vulture at the expense of average, hard-working, TAX PAYING folks who deal with Manhattan’s ridiculous rents and prices for every product or service needed.

    When is the abuse going to end?

    Patricia O’Connell

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