Di iorio holds press conference with guy in panda suit to mock Maloney

Nick Di iorio and “Kevin” at last Friday’s press conference

Nick Di iorio and “Kevin” at last Friday’s press conference

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney’s Republican challenger, Nick Di iorio, held a unique press conference last Friday to criticize the record and what he called inaction of the incumbent.

Playing off of the Congresswoman’s attempt this past summer to bring a panda to a New York City zoo, Di iorio announced that he got the job done for her.

“I’ve adopted my own panda,” he said, introducing a man wearing a panda suit as Kevin and pointing to the excited two-legged creature parading in front of a group of Di iorio supporters. “And now we can get that off the table and focus on the real issues.”

Kevin, presumably a Di iorio supporter, enthusiastically hugged the Congressional hopeful and trotted out a scroll displaying the number of bills that Representative Maloney has been unable to pass.

Di iorio said at the press conference that Maloney had been avoiding his request for a debate and emphasized that although she had agreed to appear opposite Di iorio at the 17th Precinct Community Council’s Candidate Night this past Tuesday, he emphasized that this was not a formal debate.

Maloney was ultimately unable to attend the Candidate Night event because President Obama had asked the Congresswoman to lead a U.S. delegation to mark the opening of the new exhibit of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, but she did agree to a “no notes” debate with Di iorio, scheduled for this Thursday.

“Representative Maloney took a month and a half to agree to debate. I am glad that we finally will have one debate,” Di iorio said. “It is unfortunate that it took so much pressure to debate, especially a 22-year incumbent.  However, I am looking forward to debating her on Thursday.”

One thought on “Di iorio holds press conference with guy in panda suit to mock Maloney

  1. in the end, Maloney pushed for a ban on all press and public at last night’s “debate” — so it was a non-debate in a conference room instead When Di iorio’s team tried to set up for livestreaming, Maloney shut it down. At the last minute the debate organizers let in 2 reporters and a photographer. She refused to debate at a large venue Di iorio secured so that larger numbers of voters and press could attend.
    Maloney has not, and will not, face her opponent in a public debate in her 12th quest for the congressional seat.

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