Editorial: Why Maloney’s earned another term

Congress Member Carolyn Maloney (Photos by Sabina Mollot)

Congress Member Carolyn Maloney at a tenant rally in June (Photo by Sabina Mollot)

November 4 is Election Day, and while the big race for New Yorkers is the gubernatorial one, there’s also a race of local interest for the Congress seat representing the 12th District, which is much of the East Side of Manhattan, part of Queens and part of Brooklyn.

Maloney has easily held this seat since 1992 and while we think the system that keeps incumbent politicians in their positions for life if they want to stay put is not a good thing for communities, we do believe that Maloney is.

On a local level, she has proved herself as a fighter for her district. She has worked to prevent predatory equity via legislation (albeit yet to be passed) that would give more oversight to financing from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to prevent more deals like the 2006 sale of Stuyvesant Town that reduced rather than increased affordable housing.

District-wise, she’s also been a champion of transit, securing significant amounts of cash for projects like East Side Access, the Second Avenue Subway and most recently, a high speed rail between New York and Boston.
On a federal level, legislative successes have included the Creditcard Holders’ Bill of Rights, the Zadroga Act, which provided compensation to 9/11 first responders with health problems and reauthorization of the Debbie Smith Act aimed at helping rape survivors.

Then there are the many bills that have failed to get passed (though Maloney said she intends to keep trying). One is the aforementioned Fannie/Freddie bill. Other bills are aimed at improving women’s rights, reproductive and at work and legislation aimed at reducing excessive bank overdraft fees. Recently introduced legislation would make sure former Nazi war criminals can no longer collect Social Security.

Maloney’s opponent, former seminary student Nicholas Di iorio, has blasted Maloney for sponsoring so much legislation that ends up on the Congress’s cutting room floor. However, it’s unfair to blame the perpetually gridlocked state of Washington on a single legislator, who has consistently voted in a way that is in line with her beliefs and in touch with the way much of her heavily democratic district thinks.
For these reasons, we endorse Carolyn Maloney.

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