Delivery man allegedly tried to rape woman in Stuy Town

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

Police arrested Luis Corpeno, 27, for an alleged attempted rape that occurred in Stuyvesant Town at 510 East 20th Street on Saturday after midnight. The victim told police that Corpeno was delivering food from the deli Fraiche Maxx, located at 213 Park Avenue South, to her apartment and asked to use her bathroom after he brought the food up.

After using the restroom, he allegedly threw her on the couch and attempted to rip off her clothes. According to the criminal complaint, he grabbed the woman’s face and told her to kiss him. When she refused, he allegedly pushed her onto the couch and tried to rape her.

However, the woman managed to push him away and Corpeno fled down the stairs.

The victim then called police and Corpeno was arrested at the deli soon after. He was also charged with sexual abuse.

A call to Corpeno’s attorney was not immediately returned.

3 thoughts on “Delivery man allegedly tried to rape woman in Stuy Town

  1. So, DAYS after this second attempted rape occurrence – to avoid all the bad press they received the last time for not alerting tenants about that attempted rape – Management drops a flyer at everyone’s door about this incident. However, they’re not fooling anyone. If they REALLY cared about tenants safety and security, there would be more Public Safety foot patrols all over the property and warnings on every entry door – like there used to be – not to hold the door open for strangers or let in people you don’t know. Instead of spending bags of money on things unwanted and unused by most of the tenants here, such as the skating rink, they should HIRE MORE SECURITY GUARDS TO CONTINUALLY WALK THE PROPERTY. All that CWCapital and Compass Rock care about is milking this property for every penny they can. Council Member Garodnick hit it right on the head when he said that CWCapital uses this property like it was an ATM machine and tenants are fed up with the mis-management they are made to endure. To anyone reading this who is thinking of moving here, my advice is DON’T.

    • This is very unresponsive since the offender was admitted to the victim’s apartment to deliver a requested food item.

      More patrols would not prevent an attack like this one. Perhaps the restaurant needs to better screen their employees.

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