Letters to the Editor, Nov. 13

Ice rink is still noisy

What chemicals are in the blue barrels stored in the ice skating rink? Are they hazardous? Fire engines responded to a call at 19 Stuyvesant Oval on Friday evening, October 24 around 8 p.m. (if not then Saturday evening). They were doing a sweep from the top floor on down. Response was perhaps to an odor of gas (not clear on the details of why they came, but I did overhear someone say it was due to the skating rink).

Follow up to the new tented recreational area on a playground that has been a basketball and volley ball court:

Welcome to my world! Those residents who are concerned about the noise level surrounding the new tented recreational area on playground, come to my apartment adjacent to the ice skating rink and you will find out what kind of noise levels that are in store for you! Every afternoon and mornings as well on weekends or holidays you can hear the screams and shouts of unsupervised children as they skate and slam into the boards for hours on end.

Where have you been, Tenants Association and our fave councilman Dan Garodnick regarding the constant disturbing noise level due to construction and deconstruction of the rink each year for months at a time and the daily noise level of the Zamboni cleaning the ice surface? There should be staff members on the ice at all times providing supervision and monitoring the children’s activities and keeping down the noise level. And please don’t scream out “Off the ice!” when a session is completed.

Why don’t they make a bubble or tent over the rink and keep the sound level enclosed as they are now providing at the tented recreational playground? Are we any less worthy of consideration in our neck of the woods?

And how about instead of being charged ridiculous MCIs in perpetuity, how about a rent reduction for the decreased quality of living due to the greed of making money on previously free playground space? Thanks for your consideration.

Richard Axel, ST

Pay-to-play events don’t belong in Oval

I’m one of those unfortunate tenants living in a building located beside the three-story-tall tent that was recently installed in Playground 11 where various sport and other activities – many of which will be pay-to-play – will be taking place this winter.

This light- and view-blocking eyesore is a depressing and unwelcome addition to Stuyvesant Town and does not bode well for the future of our green spaces or playgrounds, which have traditionally been available free of charge for tenants to use.

Given the previous monetizing of Playground 10 with the installation of a skating rink and the new monetizing of Playground 11 with the installation of this objectionable tent, it’s reasonable to be concerned that CWCapital and Compass Rock plan to appropriate other playgrounds, build new ones (which it has been reported they’re considering doing in Peter Cooper Village) and co-opt even more of the Oval than they already have to create complex-wide, year-round, play-to-pay activities targeted at and aggressively marketed to the transient, destabilizing demographic they’re relentlessly courting and prefer.

It’s obvious, sad and shameful that CWCapital and Compass Rock don’t value the incredible gift of peace and quiet and free-to-use-and-enjoy green spaces and playgrounds that Stuyvesant Town offered tenants for most of its history.

The only hope tenants have to end and reverse the damage they’ve already done to our once cherished way of life is for us to gain control of the property by buying it when it comes up for sale, which is scheduled to happen in the near future.

Name withheld, ST

Floor-covering rule not being enforced

At the official PCVST web page, there are extensive “move in” instructions in order to comply with the 80 percent carpet lease requirement. Included in that text is the notice that there will be a carpet inspection to make sure that the tenants of record are in compliance of that specific lease regulation.

At the official PCVST Facebook page, the “Posts to Page” section, this was posted on 10/30/2014:

“Hello neighbours! I am doing a Move Out sale today and tomorrow, and I have a lot of cool stuff that I would like to let you guys know first hand! I live in XXX and I will have an open house today and tomorrow from 3pm till 9pm!” The person provided a Flickr link with various pictures of her apartment. There was maybe a 10 percent (if that-one small area rug in the abbreviated living room) carpet compliance of a “dorm style” apartment.

Of course, per usual, no management reply at their FB page to comment on the obvious lease violation.

Noise is the major quality of life issue here and management really does nothing to address it. Public Safety (PS) does their job. (This issue should be a Tenants Relations/Property Management/Legal job, not PS; PS is here to address crime and safety issues.) But the complaint then ends up in a management “memory hole.”

The issue is not addressed in order to keep their transient (12 months, tops) demographic tenant stream in the revenue pipeline and to drive any tenant, who stays here more than a year, crazy enough to leave. So much better, for both examples, to churn the apartment.

Edmund Dunn, ST

9 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Nov. 13

  1. File a complaint with 311 (by phone or online). Your complaint gets into the city system and gets sent to the 13th Precinct. Bumps up the statistics and makes CW look bad. Unfortunately, the cops won’t respond unless they have nothing more important to do, but there will be a record. Complain early, complain often.

  2. Puh-leeze! The sounds of children are the sounds of life. There’s a reason why they call it outside voices. People need to get out of their four walls and experience what’s out there, because peace and quiet ain’t New York.

    • You must be a newish tenant – or a TROLL – because, for your information, this place used to be HAVEN of peace and quiet from noisy NYC. That’s one of the reasons it had a years long waiting list to rent an apartment here.

      Sorry, but this community is NOT an appropriate location for a skating rink. If your kids needs to make the kind of noise that drives people crazy for days and hours on end, take them to places that are set up so they can do so without bothering anyone, like Chelsea Piers, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, Central Park, etc. TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE AND TRY GETTING OUT OF YOUR FOUR WALLS AND EXPERIENCING WHAT’S OUT THERE.

      It’s selfish, entitled, inconsiderate, UNEMPATHETIC people like YOU who don’t curb your children’s behavior – both in and out of doors – who make for very bad neighbors and contribute to the destruction of this once wonderful community. Think about someone else besides yourself and your children for a change. You live in a community, not alone on an island.

      • Everyone is entitled to express a difference of opinion without being called a troll, or other juvenile name-calling. This is no longer your grandparent’s Stuy Town, so get overself. You’re holding onto a dream that no longer exists, and you have to accept that there’s no turning back the clock. YOUR kids were no quiet, either. For what you want, move to the Sunbelt.

    • The fact that it’s OK with you to disturb the long-cherished peace and quiet of this property – something you rarely find in Manhattan – and drive your fellow neighbors crazy from the noise of things like the skating rink, ear-splitting concerts, etc. speaks volumes about you..and none of it’s good. You don’t need to have every single one of you desires met on site. Go out into this great City and take advantage of what it has to offer.

      And you’re WRONG, my kids were quiet because I made sure of it. They learned respect and consideration for others because I taught them to be respectful and considerate, a concept that’s essential to communal living but, apparently, is foreign to you…which is why those of us who have lived here a long time don’t appreciate self-absorbed tenants such as yourself.

      And stop with the idiotic comments above moving somewhere else. That’s what you self-serving community destroyers always say when you’re called on your entitled attitudes. You’re the problem, not me. I’m not going anywhere.

      • I’m a native New Yorker, and my family was not “eligible” to live in Stuy Town when it was first built because of racial discrimination. I have every right to voice an opinion opposite yours; none of you can tolerate someone calling you on your “stuff.” Your kids did not play outside whispering, but I’m sure you don’t remember that. Stuy Town remains an oasis and refuge for people here, maybe not the way you remember it, but certainly much better than most (all?) other developments in NYC.

  3. Yes, the classic rube move to line. I was waiting for it. If you don’t like noise in Stuy Town (or the EV, or the LES, or etc.,) then move to……… Also the “get overself” line. What are your next lines going to be? “Get a grip!” “Get a life!”. The Woo Hoo crowd. You are so predictable. REAL New Yorkers (and you don’t have to be born here to be one) know that moving around in stealth mode is the cool way to enjoy this city. Not the suburban transplant, entitled, no empathy,BRO/OMG herds that you promote. And I don’t care what age you are. You are not cool. You will never be cool. BTW, your sad blog link goes nowhere. Isn’t your expiration date due? Your real name please if you have any stones.

    • Also, full disclosure please. Do you have any relationship, financial or otherwise, with CWC, CR and/or any of its vendors that are commercializing our once free to residents open spaces? Because, if they have their way, ALL playgrounds here will soon be “pay-to-play” commercial enterprises. These commercial enterprises are illegal since there is ZERO enforcement of the “residents and their guests only” amenity loophole. This is true for the Rink, the Oval Café, the Green Market, etc. BTW, I guess I won’t be seeing you at the next “Save Café Edison” flash mob lunch. I was there last Saturday, a fantastic time and a fantastic crowd. A real New York City experience. As per your logic, I need to “get overself”. I guess you’re on board with the Edison Hotel management as well. “Foodie”. That says it all.

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