Local resident cries foul as tree is axed on East 20th street

A tree near 440 East 20th Street was cut down.

A tree near 440 East 20th Street was cut down.

By Sabina Mollot
Last Tuesday afternoon, a Stuyvesant Town resident walking past 440 and 430 East 20th Street said she noticed that a very tall, mature tree was in the midst of being cut down.
The resident, who asked that her name not be published, told Town & Village she’d asked a nearby Public Safety officer what was going on and was initially told that the tree was just being trimmed for safety reasons.
She was also told it had to do with the tree being in the way of a ramp for disabled residents that was going to
be built alongside the building.
The building already has a ramp but according to the officer, that one wasn’t up to code.

The stump of the tree was later removed as well.

The stump of the tree was later removed as well.

The resident added that after she stuck around a while, it became clear that the tree was actually being cut down, so she headed over to the new management office to make a complaint about what seemed like unnecessary arborcide as well as the lack of notice that a tree would be coming down.
That’s when she said she was told by a property manager that the tree was actually diseased.
She didn’t get a response as to the lack of notice though other than management tends to get overwhelmed due to all the work going on at the property at any given time.
After returning later in the day to the spot where the tree had been, the stump that had been there briefly after it was chopped was also gone.
A spokesperson for CWCapital did not respond to a request for comment on the tree.

5 thoughts on “Local resident cries foul as tree is axed on East 20th street

  1. Not the first time this has been done. The same thing happened to a mature tree on 23rd Street. No sign of disease in the branches, the trunk, or the stump.

  2. These destructive, despicable, loathsome, bad excuse for a management company just love to murder trees. I think they get off on it. Destroying something beautiful and not man-made gives them their jollies.

  3. From public safety and management it is one lie after another after another to cover up – because they know the are doing wrong and they don’t think anyone will challenge them.
    Good for the resident for speaking up and speaking out.
    Sad for the tree.
    And all the trees and open space that was once in the PCVST community in a park that is now a commodity in a commercial circus.
    Probably more killed trees between 2010 and present then the entire history of the property.
    Next time write the name of the company chopping the trees. They used to use a company that has a history of bad acts knocking down city trees to extort money from the city.
    Again bravo to the resident!

  4. It’s a pity the trees are being decimated because apart from being very restful and beautiful to look at, they also serve other purposes that enhance the [rapidly deteriorating] quality of life here. They oxygenate the air and host myriad birds as well as the poor old, much-maligned squirrels!

    The beauty of the trees has long been a selling point as far this complex is concerned. Sometimes I think Management doesn’t realize the real value of the landscape it destroys. Look at the photographs of the Oval that are in the Leasing Office window and you will see trees that are no longer there! The Oval is pretty much a scruffy lawn now. The trees helped protect the grass from the sun and gave a beautiful touch of “oasis” to the property. I often think there is not a lot of serious thought (beyond short-term financial gains) behind Management’s decisions when it comes to the treatment of the property.

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